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November 10th, 2012

Original OT IV Completion

  November 9, 2012   Solo Auditor, Mary W.  C/S Pat Krenik

   The cogs of the last part of OT4 are all about agreements; how everything is fundamentally an agreement.
     “Matter” is matter (and not energy or space or something else) because of agreement that that is so.  Ditto EVERYTHING!
     And seeing in a new unit of time that this universe is the MEST universe.  And that’s all it is.  It isn’t something else.  And it doesn’t mean something else.  It is simply what it is. It is a universe of matter, energy, space and time.  And there might be an infinity of other universes, but this one is the universe of MEST, which basically means the agreements as to what M,E,S and T are and how they interrelate. Nothing wrong with any of that.  In fact the MEST universe is pretty wonderful!
     Sometimes in scn we use “MEST” as a sort of derogatory term, but that is incorrect.  If for no other reason than that consideration makes and keeps us the effect of the MEST universe — which is the basis for our complaint in the first place!
     So there seems to be still something there relative to the MEST universe and me, some perhaps unseen compulsion to agree with homo sapiens reality (beyond the desire for ARC and not to be alone)  that I look forward to handling sometime.  (As I type the above it occurs that perhaps the “something” is nothing more than spotting that string of agreements back and back until I’ve spotted them all…)
     But, the reality of who and what I am as a being (which is
no-thing: no mass, no wavelength, no location in space or time) is an awareness that was re-realized on OT4.  And that is a good thing!