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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a  session take?
A: Since the mind doesn’t fit in a box, it isn’t logical to make it fit into one, precise hour’s session. We work on a “result basis”.  Individual session results can be had in 20+ minutes or can take up to 3 hours. An average session is about 90 minutes. We do not force the session to fit a fixed amount of time.

Can I see your code of ethics?
A: Yes, the code can be seen by Clicking Here.

My religion plays an important role in my life. Will counseling be in conflict with my religious practice?
A: Typically not.  (If your religious practice involves the use of mind-altering drugs or consciousness-changing meditations there could be a conflict.)

I understand that you recommend detox-purification early on.  What is the rationale behind this?
A: The body and brain are the physical medium through which a person experiences life. When these are too clogged with toxins and drug residues, the cellular functions and electrical conductivity of the nerve and brain impulses are impeded. Cloudy, faded, distracted or diminishing perceptions are the result. Clearing the body tissues of these muddy toxins helps invigorate functions, allowing for rapid, clearer, more acute perceptions, as well as functionality of the mind. Click Here for more info.