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Seeing the Patterns and Rediscovering My Original Purpose, I am Clear!

“What an incredible experience it has been– to work through the hardships and negativity presented to me in the past 25 years! I can see that my mental struggles had been engrained by a longstanding pattern of mixed-up communications, misunderstandings, and emotionally-driven decisions with people.

I can now see my original purpose and intentions […]

I got the power!

June 4, 2015

I have completed grade 5 and I feel in control of my power and feel I cannot be moved and I can hold my position.

I feel stable and certain. E.S.

First Clear of 2015!

We have a new Clear on the planet today. Yay!

“I am a Clear. I cannot thank Valoree and FZSF enough for helping me reach this state. I can handle my life and I have no doubt that I will only continue to regain more ability after this.” LES

My Thinking Has Become More Clear – Drug Rundown Completion


“Upon completing the Drug Rundown, I notice a complete change in how I deal with people and no longer have that sedated feeling all day long. My thinking has become more clear and my cravings for a crutch are no longer present. I have a much more positive outlook and a sense of optimism […]

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