To whom it may or may not concern

In order to avoid using words like God, or the Supreme being or any of the titles humans have invented to label  that which has no name, is simply that from which all that exists comes.
I take the liberty of calling it….. The Source.

Thus the basic myth of Hinduism is the Source playing-hide and-seek with  its -self.
The Source, under many names,  creates the World by an act of self  dismemberment, or self forgetting, whereby the One becomes Many, and the single actor, the Source plays  innumerable parts.

In the end, the Source comes again to its self —only to begin the play, once more,
the One dying into the Many, and the Many dying  into the  One’

…….That which knows —in and through every individual , is the Source, the  Atman or  Self of the World ( the Source ).

Every life is a part or role in which the mind of the Source is absorbed ,    somewhat as an actor absorbs himself in being Hamlet and forgets that in  real life….he is Mr. Smith..

By the act of self abandonment  the Source becomes all beings- yet at the  same time does not   cease to be  the   Source. 

For the Source is divided in play, in make believe,…but, remains un-divided in  reality.

So that when the play comes to an end, the individualized consciousness   awakens to find  itself divine !

        And so……

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