Win on OT 5

This has been the funnest, easiest auditing I have ever done. I am finally, fully out of the church. I felt more in sync with Frankie, my auditor, than I ever had been with an auditor before. Mary is just as good but I needed to drop the last vestiges of the junk I had picked up in the church before I could hold up my end of the comm line. Between them, they have given me an entirely new outlook on the tech and the future. An easy, relaxed, on source, workable viewpoint that was always supposed to be there, but that the church lurched away from and drug us all away from.

As a result I am having huge wins on OT 5 and I need to go back to work for a couple of weeks before I can get back in. My universe is readjusting on a massive scale. Probably the biggest win is seeing clearly the effect I can have on a broad scale. Based on LRH lectures I had a pretty good concept of this, but it is different really seeing it play out in session. I am excited about the good effects I can create in multiple ways and on multiple dynamics. There is a calmness and understanding that has just never been there for as long as I can remember. I keep looking at areas or situations now and I cannot remember why that area ever bothered me. I have a new understanding of life.


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