I feel truly alive now as I am learning and changing!

Tatiana Baklanova is the indefatigable creator of numerous websites and producer of scores of videos promoting auditors outside of the CoS, a powerhouse of a being who is always making things happen to get others in session. She had been co-auditing on Grade 1, but her twin became unavailable, and she had been incomplete on the grade for some time. It was my pleasure to give Tatiana a little something back in exchange for all she gives us, and so I completed her Grade 1, which was very ably C/Sed by Dan Koon.
Auditor: Dexter Gelfand

This is the first of 3 success stories Tatiana was moved to write along the way, the others will follow shortly:

Success Story
March 15, 2011
Grade 1, Problems

I have realized two things I’d like to write down and share. (Before them, it is great to be in session again working up the Bridge. )
I understand that the best, easiest and most beneficial way to handle a problem is to increase ARC high enough to include the other terminal in your universe, and then opposition ceases.
I also realized that I’ve got to learn to grant beingness to others to let them work their way through their problems, as that is how they can grow.
I understand that I would rather handle other people’s problems to avoid my own because then I could drop mine on my husband, so that I could be effect and enjoy him handling my problems for me, as it proved that he loves me. The need of that approval was a shadow of past invalidation. Just knowing this was an automaticity helped me to turn it off. Let’s see if my life will be different with this new viewpoint! Thank you, Dexter! I feel truly alive now as I am learning and changing!
Tatiana Baklanova

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