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Seeing the Patterns and Rediscovering My Original Purpose, I am Clear!

“What an incredible experience it has been– to work through the hardships and negativity presented to me in the past 25 years! I can see that my mental struggles had been engrained by a longstanding pattern of mixed-up communications, misunderstandings, and emotionally-driven decisions with people.

I can now see my original purpose and intentions […]

Come To The Convention! : )

Seventh Heaven

FZ SF is proud to announce our Clear #7, who attested 5 Dec 2014:

“Thank you for keeping the tech working and dedicating your lives & effort to ensuring that others are freeing themselves from the chains of their minds. I am A Clear.” Arash M—g Dibazar

First Clear of 2015!

We have a new Clear on the planet today. Yay!

“I am a Clear. I cannot thank Valoree and FZSF enough for helping me reach this state. I can handle my life and I have no doubt that I will only continue to regain more ability after this.” LES

FZ San Francisco’s Clear #6

“I have gained the first rung to the threshold of transcendence and it feels great. The climb from here is yet perilous and great– but now seems manageable. Now that I am on the path, I shall endeavor to hold the course and lead others in my wake.”

M. R., Clear

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Observations About the Excellent Tech Found Here


on the Evolving Freezone Landscape

Living free now (since ’93) has allowed me the unique opportunity, as a loyal user of the tech, to obsesrve the interactions, motivations and growth of centers and independent auditors, across America over the decades. What was once a vast desert, echoing with a random chirping cricket […]

Rights of the Field Auditor – 1957: Remember this?

Do you remember this from PAB-112? While it is TRUE that we STILL have all these rights, I doubt the current Cof$ regime will honor #5 & #6.

Definite Wins & Gains Will Save Thousands of Dollars!

Mr. E has had continuing large expenses to replace teeth implants for a chronic ‘grinding’ problem. Since attesting to his Purif and TR’s & Objectives completions, he has this to say:

“Since coming to the FZ Group of Alameda, I’ve experienced some definite wins and gains. I’ve noticed a definite calming of those constantly churning […]

The Integrity Course – It’s More Easy to be Happy!

I have learned so much from the Integrity Course.

Now I know how important it is to be responsible for my own life, to be honest– for my own integrity; to know about the eight dynamics (It’s amazing! –to take care of ME and EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING around me).

Being a part of the world […]

Another clear for you!

We are very proud to announce that another one of our clients has just completed and attained the permanent clear state. No longer is he dogged by emotional turmoils, bad feelings and confusions. He is in control of his life, dependency-free and is happy in ways he never thought possible, when he started with us. […]