Sauna Detox Program Expansion

Hello Everyone,

An interesting series of events have started a cycle of expanding our sauna
program. A guy who lives a few miles from here, Brett Bauer, called me out of
the blue to ask me if I delivered the “Hubbard Protocol.” When I said yes,
he was jumping for joy because he had been trying to find someone who was
actually experienced at delivering it, because he did not want to go through the
church. But he wanted it done standardly, by the book.

Well, this program has been one of my favorite LRH programs to deliver since I
got my training in the Co$ around 2003. I even got the C/S training. I have
always prided myself to deliver the program by the book and by now I have lots
of experience and success.

Brett and I got together, and come to find out, he needed someone to help him
because he has a FaceBook page,
He passionately believes that “everyone” should do this program. He sells
lots of “Clear Body Clear Mind” books. He has over 1000 followers in his FB
group and he was getting overwhelmed. His followers were attempting to do the
program on their own, and not knowing what to do when they run into problems.
He was getting barraged with questions that he could not answer. He didn’t
want to send them to the church. Then he found me!

I was reluctant at first because I have always said I would never supervise the
program from a distance. Brett and I kicked this around for a long time trying
to come up with ways that I could help his followers who want to do the
program–those that wouldn’t come here.

One thing we did was upgrade our sauna. Brett did the research and made sure we
got the best one. You can see our new sauna on our new website. This website is for non-Scn’ts.

Brett wanted ME to help his FB followers because, as he said, they are going to
try doing it on their own anyway, so I should at least give them some guidance.
I was VERY reluctant. I started taking a few of their questions…

Brett and I are a good team because he is the researcher and very bright. I can
follow and deliver the program by the book and I have lots of practical
experience. He KNOWS this is the best detox program on the planet. AND he has
a sales and marketing background. He needed someone on his team with the
practical experience—someone who knows what advice to give when these people
have crazy reactions from the niacin, or when they don’t do it right, or when
they are in bad health and shouldn’t be doing the program. He didn’t know
how to answer their questions.

So I decided to take a stab at this, because I do agree that this program needs
to be delivered worldwide. We have “the book” that tells how to do it, but
people need some guidance. They need someone experienced to give them

After a few months of kicking ideas around and trying this and that, we have it
pretty darn workable now.

I’m willing to deliver the program at a distance. They fill out an
application and get a doctor’s approval first. We have a skype call so that I
can meet them and answer their questions. I make sure they have everything
they need. They fill out a daily report which I supervise. They have the book
plus I send them pertinent emails which I have compiled from the book. I hat
them on the EP (end phenomena) and over-run phenomena. I give them stable

I’m running it now on several clients and I have completed a few.

I’m telling you all this because you may want to do this yourself without
having to come here. Or you may know someone. I’d RATHER have you come here,
but sometimes that makes the difference of doing the program now as opposed to
never doing it. It’s an important program!! Anyone who hasn’t done it
should do it! If you live on this planet you are toxic!! Even if you have done
it before, you should probably do it again!

Here is a podcast of Doctor George Yu.
His website
He is an expert on this program and he is not a Scn’t. He says LRH is a
brilliant genius. Dr Yu is an oncologist and surgeon. He sends people to the
church!!! OMG! He should be sending them to me, but that is coming. Soon I

Dr Mercola also believes in this program. I have a short video of his on my website.

There is also a podcast of ME on the same radio program as Dr Yu’s podcast
Mine was a couple of weeks before Dr Yu. I was just listening to mine and I am
actually pretty impressed! I thought it would be boring but it is NOT! haha
These interviews were done on Check it out.

Now here is one of the best parts! If you want to learn to deliver the program,
I will hat you on that, too! We do it on skype and over the email. I think we
need lots of people delivering it! You can do it, if you have the desire.
I’ve already hatted a couple of non-Scn’ts who are now delivering the
program. These people happen to already have health spas, massage clinics, etc.
After you are hatted, I can be your C/S.

If you want more data just email me back! I’ll fill you in on the details..
I’m very excited about this!

Before you run out and purchase a sauna, talk to Brett. He
knows exactly which saunas are the best value and the healthiest. Here is a
talk that Brett did recently. my detox talk.wav

Anita (and Les) Warren

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