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April 20th, 2014

Assist- After 40 Years, This Condition Is GONE!


Kathy had a health challenge recently, so she
looked around for an auditor and found me on line.

After a great effort on her part to be sessionable and to
get someone to drive her several hours to get here, we were able to do this session.

It is amazing what you can accomplish in 43 minutes.


I recently had an auditing session with Trey Lotz.

He flew my ruds and that alone was INCREDIBLE!!!

Then he did a PTS cycle that totally handled a long, long, long time PTS situation that had been restimulated in PT and was literally destroying my health.

I was blown away by the simplicity of the application of the tech – just the way it should be!!!

Trey was “spot on” with his actions in the session and went right to the heart of the matter.

The best part of the cycle is that this one session has completely handled a problem that I’ve had my whole life – something has been making me MISERABLE for over 6 decades!

I have been unable to have any kind of an encounter with other people without coming away from it feeling like I’ve said and done all the wrong things. I would end up with my stomach in a knot of severe anxiety and worry, sometimes for hours and even days afterward. No matter how hard I tried to interact with others “correctly”, I was convinced that I had failed. I’ve never been able to be comfortable around other people as a result. And I would never dare say how I really felt about anything if it meant creating a clash of realities. On the job, I was always in the tone level of propitiation because I was convinced that someone was going to hit me and hit me HARD for the slightest mistake or error or deviation from what was “acceptable”. No matter how many things I did that were right, they lost all their value if I did one little thing wrong. I was always analytically aware that this was illogical and a product of my case, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

I’ve been in Scientology for almost 40 years and this condition has never been handled.

Since my recent session with Trey, I notice that this condition is GONE!!!

It’s been a whole week and no anxiety or worry. I am relaxed around other people and can do and say anything without agonizing over it later. I can make mistakes and it’s no big deal. I can laugh about it!


Thanks, Trey. You totally rock!!! And thanks, Ron. The correct tech correctly applied WORKS!!!


January 28th, 2014

Integrity Program Wins (from Idaho)

I decided to divide these testimonials into three (not four) categories: Training and Lower Bridge, Integrity Program, and OT wins. There are too many for one email, and everything doesn’t interest everyone, so you can delete the ones that don’t interest you. Thanks. I hope you will enjoy them and consider recommending us in the future…
Check out our websites: For new people, no mention of Scientology For us ex-church members
Check out my blog story about the Co$.
Integrity Program (on teenager) delivered over Skype Auditor: Anita
Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school. He was usually either
angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to
accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried
everything we could think of to encourage him to take responsibility for his
chores and school work: nagging, being extremely strict, extremely
understanding, making agreements/plans, being helpful, disinterested,
threatening, rewarding, etc. My husband and I are pretty smart people, and
I can honestly say that we tried every method we could think of to help him,
but saw no consistent improvement. I felt like, underneath all the “angry,”
there was a loving, happy boy trying desperately to come out. Well, let me
tell you, we invested in the Ethics and Integrity Program via Skype with
Anita, and she FOUND HIM! –or helped him find himself.
Our son is happier and taking more everyday responsibility. His teachers
and counselors noticed a major difference in his attitude and behavior. He’s
still working on breaking some bad habits, but now HE wants to break them,
and asks for, and (gratefully!) accepts help. He even sat down and had a
rational, reasonable conversation to make an agreement on his
responsibilities so I can back off a bit and let him be in charge of his
schoolwork. He is the loving, happy boy we knew he could be/wanted to be.
To other parents of teens — I can’t say enough good things about the
program. Be sure to honor the privacy of your child, giving them a quiet,
private place to Skype where you promise not to interrupt, even if dinner is
ready. It’s worth it. Don’t wait. TA
Almost my whole life I doubted my own identity (who I am and what I want to do for work) and relied on other people to make my decisions for me. Examples of this were: which job to take, whether to change careers, and whether to stay with a woman I was dating. I learned that while people usually have good intentions when they offer me advice–to be happy I really need to make decisions based on what I want. Another big realization I had was that when dating a woman, my intention wasn’t clear. I’d be half in it, half out of it. So, my actions would be inconsistent and I’d communicate indifference because of this. Going forward I’ll decide what my intention is and make all of communications and actions consistent with this intention. I learned why my last serious relationship failed—both because I was acting very inconsistently and because I developed negative personality characteristics to deal with a hostile situation at work. I learned to disassociate myself from this bad viewpoint and go forward as my true self. I learned tools for dealing with my work environment and was a little surprised that most of them were simple changes in viewpoint. The program also helped me to develop a plan to get what I want out of life, which was a huge help to me. SA
Integrity Program

