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Who We Are

The Free Zone Group of San Francisco, East Bay, (FZGSF) has been helping people find happier, healthier, more balanced and productive lives for over 6 years. Founded on the beautifully inspiring peninsula of Monterey, FZGSF has now relocated to the charming, central locale of Alameda Island in San Francisco’s East Bay. Our facility boasts the discreet comfort of a private home, with a meeting room, front reception desk, a study area, private consultation room, sauna and more. The facility is available for day-use conference rentals. We are a two-minute walk from the beach and state park, where you can catch a sunset over the spectacular downtown San Francisco skyline across the bay.

Our practitioners have over 38 years of combined experience. We are certified individuals in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback applications. The services we provide are unlicensed by the state of California and we fully comply with California S.B. 577, as an alternative and supplemental approach to addressing wellness options not otherwise legally available.

Director Valoree has researched various physical, mental and spiritual pursuits over the past 20 years. After becoming a state regional gymnastics champion in her youth, she went on to realize the world of Metaphysics and Kinesiology at UCLA with Professor Valerie Hunt. From there, she pursued world travel and has experienced the varied cultures of East, South & West USA, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, the Philippines and even remote regions in central Oaxaca, Mexico and Sierra Leone, Africa. As she progressed, she delved in alternative healing modalities of the body by experiencing, studying and interning Rolfing for seven years. During this period, she started her own bi-annual practice of fasting for detoxification. Following this, she spent intensive time in New Mexico upon the study of Carl Jung’s theory in application by assisting in the research of Alvaro Lopez-Waterman for his extended thesis. In 1993, Valerie discovered the biofeedback work that she practices today. She attributes the holistic approach of the Biofeedback, together with Detoxification, to eliminating her formerly chronic back pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and PTSD. In 2006 she founded the center. Currently she is a certified provider of biofeedback, as well as offering life-coaching guidance, with supplemental education and training. She does this when she’s not directing center administration and activities or being wife and mother.

Bio & Neurofeedback Therapist and Speaker, Ronald Allen, has been an invaluable asset in the founding and current years of Alameda Group. Here he conducts  workshops, where his 25 years of technical and research expertise can’t even come close to being addressed in the brevity of the workshops. He also has founded other, still-existent, groups that also work in the alternative holistic approaches. His emphasis is upon Memory Recall Improvement, removing addictions and enhancement of personal power through increased brain facility for mental clarity. His influences range from Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Carlos Castenada, Sigmund Freud, Arnold Siegal, Ron Hubbard, Rupert Sheldrake and Alan Watts.