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June 17th, 2014

LATEST NEWS from Life Enhancement Center, Idaho

Hi Gang!
WE MOVED (again… sigh)
We are now moved (and almost organized) in a lovely large home in Coeur
d’Alene. We have a course room, auditing rooms, and three guest rooms. We
have a spacious common area, huge deck, and nice view. We are a few miles from
Frankie and Mary. We are still working together—same as before. New address
is on website. We don’t have new pics up on the website yet, but soon to
If you know any indies, survivors from KC Org, or people under the radar in
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, let me know and I’ll give you the
contact data for the theta guys who are starting the group. They are having a
get-together soon–a barbecue and good conversation in Omaha.
We have a new friend, Ron Miscavige. Yes, “the dad.” He is a great guy and is
on the same page we are regarding the Co$. He used to play trumpet for the
Golden Era Musicians, which you may remember. I do remember—it was great! He
has written two light-hearted humorous books which are on Amazon. I read both
and highly recommend—you will laugh. He has been “out” for a couple of
years. THAT story is a good one, too. If you want to get in comm with Ron, you
can email me and I’ll get you connected. Copy and paste this link if you want
to see him!
connect with him via this link. PS He won’t be mad if you order an Exergenie
while you are at it! Ha
INTEGRITY PROGRAM (on skype) (This course will give your life a re-boot!)
The integrity program could not have come at a more critical time in my life.
Not only was I having significant communication issues in my marriage, but I was
faced with a significant hurdle in my relationship with my father. The course
gave me the tools and confidence to manage the situation in a way that I would
have never been capable of in the past. I was able to navigate my way through
conflict – something I’ve avoided in the past. In my marriage, the difference is
shocking. My husband and I are both communicating more effectively and lovingly
– it was amazing to me how quickly the ship turned around. And even more amazing
to realize that I was actually contributing to the problem! We are able to now
talk our way through things before a fight starts. My overall outlook on life
has been more positive and happy – I find it easy to stay “up tone.” I would
highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a practical and workable
change within themselves. The course is all about finding your true self, and I
do feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Thank you, Anita – you are
the best listener I’ve ever encountered! EB
I have recently graduated from the High Integrity Living course (Integrity
Program on skype). Not only is Anita great to work with, the course is much
more organized and practical than the Intro to Scn Ethics. During the course I
not only became assured of where I am, but who I am and where I want to go. It
helped orient me well enough to realize that I came into this life Clear, and
that my Admin Scale can act as my checks and balances to keep me that way while
I continue with my bridge and life. Thank you so much, Anita, for working with
me throughout this course! Peace in your Journeys. Kremnari
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course in communication! It was my intention to
get better command of my communication skills–in giving intent, being better
understood–having more control over delivering my speech. I understand the
need to acknowledge and be acknowledged, to give credit and understanding to the
person talking, and the one or ones listening. The whole process comes in with
affinity for your people working together and creating a reality to complete the
communication triangle. SLG
The wins and ability aren’t so much with my
now being the great conversationalist, it is more
wide open flows with postulates. Especially in helping others, wanting
everyone to do well. When I am in comm as true self and with others,
life is fun. It is the itsa line in use. Its the dynamics flowing free. I also
have much spiritual gain as a Reiki Practictoner, Massage Therapist and
Estetician. It IS ability I nurture everyday. It is very groovy.My greatest
heart felt appreciation and gratitude to you, Russ, for helping me look and
grow. Jiim Gilberti, you are the greatest auditor, never letting a win go
unacknowledged. LRH, cheers, thank you for the tech.Love to all JD
GRADE 0 Student Auditor Jennie Dailey
What an awesome process! I never understood how important communication is.
This has opened up so many things for me. It’s given me SO many cognitions
and given me back that wonderful, easy, free going, blab about everything,
child-like spirit that I REALLY AM! It has reinforced my purpose. It has
opened up new ways that I can help others, right now, with the tech. There are
no stops or limitations to what you can do when you set your mind to it. Oh,
what a feeling to be free! Awesome! CA
I am in a state I would call ‘Speechless”.
The cognitions went above and beyond.
However, I really have to thank this auditor for his great job.
Finishing Grade 3 with Frankie is not only an honor but a pleasure as well.
I invite all to come and do it… It will change your mind.TS
Fantastic! I was able to look at the past and see what I did, and see the
computations. I was able to look at the present and see what I can do. I know
that I can identify and change thoughts and behaviors. It seems the Grades
0,1,2 & 3 all roll up on Grade 4. Again, Frankie did a wonderful job! If you
have fixed ideas, fix this idea: “Get Grade 4 done!” TS
Finishing the grades (auditor Les) have been… interesting for me to say the
least. I get asked questions in session, and I realized I had addressed those
sections earlier in processing, and it kept feeling like I was just validating
the handling I’d already done in my own space! I feel stable mentally and
emotionally. I feel like I can handle just about anything thrown at me right
now, with a stable mind and heart that won’t falter or lead me astray. There’s
so much I could possibly say about this grade, but much of it was unique to me,
and I don’t know how to adequately state it for someone who hasn’t done the
grade itself yet… just that I feel like myself, and that I’m positive about my
own choices and participation on all of my dynamics, not like its someone or
something else causing me to make these choices in my life. I don’t need someone
else’s approval to do my actions… although agreement is sought naturally, its
not a requirement for me to enjoy my life and the positive elements around me
:-) I can only hope that others who do this grade get at least what I got out of
it! Now, onto the next step. E
The tech works! I wanted to go CLEAR this lifetime and thought it was soooo far
in the future, but due to the tech, here I am! Message to all beings: Go for
the most spiritual awareness and gain you can! Get it, use it, and let the
world be your auditor as you go. The ability to create your games and life
become ecstatically sweet and sublime. Thank you, Les and Cova, for this
recognition. LN
Have you Ever? Experienced a state so wonderful, joyful, and loving that you did
not dare whisper it to another? Created from two other’s saintly patience,
mastery, and understanding of their applied practice. Listening and then,
Duplication of all my uneasy communications for many years. That always
resulted in the vanishment of all my considerations of moving forward in the
observation of all my past creations. It is the unmentionable, The Bridge beyond
NOTs. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you beyond words, Mary and Frankie
Freeman. Your student, TR for veteran Scientologists who are OUT for new people—no mention of Scientology on this
website nothing new added recently, but pretty good old
stuff if you haven’t seen it. I WILL get the new stuff that’s in my head
blogged eventually. ;-)) Sad news: Miko passed away…. wahhhhh….
Love, Anita