I am nearing completion of the Integrity Program, being delivered to me by Jim Gilberti at the LEC, under the expert guidance of Mary Freeman. Hard to keep this short, as the wins have been massive. I am more stable and happy than ever in my life. I have regained my confidence and self-respect as well as understanding, respect, and admiration for others. I am not worried any more, not taking things personally, not ‘assuming’–rolling with life, and attracting good things. My future is what I make it and it is really bright. Yeah!! I recommend this program to everyone. A BIG THANKS to Jim and Mary, as well as Anita, Les, Linda and Frankie for having such an awesome group and providing excellent service. KR
Integrity Program
I have been ‘sitting’ in an amazing win for quite some time and then I realized this week that it was not a win that was going to go away. Unlike a release for some short period of time until the needle gets dirty again, I have made real changes in the Ethics Program with Mary. First of all, I had never done conditions before. I never worked in a business that used LRH tech and only when I got onto OT VII in the corporate C of S did I get assigned Liability every six months in order to extract a donation. As I told my MAA after a few of these episodes, I was catholic in an early life and the ‘paying for my sins’ didn’t work then and it won’t work now. That only served as an annoyance to the SO staff as they needed other mechanisms to get cash from me. In the times when I did get out of liability (an absurd thought at this point given how conditions are applied) it never occurred to me to continue up the conditions. Help in the MAA’s office was done when the check was written. To be able to work with Mary, who understands the real life practical application of LRH tech to improve conditions, was a pure joy. I must admit that I was a bit nervous going into it thinking that I might not have the right answers and that I might not be able to FIND them and that I might not be perfect enough, that I’m not clever enough….. (This has been one of my life-long ruins.) That fear was quickly handled as Mary has a grasp on the tech and was able to bring it alive to me with great examples and exercises to get me to look in the right places. So, what has changed? I can easily recognize the enemy that has haunted me this lifetime. I completed the guts of the program when I was in quite an idyllic situation so, while it seemed very real, I didn’t know how it would work when I was back to my everyday life. Well, that apprehension must have been written all over me because in fact I was ‘tested’ and fortunately, Mary had given me the tools to take back the COO position. I have found out who is boss – ME! I am in control and it is effortless. I have had minor setbacks on one of my programs and they just roll off my back. In the past I would have succumbed and been back on the roller coaster. Now I am confidently running the show and not feeling effect. I know the decisions I am making for myself are correct because they are mine and they are for ME. If the route is still a little zig-zag at times, I can self-correct and get on the path with no drama, no self-loathing, no self-criticism and I have to say that this feels great. I have been handling work situations much more directly and honestly and I have enjoyed my responsibilities more as a result of that. I look at the future with more excitement and promise than I have in as long as I can remember. Thank you, Mary, for your tremendous ARC, your knowledge of the tech and your excellent guidance through this program. I would highly recommend this program to my friends. Love, J
Integrity Program, Assist Program, Repair Auditing
1/23/14 delivered by Anita and Linda
This success story is hard to write. Not because I didn’t have any successes, but because I have so many to talk about.There is always a dilemma when you walk away from Corporate Scientology, something you’ve supported and worked hard all your life to preserve and defend. To whom do I go for services now that I’m out? Who can I trust to deliver standard Scientology in the “Indie” field? “Standard,” like how LRH wrote it and taught it to his friends. The Real Scientology. Where can you find it, now that Corporate Scientology has changed that LRH tech? Where can you go now that Corporate Scientology has taken out the LRH essence of caring and pushing to make AUDITORS and CLEARS instead of merely IAS Patrons and other fund raising, bake sale activities? If you are concerned about leaving because you’re worried that you will, “Lose your eternity,” you can put that fear away. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. You are actually more at risk of losing it by staying “in” because Standard Scientology is no longer being applied in Corporate, So-called Scientology. Did I just say that? Yes. I did. COB said it too. All of this hype about “New!” “GAT 2!” etc., etc. is just a degrade of the original LRH and of the original, LRH trained auditors. This is being done for a reason. You are right if you’ve ever ridged on that “Blind leading the Blind” inval comment. And getting up the Bridge? Are you kidding me? How much actual Bridge progress have we made in the last 10 years with the prices so high and the in-org environment being a carnival midway of people regging us at every corner? If you have made progress, great! But I don’t want to “progress” (digress, really) on that squirrel Bridge that is being delivered inside the cricket-quiet “Ideal Orgs” today. I’m still considered “in” by my friends. I don’t agree that I have to disconnect from my friends just because I believe in the actual, real, true standard Scientology that LRH wrote and because I am supportive of people who are still applying it to help others. Knowing that there IS a safe place to go for Scientology is a huge win in itself. So that brings me to my successes. It can be hard to see the depth of the success without the comparison to the non-Ideal Scene. I came to the Life Integrity Center because of the wonderful and oh, so theta, Anita Warren. We knew each other when she was in so, when I heard about the center, I got in touch with her. Also, I’d been told by Mark Shreffler about this FANTASTIC integrity program that Mary Freeman put together (which I found out later did get written LRH approval). Mark went on and on about how it was the BEST cycle he’d ever done in Scientology.
Well, I just had to have that! So I did. I found myself in Coeur d’Alene so that I could see the center and talk with Anita about getting this program. Not only did I end up starting that very same Integrity Program but Anita was so smart. She put me on an assist program for some physical problems I was having (duh. Nobody in the church ever came up with THAT bright idea) AND I got a 5 hour block of correction lists that were so perfect for me. As a result of this brilliant program, my physical condition has improved where nothing else was causing improvement before. The 5 hours of auditing were so standard as far as “paralleling the case” (programming the case by addressing what interests the pc – unheard of) that I handled deep, unaddressed areas of difficulty. I started the Integrity Program and in just the first part of it, I shook a valence that was so “obviously survival” that it was sabotaging all aspects of my life. I’m continuing the Integrity Program on Skype (boo hoo, I had to go home). So great that we can use current technology to receive LRH tech. Oh, and one other win that I had, besides finding a safe environment that delivered ACTUAL on-Source Scientology, is that the environment in the center was JUST LIKE I remember back in the day! Remember how people used to stand around and TALK in the old missions and orgs? There was a beautiful energy of happy people talking excitedly about many subjects, while on their breaks. No one was worried about standing in one place too long for fear of the IAS, or other regges coming to override the conversation they were having. There was no attention on or worry about someone coming to take them to another room and “beat them up” so that they would give more for the NEXT Ideal Org that HAD to be done this week. It was just happy people talking and being happy…like me. Thanks to Anita and Les, Mary and Frankie and my assist auditor and OT facilitator, Linda Noble. Thank you for being there. Glad that our friend Ron’s work is being continued in the world. Super duper love, LP
Integrity Program
I have been getting an ethics handling and auditing from Mary Freeman and my wife has been getting auditing from Mary’s husband, Frankie. Where do I Start? Aside from the fact that my case has been totally lined up, I have totally rehabilitated all of my past auditing wins, I cannot find any case to run at this point, I am at cause over my ethics and I am certain about my future; I don’t know what to say. I am in a much better space then I can ever recall having. This is a very natural and stable state. To properly articulate things, I will start with the ethics handling from Mary. After a full run through of proper definitions, she got me to spot an enemy beingness that I had been assuming off and on for a number of years, which had been blinding me from fully viewing non optimum situations around me. Becoming aware of and confronting this scene was a major step that enabled me to take back my power of choice. This in turn has led me to the place where I am able to properly get out of non existence as my own self. The high state of awareness that was achieved with Mary’s coaching on the technology of ethics was further augmented by a NOTS Auditing Program. Her application of auditing procedures and Frankie`s Case Supervision led me to the point where I feel like I don’t have a case. Consequently, I am enjoying my wins. I am continuing my journey using her ethics program toward the attainment of higher levels of operation in my life. It is very interesting to balance the relationship of auditing, and ethics in my life. My existence has markedly and imperially improved within days and I am coming back here for more services in their safe space. Mary and Frankie have mocked up the ideal place in an aesthetic environment. They are extremely highly LRH trained Class VIIIs (and it shows) and have in place, a full throttle avenue to the full Upper Bridge….but more on that later….Thanks Mary,
Thanks Frankie, & Thanks LRH, DD
Integrity Program


