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June 17th, 2014

LATEST NEWS from Life Enhancement Center, Idaho

Hi Gang!
WE MOVED (again… sigh)
We are now moved (and almost organized) in a lovely large home in Coeur
d’Alene. We have a course room, auditing rooms, and three guest rooms. We
have a spacious common area, huge deck, and nice view. We are a few miles from
Frankie and Mary. We are still working together—same as before. New address
is on website. We don’t have new pics up on the website yet, but soon to
If you know any indies, survivors from KC Org, or people under the radar in
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, let me know and I’ll give you the
contact data for the theta guys who are starting the group. They are having a
get-together soon–a barbecue and good conversation in Omaha.
We have a new friend, Ron Miscavige. Yes, “the dad.” He is a great guy and is
on the same page we are regarding the Co$. He used to play trumpet for the
Golden Era Musicians, which you may remember. I do remember—it was great! He
has written two light-hearted humorous books which are on Amazon. I read both
and highly recommend—you will laugh. He has been “out” for a couple of
years. THAT story is a good one, too. If you want to get in comm with Ron, you
can email me and I’ll get you connected. Copy and paste this link if you want
to see him!
connect with him via this link. PS He won’t be mad if you order an Exergenie
while you are at it! Ha
INTEGRITY PROGRAM (on skype) (This course will give your life a re-boot!)
The integrity program could not have come at a more critical time in my life.
Not only was I having significant communication issues in my marriage, but I was
faced with a significant hurdle in my relationship with my father. The course
gave me the tools and confidence to manage the situation in a way that I would
have never been capable of in the past. I was able to navigate my way through
conflict – something I’ve avoided in the past. In my marriage, the difference is
shocking. My husband and I are both communicating more effectively and lovingly
– it was amazing to me how quickly the ship turned around. And even more amazing
to realize that I was actually contributing to the problem! We are able to now
talk our way through things before a fight starts. My overall outlook on life
has been more positive and happy – I find it easy to stay “up tone.” I would
highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a practical and workable
change within themselves. The course is all about finding your true self, and I
do feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Thank you, Anita – you are
the best listener I’ve ever encountered! EB
I have recently graduated from the High Integrity Living course (Integrity
Program on skype). Not only is Anita great to work with, the course is much
more organized and practical than the Intro to Scn Ethics. During the course I
not only became assured of where I am, but who I am and where I want to go. It
helped orient me well enough to realize that I came into this life Clear, and
that my Admin Scale can act as my checks and balances to keep me that way while
I continue with my bridge and life. Thank you so much, Anita, for working with
me throughout this course! Peace in your Journeys. Kremnari
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course in communication! It was my intention to
get better command of my communication skills–in giving intent, being better
understood–having more control over delivering my speech. I understand the
need to acknowledge and be acknowledged, to give credit and understanding to the
person talking, and the one or ones listening. The whole process comes in with
affinity for your people working together and creating a reality to complete the
communication triangle. SLG
The wins and ability aren’t so much with my
now being the great conversationalist, it is more
wide open flows with postulates. Especially in helping others, wanting
everyone to do well. When I am in comm as true self and with others,
life is fun. It is the itsa line in use. Its the dynamics flowing free. I also
have much spiritual gain as a Reiki Practictoner, Massage Therapist and
Estetician. It IS ability I nurture everyday. It is very groovy.My greatest
heart felt appreciation and gratitude to you, Russ, for helping me look and
grow. Jiim Gilberti, you are the greatest auditor, never letting a win go
unacknowledged. LRH, cheers, thank you for the tech.Love to all JD
GRADE 0 Student Auditor Jennie Dailey
What an awesome process! I never understood how important communication is.
This has opened up so many things for me. It’s given me SO many cognitions
and given me back that wonderful, easy, free going, blab about everything,
child-like spirit that I REALLY AM! It has reinforced my purpose. It has
opened up new ways that I can help others, right now, with the tech. There are
no stops or limitations to what you can do when you set your mind to it. Oh,
what a feeling to be free! Awesome! CA
I am in a state I would call ‘Speechless”.
The cognitions went above and beyond.
However, I really have to thank this auditor for his great job.
Finishing Grade 3 with Frankie is not only an honor but a pleasure as well.
I invite all to come and do it… It will change your mind.TS
Fantastic! I was able to look at the past and see what I did, and see the
computations. I was able to look at the present and see what I can do. I know
that I can identify and change thoughts and behaviors. It seems the Grades
0,1,2 & 3 all roll up on Grade 4. Again, Frankie did a wonderful job! If you
have fixed ideas, fix this idea: “Get Grade 4 done!” TS
Finishing the grades (auditor Les) have been… interesting for me to say the
least. I get asked questions in session, and I realized I had addressed those
sections earlier in processing, and it kept feeling like I was just validating
the handling I’d already done in my own space! I feel stable mentally and
emotionally. I feel like I can handle just about anything thrown at me right
now, with a stable mind and heart that won’t falter or lead me astray. There’s
so much I could possibly say about this grade, but much of it was unique to me,
and I don’t know how to adequately state it for someone who hasn’t done the
grade itself yet… just that I feel like myself, and that I’m positive about my
own choices and participation on all of my dynamics, not like its someone or
something else causing me to make these choices in my life. I don’t need someone
else’s approval to do my actions… although agreement is sought naturally, its
not a requirement for me to enjoy my life and the positive elements around me
:-) I can only hope that others who do this grade get at least what I got out of
it! Now, onto the next step. E
The tech works! I wanted to go CLEAR this lifetime and thought it was soooo far
in the future, but due to the tech, here I am! Message to all beings: Go for
the most spiritual awareness and gain you can! Get it, use it, and let the
world be your auditor as you go. The ability to create your games and life
become ecstatically sweet and sublime. Thank you, Les and Cova, for this
recognition. LN
Have you Ever? Experienced a state so wonderful, joyful, and loving that you did
not dare whisper it to another? Created from two other’s saintly patience,
mastery, and understanding of their applied practice. Listening and then,
Duplication of all my uneasy communications for many years. That always
resulted in the vanishment of all my considerations of moving forward in the
observation of all my past creations. It is the unmentionable, The Bridge beyond
NOTs. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you beyond words, Mary and Frankie
Freeman. Your student, TR for veteran Scientologists who are OUT for new people—no mention of Scientology on this
website nothing new added recently, but pretty good old
stuff if you haven’t seen it. I WILL get the new stuff that’s in my head
blogged eventually. ;-)) Sad news: Miko passed away…. wahhhhh….
Love, Anita
January 30th, 2014

