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What We Do – Services

Because we use two or three different modes of collecting analysis data, we can get a clearer understanding of the root causes for unwanted symptoms or conditions, and on what’s unique with every individual. Thus our practice is one of the most thorough because we understand that not every prior-labeled condition is exactly alike.

A GSR (galvanic skin response) biofeedback meter is one modality used, that can measure the significances of issues of the spirit, mind, body connections. This is a primary application, along with education & training (if needed), detoxification and Neurofeedback to boost the mind’s hardware system, the brain and nerves.

Drugs, hypnosis or trances are never used. In fact results from our processes often empower individuals to be free from addictions and compulsions. Whether one believes in the spirit or not, or that it and the mind are separate from the body and brain, is not consequential to the treatment. It works anyway.

We are merely guides down known paths. The client pro-actively performs scientifically proven methods, with guidance, so the gains are profound, resulting in more permanent gain on a cognitive as well as experiential level. One’s experience is therefore self-determined at every step.

The Monterey Center of Alameda is your alternative one-stop for positive Mind, Body and Spirit transformation. Being steps closer to whole wellness will be what you take with you when you leave, or stay.