> Here is a write-up on my win and you have my permission to publish it with my name. Prior to when my dear friend, Mark Shreffler, referred me to Mary and her ethics program, I had pretty much given up hope on ever coming out of the morass of past wrong indications, bad handlings, and auditing by the church of Scientology as managed by David Miscavige and his band of ruffians. As with anyone who has donated what should have been their life savings to the church in the never ending demand to continually re-do courses over and over again and re-do auditing over and over again (can anyone say Solo Nots Certainty Course or GAT 1 and GAT2?) there was never an opportunity to put money away (PER LRH POLICY I might add). So, when I was told about Mary’s ethics program and how Mark had had so many wins on it, I figured I could at least talk to Mary if nothing else. I must add here that Mark had me do a new OCA and his evaluation of that OCA blew me away and made me realize I needed help. Thanks to Mary’s very helpful website I was able to afford myself an hour of her time. I have to say it was one of the best hours of my life in the last 20 years or so. There were so many issues I had and I really wasn’t sure if I could even articulate them to Mary in any meaningful way. So I rambled on for a while and Mary was able to spot the basic issues I had underlying my “one foot nailed to the floor” life and do a very basic process that just blew me away. Having been sitting in inertia, unable to complete the most simple tasks without getting overwhelmed (mind you, I am a Class 6 auditor and OT7) I was truly amazed how the next day I effortlessly started completing cycles of action that were driving me crazy (but apparently not crazy enough to actually DO anything about them prior to Mary’s help). It was not a conscious effort on my part to do these things, but I just didn’t have the back off on doing them and they just weren’t as “unconfrontable” as I had assumed they were. If this is what I got after an hour with Mary, I can hardly imagine how my life will improve once I find a way to buy her whole ethics program. I am very much looking forward to that day. I cannot thank Mary enough for her generosity in donating an hour of her time. The best I can do at this time is pass the word, which I most surely will! Bonnie Kittelson
Integrity Program