Training and Lower Bridge Wins from Idaho

Check out our websites: For new people, no mention of Scientology For us ex-church members

Check out my blog story about the Co$.


Basic Comm Course


The drills in this course have enabled me to face anyone without fear (confront). For me, this will be particularly useful for dating. I feel a lot more able to start a conversation with a stranger and actually feel excited about approaching women again! I used to sometimes get a subconscious smile that was kind of awkward (mostly around new people I was nervous to meet) but that has gone away. I also feel that this course will help me in the working world, in that I will be able to maintain composure when getting criticism from a supervisor. I can now look into the eyes of a stranger for as long as I need to without getting nervous. SA
Advanced Comm Course


I learned Tone 40 (intention without reservation) and how to control someone with just enough force for them to do what I want. Tone 40 will be useful for when I make postulates and the body control exercises will be helpful for when I am on dates and want to lead a woman somewhere. SA
Auditor Training Success

1/24/13 Sup Jim, CS Frankie

This is more of a Thank You Story than it is a success story. Thank you Life Enhancement Center for creating a space safe enough to allow the delivery of NOTs in the Independent field. Just a year earlier I would have never dreamed I’d be auditing NOTs on another. I enjoy auditing at NOTs level as one can apply the many auditing skills one has attained. What this means in the Independent Scientology history I haven’t a clue but I’m a part of it. Thanks again, FC
Solo Course Part 1

10/10/13 Sup: Jim

This course put me on the track to really helping others by getting for the first time the theory and practical of auditing. I learned the “why” of several points and feel I can apply them in life as well as in session. My big win is having more knowledge to help people in my life–with more certainty than ever before. I know the ability will continue to increase the more training I receive and the more OT I become. This is fascinating material. I continue to marvel at the discoveries and documentation of LRH, and the thoroughness of his work. I appreciated particularly, aside from the materials, having a course supervisor who has great knowledge, skill, and successes in auditing, as his insight helped my progress immensely. SB


1/14/14 Aud: Jim

Where else would (or could) I ever be, but right here, right now—always? Always right where I am. Thank you so much to Jim, Anita, Les, Book, Bottle & LRH. MJ


