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Sunshine Primary

or Past Therapy Repair

  • Do you know you would like some help on your self-improvement, but just can’t seem to trust anyone to really help you make that happen?

  • Have you ever “had the rug pulled out from under you” by someone you completely trusted and still have some trouble “geting over it”?

  • Are you resigned to feel that “not-delivering-on-promises-made” is just the social norm and therefore it’s okay?

  • Have you spent months (or even years) in therapy, frustrated by how it is going, or how long it is taking to achieve any results?

  • Do you feel you have problems that are far more monumental than that “little” one of “dealing with therapy”?

  • Have you been ripped-off or otherwise victimized by the very therapy that was supposed to help you?

  • If there existed a methodology to clearly teach and give you the insight and tools on how to be more aware, able and knowing on who, why and how to trust, would you want to have that now?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then the Past Failed Therapy Rundown is a positively, life-changing experience (all in itself) and just for you. Quick, therapeutic processes yield rapid, complete results in a way not known or practiced anywhere else in the world. Come to the only place on the planet where you can experience feeling confident and invigorated once again and get this gift of renewed spirit for life, today. Results are guaranteed with this process or your money refunded. Our therapists are bound by a strict Code of Ethics.

Also known as the Past Failed Therapy Rundown (PFTR), the Sunshine Primary Rundown is an incredible procedure developed by Ronald Allen of the Human Insights Group. This procedure has been in successful use for over 15 years. It is only offered in Northern California exclusively at the Monterey Center.

With the Sunshine Primary Rundown alone, clients often can get handled what they spent months or years in therapy to accomplish. Then, anything left over can be properly handled.

Don’t deny yourself the breakthroughs you are seeking in life, just because you were poorly treated in previous therapy. Sunshine Primary Rundown is here to get you moving forward once again.

Several satisfied clients describes their results with the Sunshine Primary:

In regards to the Past Therapy Completion R/D, I want to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for throwing me this life-preserver when I didn’t even know that I needed it SO MUCH.
I was on the verge of giving up on getting help from anyone on any topic.
There was so much accumulated dissappointment on that line!
Your therapy is a neccessary tool for everyone on this planet to clean up all those messes left behind by professional or authoritative people, offering help, and who ultimately procurr disaster.

My experience of my first session with Ron is that he is extremely caring, passionate and goes above and beyond what is needed. This is the first step in my process of self-discovery. – C.P.

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