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September 22nd, 2010

Metering Course – Wins and Changes

The Metering Course was delivered (after the convention) by Class VIII, Frankie Freeman.
Planet Freeman

Wins and Changes

Where do I begin!  This was a great course!  I came in with some missing or wrong data I did not know about.  Frankie straightened me out with lots of ARC and only standard tech.  I also had a lot of mis-emotion on training from the church and did not feel like I would be a good auditor.  I did not feel confident on the meter and my intention to be a field auditor was pretty much smashed.  Now I want to be an auditor again!!  I did not know I had so much BPC and at one point I started crying from the charge of mishandling in the C of S and Frankie duplicated me and handled it with ARC!   There were others who helped, too!  Les allowed me to start with a drill that handled what I had my attention on–ADMIN! I really felt good, especially with a Class VIII (Mary) coaching me and an OTIII (Anita) holding the cans!  I felt protected!  I was allowed to get wins and keep them!  I felt safe!  The Q and A was eliminated.  All I need is a little practice.  The mis-emotion was pretty much handled.  For once, my TRs really got validated!  What a relief!!  I did not realize how rushed and confused the C of S course room was (in 1998) until I took this fun, sane, theta course!  Frankie is the BEST!!!  Thanks to Les, Anita and Mary as well.  Love, JC
Success–Meter Course
This meter course was excellent.  Not only the course itself, but the theta environment, the instruction, the supervisors, and my course buddies (twins ;-)).  Not only that, the course gave me many cognitions.  Charge blew.  I feel enthusiastic about auditing.  I feel much bigger, too.  I am more certain about reads and instant reads, so no Q and A!  Many thanks to Les and Anita for creating such a theta place and making me so welcome.  Thanks to Frankie and Mary for providing their expertise and high ARC!  MR
Metering Course/Wins
It is so cool and enlightening to know the e-meter can detect the actual thetan and basically see what the thetan is actually viewing when it is out of view of the consciousness of the being.  I can now use this meter to help a being be all that he/she wants to BE!  Oh, I also have more space.  Thanks again, Frankie! Love, SL