1/17/14 Aud: Les

I’ve come to the conclusion that drugs and alcohol are silly. I mean really funny—good for a chuckle. My life is grand without them, so why on earth would I want to take them? If I’m that hard up for an effect, why I’ll just go out and make one! MJ

Scn Drug RD

10/13/13 Aud: Les

I realized that drugs could have put me into a really bad state and the suffering it would have caused my family and friends, especially, would have been heartbreaking. KN


10/22/13 Aud: Les

Cogniting on so many things, I realized that I have been at my worse, but I am getting better. I know I am the cause of postulates, ethics, ARC, cycles or action, granting beingness, doingness and all other cool stuff! I am also thinking clearer and feeling lighter which is something I’ve been endeavoring for a while! KN

Grade O

10/28/13 Aud: Les

•I caused the good and not good via my postulates.
•I can postulate not to use my reactive mind.
•Communication resolves everything.
•I love my dynamics.
•Creating is joyful.
•I can communicate to anyone about anything. KN

Grade 1

11/1/13 Aud: Les


I can create for my dynamics now.
Help speeds up resolving problems.
Resolving problems is fun.
I can resolve problems. KN

Grade 2

12/17/13 Auditor: Les

This has been the most intense look back on my existence I’ve done yet. It was awesome to find stuff so far back on my time track that was affecting me in PT, and then to clear it up! Right now (granted, just after session), I’m feeling like my mass overall is so much lighter, and like my space is tingling all around me. (Not to mention after the last incident we ran, my hands and nerves feel like they got burned with the charge that was released!) I feel great, and can’t wait to get through the rest ahead! EW

Grade 2

11/16/13 Auditor: Les

I am ready to create for all my dynamics because I love them in my eternity. KN

September 20th, 2013

Wins from Idaho!!


Comm Course
Taking the Communication Course has made me realize I need to listen with care, truly understand what person is trying to communicate, and acknowledge the person without worrying if they’ll like me or not. The course will help me in my professional life, where I deal with a variety of people in short units of time, by establishing a communication line and, with TR0 in, have a meaningful conversation. The course will also help me with my personal life in that I can react rationally and calmly to something upsetting instead of becoming angry and out of control. Thank you all, especially Jim, my course supervisor, who believed in me, encouraged me, and was patient with me throughout the course. I am very grateful to Scientology for what it will do for my future. Sincerely, LT
Ethics Program
On the ethics program with Mary I had many cognitions about life and ethics.

This program gave me back the ability to HANDLE and ENJOY using ethics
on all four flows. With the theta-ful guidance of Mary it was just magic. I wish that all
beings could have this joyful experience. Thank you very much, Mary! Much love, EH

Repair Auditing
I have just returned from a visit to Les and Anita Warren’s. It sounds a little dramatic but it actually feels like it was a life saver. I had totally given up on the possibility of going up the Bridge this life time in the Corporate Church of Scientology. I had decided I would just read and study LRH and try again next time around. It was so wonderful to find that Scientology still exists on the planet and that it is being done the way I always felt it should be done, with total affinity and concern for the wellbeing of the pc. The desire and intention is for people to go free! When I arrived I was sitting in the middle of a very real, messy family problem. It isn’t totally resolved, but we have a plan and I personally am in much better shape to handle it. But more importantly I came away refreshed as a being, reminded of what the tech can really do. I’m happy at the prospect of continuing up both sides of the Bridge. I re-cognited on how important it is for each of us to get up the Bridge because all of the plans on other dynamics depend upon freed beings. The idea of self-denial in order to focus on the third and fourth dynamic is false. The more free thetans there are the better! I also began to really look at how important it is to pass this tech along to others. There is no huge organization doing that for us now. The tech is basically dead there. We want to make sure there is a vibrant new bunch of Scientologists coming after us that will keep it going. We are forming a group in our area with that as one of its goals. Thank you so much Les and Anita. We’ll be seeing lots more of you!!! Love, NC
See our websites: for Independent Scientologists
September 16th, 2013

Integrity Course – It’s More Easy to be Happy!

I have learned so much from the Integrity Course.

Now I know how important it is to be responsible for my own life, to be honest– for my own integrity; to know about the eight dynamics (It’s amazing! –to take care of ME and EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING around me).

