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The Counselor’s Code

The counselor’s code is actually our policy of proper conduct for counselor and course supervisors. Though it should be applicable to ANY therapist or counselor in the fields of mental health and spiritual pursuit, we can only hope that one day they will all adopt the same or very similar code. Unlike others in the field, counselor at the Monterey Center profoundly understand that the strict following of this code, as it is designed, protects you from bungled therapy, guarantying that you get the maximum benefit out of each session, which is the first step towards your full healing.
If during any session you feel that the counselor has violated any of the points in this code, do not hesitate to bring this to the counselor’s or director’s attention. It is your right to do so. If you do not understand any point in the counselor’s code be sure that you get it clarified before the session begins.
Adherence to the counselor’s code by the counselor as well as your understanding the importance of this policy will ensure that you not only receive the greatest possible gains from counseling and course work at Freezone Alameda, but that your success will be hastened. Stalled or jumbled cases can usually be traced to violations of this code.

  1. I agree not to evaluate for my client or tell him what he should think about his case, the session, or our work together.
  2. I agree not to invalidate my client’s case and any gains made in or out of session or on course.
  3. I agree never to walk off from a client in session.
  4. I agree never to get angry with my client in session.
  5. I agree to administer only therapeutic techniques in the way that they were designed to be delivered.
  6. I agree to keep all appointments once made. If it is absolutely necessary to reschedule, I agree to handle it in the most effective and expedited way. If it is absolutely necessary to reschedule a session, I agree to handle it in the most effective and ethical way.
  7. I agree not to session/instruct a client who hasn’t had sufficient rest or who’s physically tired; unless biofeedback or instruction is being delivered to remedy these very difficulties.
  8. I agree not to session/instruct a client who is improperly fed.
  9. I agree not to permit a frequent change of counselors, unless it’s part of the program.
  10. I agree not to sympathize with my client but to instead deliver effective counseling and/or instruction.
  11. I agree not to let my client end the session on his/her own determination but to finish off what’s started.
  12. I agree to run every case action to its proper result.
  13. I agree to grant “beingness” to my client, always, in and out of session.
  14. I agree to utilize the most effective standard techniques to help my client except when he/she is physically ill, and only medical means will serve.
  15. I agree to maintain an honest, solid, communication with my client in session and not interrupt his communication or to permit him to “overrun” in session.
  16. I agree not to knowingly enter comments, expressions, or any upsetting discourse into a session that might distract my client from his/her case.
  17. I agree not to explain, justify or make excuses in session for any mistakes whether real or imagined.
  18. I agree to estimate the current case state of my client only by standard case supervision data and not to diverge because of some imagined case difference.
  19. I agree never to use the secrets of a client divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.
  20. I agree not to take sexual liberties with my client, or violate my client emotionally or physically.
  21. I agree to refuse to permit any person, in my circle of awareness, to be physically injured, operated on or killed in the name of “mental treatment”.
  22. I agree to refuse to admit to the ranks of counselor, within my reach, anyone who is insane.