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Bio & Neuro Feedback

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are cutting-edge technologies which allow you to connect with your body and your brain, giving you an unprecedented level of control over those functions.

Some of the classic uses of Biofeedback training include:

  • Stress-reduction

  • Chronic pain management

  • Memory Improvement

  • Assistance toward the reduction and control of A-D-D, A-D-H-D & OCD symptoms

A pillar approach to Monterey Center Therapy is the measuring and monitoring of the electronic resistances in the body’s cells that is actually manifesting the significant issues of the spirit. Working upon this cellular level helps the seeker to uncover the now nearly imperceptible, long-buried assumptions, beliefs and assertions that have influenced the seeker’s computations for personal survival, (which may be conscious, but are often submerged into the unconscious mind until now.)

The processing on this “gut” level is not dissimilar to looking at a computer’s basic operating program -the part that’s called “software” such as “DOS”, and plucking out the adware, spyware and viruses that have set up their own circuitry which congest and ultimately obliterate normal, simple functions. When our minds get gradually, increasingly degraded by “unhandled” traumas, confusions, medications, drugs and false information, we have lessened our own mental ad physical abilities and capacities to that degree of influence or even more, just like conflicting software interferes with a computer’s normal functions.

Rash, erroneous fixes like medication, drugs, hypnosis and just plain denial are never used in our therapy and, in fact are exactly what we eliminate the propensity for.

The results are a happier, healthier individual who can face the future with increased confidence and ability.

Neurofeedback comes into play when we have analyzed that the physical “hard drive” of the mind, which is the brain, has developed one or more atrophied areas, which are brought back to normal operating speed through simple brain “exercises.”