Being a part of the world involves ethics and morals.  All this information is helping me to really know myself: to be true to my own reality and follow the Code of Honor.  It’s not easy when your whole life you didn’t know what it means, but it’s never late to change!

I’ve noticed that it’s more easy to be happy when you know how to.  After I wrote my o/w’s, I became free.  I know I can keep going without guilt or fear.  I feel strong enough to confront every problem that comes!

I’m very sure that my life is not going to be the same.  It’s going to be better.

I’m ready to be happy.


May 24th, 2013

Success Stories from Today!

Basic Communication Course
I started my communication course three days ago. Before I started this course I was very introverted. I would only listen to half or less of a conversation. While talking to someone prior, I would just hope for the conversation to be over. I would be thinking to myself the whole time. How do you have a stimulating conversation with someone if they are not listening? This course has taken away all the pain and fear I had prior. I now feel warm, bubbly and excited to engage people in conversations.
I have enjoyed very very much ARC SW even though I got the EP with Book One some years ago. But certainly I have gone further with this new auditing. I have stretched a straight wire from present time to my identities of previous lives. I have found some crucial information that will modify my future and my commitment with Scientology. I have defined more clearly my goal. It was there before but blurry. Now some data has been aligned and I see it clearly. Thank you, Les. CJ
Stay tuned. We will be changing locations soon, but not leaving lovely Coeur d’Alene.
Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene
Les and Anita, Frankie and Mary <—-for new people <— for veterans
July 25th, 2012

some success stories from this past week –

The Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene
in beautiful Hayden Lake, Idaho.

Here is a picture taken a few steps from the front door.

We have been busier and busier lately–more and more people and more and more fun. Our motto “It’s just another sh**ty day in paradise!” LOL

This is a busy, happy, safe place.


Here are some success stories from this past week:

Integrity Program
What I have gotten from this Integrity Program is learning who I really am and who my real enemy is. this allows me to really see and understand how my viewpoint from which I have been conducting my life has created a lot of bad effects. I have attained the knowledge and the power to change the viewpoint to make life more successful and be more at cause. Thank you, Les. JG

Basic Communication Course
I started the Communication Course to learn more about the Life Enhancement Center and Dianetics, and because I always like to learn. Learning about communication can only help in all areas of life. I wasn’t sure what it was all about and there were some surprises and frustrations. But….. I did it! We did it! I have learned a lot, enjoyed interacting with some great people, and I’ve been able to communicate about the course process and I’ve been acknowledged. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Communication Course and beyond! Thank you! LS

Body Detox Success
Before the program I was having trouble focusing in school and in life. I had experimented with a variety of different drugs over the past 4 years (since I did this program the first time), and felt cloudy and out-of-focus even after I stopped. Doing the sauna program again helped me regain that focus, and figure out why I did drugs in the first place! I even went in thinking I’d continue to smoke cigarettes and realized it was just silly to continue smoking as well. Now I’m three days without smoking a cigarette and I haven’t even had a craving for one. I can sit outside with smokers and not be tempted. The negative energy on drugs had simply blown away during the program. I’m very grateful to Les and Anita for having the Body Detox available! It’s wonderful!
;-) I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere. As well as cleaning up my body and improving my senses, it put me back on track as a writer and artist. I feel all blocks on my creative talent have been lifted. I’m 100% ready to kick ass in school and work! Bring it on! ;-) RS

Grade 1 Problems Release
All Les had to do was ask me the question about helping myself & KABOOM! I disengaged each and every “problem” I have ever had, have, or will have. I also realized how I’m able to help others “dismantle” their problems (I don’t actually tell them what I’m doing, though). Pretty amazing stuff! Over a decade ago I had a hugely fantastic spiritual experience while receiving auditiing…. Les was able to help me rehabilitate that amazing experience. Now I have it in present time. Thanks! BP

Basic Communication Course
This communication course helped me be able to maintain good attitude even when a tone is given to me that I don’t like. I am in charge of my attitude. I don’t have to match a negative attitude. I can stay better than that and I can communicate in between lower toned conflict. JM

Auditing Program
Prior to coming here, I had major feelings of unhappiness and frustration for months. With only a few short hours of auditing with Anita, I was back to my old self. In what seemed like a major task ahead of me in repairing what was wrong, Anita made it effortless. I feel alive again! Not only did I have major wins in the auditing chair, I had major wins with other activities as well. The environment here makes auditing so very easy for me! i can go back to my own environment feeling confident again! ;-) KD

