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Observations About the Excellent Tech Found Here


on the Evolving Freezone Landscape

Living free now (since ’93) has allowed me the unique opportunity, as a loyal user of the tech, to obsesrve the interactions, motivations and growth of centers and independent auditors, across America over the decades.  What was once a vast desert, echoing with a random chirping cricket here and there, has now sprouted with many oases of tech services.  Many Freezoners claim that “out here” there may be more clear and OT accomplishments occurring these days– and with more standard tech– than what’s ocurring inside the faltering institution.

Is the Freezone, with it’s “squirrels and SP’s”, a safer place to be? The answer is: If YOU make it so for yourself. The question is Which are you going to encounter? A squirrel can just as easily be the field auditor who’s willing, able and actually takes on the nuts or it can be someone who alters the tech and because he doesn’t understand any of its principles.¹ How can you be entirely certain that your choice is correct, with each side (Church vs. Independents) accusing the other?

No declared-SP Scientologists are the same.  Many, if not most, church-declared SPs were for political reasons.  Often they were those, trying from the inside, to correct the out-tech and mismanagement of one particular institution’s administration.  Thus, many were more savvy with the tech than those who were running the show.  Now, those declares have what many consider, a badge of honor.

Having tech mastery and customizing axiomatic processing principals is the art of the trained master and is vastly different than ignorant hacking of original methods for self-serving purposes.  Knowing this difference is a first step to understanding standard tech vs. altered tech.  When you’re looking for that Freezone service that you need, really look at the length of time that the auditor or center has existed, as well as the number of tech terminal connections, in addition to the number of Clears and OT’s who have succeeded through them.  Then take into consideration the “Tech Era” from which the prospective auditor was trained, as this will give insight on how much Source-tech-theta is being used.

What this distills down to is: that excellence can be found in the Freezone which simply can no longer be found in the church. And this is due to the chronic long term overwhelm of the tech through alteration and censuring by the current regime on the “inside”. The institution’s “Golden Age of Tech” has continued to pervert, chop, and censor more tech than previously considered. These alterations are currently and continually being documented and posted on the internet.

FZ San Francisco prides itself upon the fact that we offer at our center here service that is just not available anywhere else, and excellently delivered.  These invaluable and unique services are:

C-of-S Exit handling
Are you a former CofS member and still suffering over how it went?  We offer former  parishioners a thorough cleanup, including PTCR (past-therapy) running, Questionable Auditing assessment and Integrity Processing.
Your first exit handling session is always free.  Take that 1st step and call us for an appointment now.

Not only do we offer computerized OCA/APA testing (no grey pencils needed) our computer software includes the recently developed Graph Analysis Software, providing a written analysis of the plotted graph!  Additionally, it plots previous graphs together allowing comparisons that dramatically demonstrate improvement (or worsening) of a case.  You can’t get this anywhere else!

Our Dianetics is your choice of Standard or NED, including the proper use of Straightwire, Lock-Scanning, repeater technique and postulate scanning.  We routinely disentangle long-stalled Dianetic cases and get them moving again.

FULL Drug and Dependency Handlings
After purification & objectives at the FZ SF, we offer the full levels of drug handling; from the SCN DRD (run Rehab-65 style) and a full NED drug handling, to a correctly C/S’d and properly run OT Drug Rundown, down the line.

Life Repair
Our approach to life repair is unique in that in addition to 2WC we use whatever is necessary to get the job done.  We utilize unique processes such as: Case Unblock Procedure, LX Lists, Yes/No handling, PastTherapy handling and present-time stabilization via the Experience Processes.

Expanded Grades

ARC-SW:  Our delivery of ARC-Straightwire is truly expanded.  In addition to the conventional group of processes on this level, we have added a couple of procedures unique to Freezone SF, insuring that our clients really make the grade.  These include the Yes/No procedure and the Tone Scale Mastery rundown.

Grade-0:  Additional processes (from 50’s and 60’s tech materials) have been added to produce a real Grade-0 completion while preventing overrun on the “from where could you communicate” concept, which so often happens on Grade 0.

Grade-1:  Additional processes from authentic tech materials have been added (where indicated) to produce a more stable Grade-1 completion.

Grade-2:  Process EP-57d has been added to the Dynamic-handling section of this grade to produce a more thorough and stable Grade-2 completion.

Grade-4:  Based on data from authentic materials, the Rising-Scale step of this grade has been expanded, before moving on the final L/N steps.  Expanded Grade 4 is now TRULY expanded.

Grade-5:  Grade V & Va have been expanded to include the Lawrence West Vb enhancements – delivering a more ethically stable Power state.

Grade-5s:  Enhanced Super Power with a corrected & expanded ethics repair list as well as an Expanded Tone Scale Consequences Rundown – this rundown is like no other offering in the Freezone and has received raves by every auditee.

Ability Rehabilitation
Are you looking to expand abilities in your life that seem to have been lost or are otherwise languishing?  With our EP-58 Ability Rehabilitation Rundown you can knock out the barriers and factors preventing you from BEing DOing and HAVing the life you truly want.

We offer the Original OT Levels (OT-I to OT-VII) as well as the newer (since 1982 ) levels, all correctly C/S’d and properly delivered.   We offer the most thorough OT-level review & OT-Debug procedures.  For upcoming Solo auditors we offer a comprehensive Solo Pt. II training.  To become a top-notch Solo auditor, you need a top-notch internship first.

Auditor Integrity Handling
As needed we offer the Integrity Rundowns for auditors as well as PCs.  Are you stalled as a delivering auditor and want to get back on track?  These are the rundowns to make that happen.


If you still have considerations

that you might want to go to the “established” church, then please first consider these 31 points:, then return right back to this page and contact us ; )


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