The open end

A blast from the past, 2011…….this is the fun….Phil

Lest we lose the entertainment value of these proceedings
I submit for your listening pleasure the following…….
The goal, purpose, postulate , etc etc etc to Survive ( persist through time ) is at the center of my earlier communications. Based on teachings of the Hubbard, and some personal experiences, it seems plausible that a something/nothing, that has no location in space or time, no wave length, no matter or energy, but can postulate ( create ) and perceive the creations, might have no use for a goal to survive……..being timeless.
Where as those things deemed to be alive usually seek to survive.
Dianetics, in its original statement, was concerned with Human Beings, and ways to improve their survival. potentials, around the year 1950.
It, Dianetics, started out as a ” grass roots ” human potential movement.
Ron made quite a bit of fun of mental health professionals, their tech, the time they took to achieve little or nothing, and the prices they charged for their services.
Dianetics was concerned with 4 dynamics, the first or self dynamic, the second, procreation and rearing of that result, 3rd dynamic , groups and the 4th dynamic, person kind, every body.
The hope was, it , Dianetics, would spread, like Buddhism, did thru Asia, thru the Western world, at first.
It spread because it was a do it your self movement. Just some how to do it books. and people who were willing to give it a try.
Aside from Ron’s claims for it, it still could do some fine things to improve the life, the dynamics of a Human Being.
It also provided an out look or mind model that gave folks a better chance to understand human behavior and its less desirable manifestations..
It did not concern itself with notions of spiritual beings, ghosts, thetans, OTs, etc etc etc. and whether it was necessary to examine such possibilities.
Para-Scientology had not yet been born
With its birth came the definition of the human being as a composite made up of a body, mind, and a spiritual being called a Thetan..
Now attention came off of Human Beings, and turned to that which was called the real you, a spiritual being (Thetan ) that lived before its current life time and that had a history ( a Time Track ) of untold eons.
Hubbard set out to free the Thetan from the confusion of living in the composite called a Human Being, so that it could be or become a conscious Operating Thetan, including the definition of the capabilities of an OT. I951-52
Now we all have been elevated from a mortal human with 4dynamics, to an immortal spiritual being with 8 dynamics.
Ok and now, its a religion, Scientology, and an incorporated church.
Now its a world Wide church run by a para military group, called the Sea Organization and headed up by a Dictator ( for life ) who is just as ruthless as Dictators are expected to be and anything goes as long its to protect the church that is person kinds, oops thetan kinds, last chance for……. salvation, eternity, heaven, paradise, going up. not accross, the bridge to total freedom, no guarantees, for a couple of $100.000s. or more.
Conclusion, goals, shmoles, what the heck.
Have fun, don’t get serious ( unless you want to) and if there is an end I feel sure you’ll be in on it.
If you make it to OT, please don’t bug me about making pencils move or for that matter mountains, just being human must be an OT action and requires more courage than running about as a deathless immortal.


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One Response to The open end

  1. Balazs says:

    Thank You for this writing, it gave some helpful answers about achieving OT states. My personal belief is, that by using the technology, probably I will be able find some meaning regarding life. (Maybe not what LRH put in the definitions, but if I personally feel better that would be enough for me.)

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