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December 28th, 2011

From the bottom of my heart

In doing some review Auditing with Mary, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been at war on many fronts. Wars I created. Wars I’ve been holding in place. Wars I started for various reasons, then forgot why I’d created them or even that I did so. My responsibility level for these wars had gotten pretty low while the effects I was experiencing from each of these areas was continuing to climb. A distinct pattern has emerged and has been fueled by my lack of presence as True Self on the scene.

As we’ve peeled back the layers, the players and their roles in each of these conflicts has become much clearer. The blame is melting away and in its place is a recognition of cause on each of these fronts and a sense of understanding on my part for the effects I’ve created. For the first time, I feel like I am beginning to move up the conditions in these areas and I feel my presence as True Self get stronger and stronger as we go along. This, IMO, is true power — unlike the things that pose for “power” in much of the world today. As I write this, the thought of what it would be like to address similar situations and achieve this on all of my Dynamics occurred to me and I find myself blown away by the potential win/win effect this could create.

There’s more to do, but without the foundation that was laid with the help of Mary’s Integrity program a few months ago, none of this would even be possible. I am forever indebted to her for this and for her incredible understanding and application of LRH’s Tech. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



December 21st, 2011

Completion of Life Repair

auditor: Candy Swanson Class VIII
Ethics Handling successes

I am just able to verbalize: I love family, all, but they bore me.  Lack of common AGREEMENT, that’s all.  Was down somewhere in hidden resentment I think.  That insight worked its way through suddenly, and I feel better.  Much.  Feel better towards them all.

Was always feeling guilt and worry.  Now in better perspective.  Better handle. Sense of actual LEARNING, which I crave strongly on any “problem” I can’t solve.

Also realized that I don’t like CHAOS, external/environment, or internal (the Mind).  In fact external translates to INTERNAL.  Wow!  These things popping into my mind.  I like that!  Cognitions produce a joy of the MIND.

Looking at:

a) when don’t AGREE (Reality), feel alienated from (minus Affinity).  My tone level drops.  Condition relative to that person drops.  Danger?

b) I wonder:  Can I overcome that “unknowing”?  That doubt about self, others, relationship?  About that boredom?  I think it’s possible.  Understanding the SOURCE of the problem and consequent feelings, the chaos due to drop in UNDERSTANDING, seems to de-stimulate guilt.  Can look, rationally, for solution, which may be (first step) accept things that ARE in common.  Others maybe handle-able gradiently.  Maybe not.  But resentment is gone and I can love for who and what others are, the lovable parts.  Still looking, digesting.

Tone relates to feelings (for me).  Condition relates to what? Survival of a relationship: self (beingness?), with others (relationship? (beingness of a relationship?), with goals, things.  Need to better understand “condition”. But think I’m on the right track.

Re conditions:  in session you helped me realize, first time, that my condition is RELATIVE TO something or someone ELSE.  Still digesting that.  Still sinking in.

Thank you.

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December 18th, 2011

Grade I Completion

December 18, 2011   Elma, WA 98541  Auditor, Mark Elliott  C/S Pat Krenik

This auditing was very smooth for the most part, but I always felt much better after each session.  The whole thing was so smooth it kind of snuck up on me but at the same time it was great.  I definitely made the EP, but I couldn’t really say when it happened.

Mark H.


December 11th, 2011

Original OT VI Completion

December 8, 2011  Elma, WA  C/S Pat Krenik

I am very humbled by this level and what it acknowledges in my universe.  I first touched on the abilities possible on this level in 1956, last lifetime.  (If we only knew then what level we were actually on!)

I am amazed at it’s simplicity in pointing out how to use OT abilities.  No space is too wide, no comm line unreachable.  There is no such thing since the laws of the physical universe don’t apply.  <Be they time, distance, or someone you haven’t known in lifetimes you can still get in touch.>

True OT abilities are made available and you will demonstrate them to yourself.  They are not stuff of legend or fantasy.  You must do this level and we will be OT as a group.  If you think OT abilities are fake, you just aren’t there, just yet.  {Keep going, it won’t be long!}

Thank you to Ron and my C/S for this wonderful state and abilities!




December 9th, 2011

Original OT V Completion

December 6, 2011     Elma, WA  C/S Pat Krenik

I’ve done OT V –the original today.  I cannot convey the change, in words, to my abilities, in, and most especially outside of the body.  It is like driving an old clunker car and the sitting in or shall I say sitting out of a Lamborghini sports car as far as exterior abilities.  Un-be-fricking-lievable!  The ability to perceive, be in or out of objects, spaces, time,  to sense the state of beings and too many other things to list are realized on this level.  What an acknowledgment of what Theta really is!!!

I can see the postulates of others from long ago and sense their purpose even in the persistant creation or even something as short-lived as a one time flow.  It is obvious why the Church no longer delivers this level.  Why?  Because you are now AWARE and DO KNOW and CAN CREATE, PERCEIVE and VIEW AS A TRUE THETAN and be others views as well.  What a threat to suppression!  LOL.

I really enjoyed this level (grade) it is a must do for any Pre-OT. 

Thank you to my C/S and LRH for this returning of my ability.


December 7th, 2011

Original OT IV Completion

December 6, 2011, Elma, WA 98541   Solo Auditor Johan, C/S Pat Krenik

I feel, and am proofed up as a Being doing the original OT IV.  Having NO drug history helps!

After all the dealing with other’s cases on OT II and III it was a relief to have some polish on me as a Being.  It was a huge amount of fun and anyone who says there isn’t other’s cases to handle beside yours doesn’t have any idea what really goes on, it’s there.  And I’m ready to erradicate it after this wonderful level.



December 2nd, 2011

I have allowed my identity to finally set her free…

High Integrity Living

I’ve never really been aware of the power of my true self, for there has been a substitute personality taking control of Desire’ for so many years. She (being the negative personality) would take over when I felt angry, depressed, weak, and invalidated because she knew she had an ability to make everything “better.” But that was just a lie she had given me and after I had accepted it, she REALLY did have power–UNTIL NOW! I have allowed my identity to finally set her free, and since doing so, I, my true self, am able to confront any given situation with a positive attitude and know that I won’t be leaving anyone with upsets or bad feelings. DR