Exteriorization Rundown

July, 2010

Midwest Tech Center

Exteriorization Rundown is the biggest win and event in all my life. I was suffering from migraine all my life and have no idea where is this come from. Always when I have a good time, great feeling (I didn’t realize I was exteriorized) I suddenly have a bad headache, almost unconsciousness after that. Some engram had total control on me. I was afraid to have this great condition. Thanks a lot my auditor. He recognized my problem and give me the EXT RD. After that I gain my ability to have exteriorization. When I want and enjoy this condition and finally have a peace in my mind. I think all PC have to put attention on their condition because sometimes you didn’t realize that you are exteriorized and have as a result somatics, pressure and migraines. I feel now like I am a thetan, not my R6 or body. It is so wonderful condition. Thank you very much to my auditor and LRH!


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