Integrity Program
This program was really eye opening for me. I mean–how have I been living my daily life when I lost myself so long ago? It is time to get back to the real me and live life like it was meant to be lived. Thank you, Anita, for all your help and guidance on my recent trip to Coeur d’Alene. I am ready to go back to normal life and use all the new things I have learned. I am excited to set goals and find myself some hobbies to start. Time to turn over a new leaf knowing the true me. DM

Auditor Training
I had a great time this week with Les and Anita. It was wonderful to train, and hone my auditing skills, from the very best of the best. My FIRST priority was my PC. Les and Anita were there in case I had any questions. Might I add, the case supervision was spot on. SL

Peaceful, quiet, stillness. These are the words I would use to describe my universe right now. It hasn’t been that way for quite some time. I am Clear. We’ve known this, but what wasn’t fully known what WHEN that occurred. The resurgence I’d expected to feel when we’d confirmed this state previously, came flooding in THIS TIME. All of the noise in my universe disappeared and I felt myself arrive in present time. It is an amazing feeling! I truly can’t say enough about the auditing I receive from Mary Freeman. I go into each session knowing with full certainty that she really cares and will help me get through whatever it is I’ve come to handle. Her mastery of the Tech is pure genius. Mary, you have my deepest admiration and gratitude. Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for helping me navigate my way to freedom. Love, CL

Auditing Program
Every trip up here gets better and better. Just catching up on my sleep was worth the trip. The sound business advice from Les has given me a new inspiration to go home and give ‘er hell! THEN throw in a couple of auditing sessions that have changed my way of looking at life forever. I’d say all in all it’s been our best vacation yet. Thanks again, Les and Anita. You guys are the bomb. FD

Get scheduled on our waiting list! The calendar is filling!


(I’m only sending this announcement to a few friends. I have been warned it might make some people NOT want to come. Hard to imagine, eh? haha I’m sending the success stories to everyone.)

At The Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene

Can’t wait till you come and join us!

We have added karaoke to our entertainment agenda. Email me if you are interested in this. (

Love, Anita (and Les, Frankie, Mary, and Linda)

PS: Thanks to the great Steve Lindzy, for setting up our Karaoke! Love you, Steve.

June 12th, 2011

Using these drills will help me for the rest of my life


I have gone through life not knowing how to put my intentions across to other people. Since I have taken the Communication Course I have learned how to put my thoughts across with intention from point A to point B. I learned how to get acknowledgements and answers to my questions. This sums up the first part of my Communication Course. I learned how to handle any possible upsets, confusions or problems that come up. All you want to do is get your point across using these drills. I see that these drills will help me in handling very difficult people in my family. I can also pick out people that are difficult to communicate with. Using these drills will help me for the rest of my life as I put them into practice. I am at present working on the second part of communication using body control–TRs 6 through 9. I am very excited and thankful for the Life Enhancement Center for introducing me to the communication drills that I can now use to improve my skills and my life. JF

June 12th, 2011

I think this course could benefit anyone

Communication Course


I recently completed the Communication Course with Franklin Freeman. At first the exercises seemed out of my comfort zone, but Franklin assured me that I would soon be able to practice my TRs with ease. This did, in fact, happen. Sooner than expected I was able to communicate more comfortably and clearly. I improved my communication skills and I had a fun time doing it. I think this course could benefit anyone. MO

March 9th, 2011

I learned how to confront issues and people


I was asked what I got out of the Communication Course. At first, not much, but as we progressed through each step, everything started to come together. I learned how to confront issues and people. You don’t realize when you can’t confront something until it is right there in your face. Knowing I can do this, I know there isn’t anything that can’t be solved. At first I had a hard time “being there.” I laughed a lot, and through the course I got better, and I think I will be a better listener for it. I also learned how to deliver a message without bobbing my head or raising my eyebrows. RH

March 9th, 2011

I saw great improvement in my communication skills


I saw great improvement in my communication skills, and look forward to growing more with that. I learned not to let individuals push my buttons, and how to act when they try. I learned how to look at someone and confront them when they are trying to communicate with me. I learned how not to get tied up in the drama or comments others try to bring in when communicating. I look forward to applying these skills in my family, my relationships and my profession. LR