I am nearing completion of the Integrity Program, being delivered to me by Jim Gilberti at the Life Enhancement Center, under the expert guidance of Mary Freeman. Hard to keep this short, as the wins have been massive. I am more stable and happy than ever in my life. Regained my confidence and self-respect as well as understanding, respect and admiration for others. I am not worried any more, not taking it personally, not assuming- rolling with life and attracting good things. My future is what I make it and it is really bright. Yeah!! I recommend this program to everyone. A BIG THANKS to Jim and Mary, as well as Anita, Les, Linda and Frankie for having such an awesome group and providing excellent service. KR
Integrity Program (Skype)
Anita, we just finished our first session, and I am overwhelmed. I cannot believe how much charge I had been holding in all these many years, nor how negatively it had been effecting me. THANK YOU. Thank you for not quitting on me when I was out of comm (keeping myself small) or when I first left the C of S and was crazy-making. Thank you for having the integrity to keep the tech alive and to help others with it. I am so keyed out right now, in such a place of peace and joy and gratitude. Wow. I have so much certainty this is the right action for me! Thank you for removing all the stops, so we could get this going. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!! SF
Integrity Program (Skype)
I have my own business. It’s growing. My stats are up. Then I hit a wall. I wasn’t excited by my life anymore. I felt trapped by my business. I felt trapped in my relationship. My drive to succeed had all but disappeared. I started avoiding doing things that needed to be done. At times I would even drink to escape. Then I found Anita. Or rather, she found me. Anita used great ARC and high intention to get me in session. From there, I blew a tremendous amount of charge I’d been carrying around for years regarding my profession. I started to realize my self worth. I confronted my fears. I salvaged my relationship. It’s only been a few short weeks since we started working together, and I am flying! My relationship is great, my business is soaring, my drive to succeed is back. My confront is high. Anita’s simple tools work miracles!!! Call her and get started TODAY! SF
Integrity Program (Skype)
I just had the most AMAZING win working with Anita. I had a major withhold when we began our journey, and it involved drinking. I simply could not or would not let go! I lied and dealt with the other issues that were plaguing me, and I had some great wins. Then something got bogged. I kept drinking. I couldn’t hide it any longer. It started to get in the way again. I thought I’d had it under control. It was the hardest thing ever to admit the truth. We had to start over somewhat, but all I can say now is WOW! I feel more amazing than I have felt in years! Anita granted me so much beingness, never making me wrong, allowing this process to just proceed. Thank you, Anita, from the bottom of my heart. I am finally feeling like the real me again after all these years! I finally got to the real why. I feel so relieved!!! SF