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About The Freezone Group of San Francisco


Great Weekend in Reno. Thank you, everybody! XOXO

Posted by Valoree D’Angeles on Monday, June 8, 2015


Founded over 7 years ago, Freezone San Francisco is your one-stop for Wellness, Clarity and Life Improvement through: Biofeedback, Detoxification and Self Improvement Education and Counseling. We are a group of individuals, trained in the original theories and applications, as created and founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who are united in helping others help themselves.

We are a conglomerate, comprised of both ex-members of the Chr_ch of $cientology and “never were” members, who share in their own certainty of this technology’s workability. The term “Freezone” or “Freezoners” is internationally recognized, and as such, we may practice Mr. Hubbard’s original methods standardly and independently.

Our product is people who are happier, healthier, have a newly found integrity and a fierce appreciation of high ethical standards. We network freely with others of the Freezone, as well as with all morally and spiritually aligned organizations. The invitation is always open to those who are curious about this powerful technology, its theory, practice and results.

Call now to set up your free consultation:  (510) 337-0423

For More Information about our outstanding services go here at “Observations” :  Is the Freezone, with it’s “squirrels and SP’s”, a safer place to be?  The answer is: If YOU make it so for yourself.  A squirrel is the field auditor who’s willing, able and actually taking on the nuts.  Somewhere, the institution changed the definition to mean “altering the tech.”  Interestingly, the institution’s “Golden Age of Tech” has continued to pervert…