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August 19th, 2013

OT VIII Completion

Solo Auditor, Randy Patterson C/S Pat Krenik Elma, WA USA 8/19/13

I was surprised as I usually am when doing an LRH Grade. I am now more certain of myself, who I am or what I am as distinguished from other who’s and what’s.


June 30th, 2012

OT 8 Success

Now Hear This, Hear This

Joe Warren has completed OT VIII

He came to Elma four years ago as a Clear from the COS, and has been steadily progressing through both sides of the bridge.

He is FZElma’s first OT VIII completion.

This is his Success Statement:

      “Wonderful level.  So many cognitions, ideas, fun considerations, postulates all based on the source of life.  Source, Source-point, viewpoints, MEST, games etc.  Static is King.       

     Thank you LRH, Pat Krenik my C/S, and Ray Krenik.

                        ML, Joe”