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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) is a technology that was originally researched and developed by none other than NASA to address a new discovery about our bodies and life on earth, in its vital relationship to the planet itself.

This fundamental connection was not realized until the advent of sending living individuals out into space, which put a greater distance between a typically earthbound live body and the rock upon which it roamed. Initially, it was puzzling to observe the illness symptoms of the first astronauts, as they were on sufficient supply of oxygen, hydration, light, nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Eventually, it was deduced that the only variable was that the electromagnetic field (or EMF) of the earth was removed, due to the distance made between living beings and the earth. There exists a unique frequency of the planet itself. It was discovered in 1952 when German physicist Dr. W.O. Schumann calculated the Earth’s predominant EMF to be 7.83 Hz. This particular frequency has since been called, “The Schumann Frequency”.

This momentous new understanding of our life-requirements translates to the needs of every living thing on the planet. What were once considered the ultimate basics of life has now been appended with yet another inescapable truth: We need to be “plugged in” to this energy field in some way to maintain optimum cellular health.

Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at University of California L.A., and Director of the Bioenergy Fields Laboratory, performed a test on human subjects inside a metal cage specially designed to negate the earth-generated EMF. The test subjects were wired up to various EEG, EKG and other monitoring equipment. After just 15 minutes, they started to “sob uncontrollably and said they felt they were falling apart”.

Starting at their feet, they began to lose control of their muscles, and as this moved up the body and gave abnormal cardiac readings, they were pulled out of the cage. This indicates just how important Earth’s magnet field is to life on this planet.

Thus we can observe the following time table of human survivability factors:

No Oxygen 2 to 3 Minutes
No Earth EMF 15 to 20 Minutes
No Water 5 to 7 Days
No Sleep [Depends upon age, weight & food & water intake]: 10 to 18 days
No Food  [Depends upon individual Body Mass Index]: 5 to 28 Days

The MRS 2000 Mat in action:

In the make-up of atoms, electrons and protons spin around the nucleus. When you increase the magnetic field around the atom, the electrons start to move in a “lazy eight”, and the atom starts to wobble. By switching the polarity of the magnetic field every two minutes, the velocity of the electrons become intensified, therefore more intense chemical reactions occur to bind atoms together to make molecules, enzymes and tissues during this strengthening of the magnetic field.

Dr. Robert O. Becker has shown that there is a flowing electro-magnetic field in the body. The astrocyte cells in the brain convert chemical energy to electrical energy. This energy flows from the brain through the myelinating cells on the outer covering of the nerves. Additionally, he discovered that the energy returned to the brain (completing a positive-negative electrical circuit) and that the channels involved equated to the Traditional Chinese meridians.

This natural energy flow of the body is a pulsed electro-magnetic system. The pulses are sent at the frequencies of the different tissues of the different organs and systems. This process of delivering energy through targeted harmonics to the tissues that need it most at that moment in time is known as magnetic resonance.[1] Our PEMF mat treatment at The Monterey Center of Alameda duplicates this resonance with embedding the frequencies into its signal, and changing these according to the time of day, which also aligns with our biological or organ clock.

Initially, this technology was only available for the most “expensive” bodies on the planet: astronauts and racehorses, but it is now available for you here at The Monterey Center of Alameda in San Francisco’s East Bay. Now you can experience the wonderful no-risk benefits with amazing ease. Contact us today to set up your affordable mini-session package and discover new vitality and energy right away.

PEMF devices simply augment the body’s native energy to facilitate repair and support overall wellness.

Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Stimulation: