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February 23rd, 2015

Life is Good! (from Idaho)

We got through the holidays! Yaay! We have been busy busy. Les is now
auditing NOTs. We are doing a lot of skype work, which is turning into a
win-win situation for many of our clients. We are doing all the usual Life
Repairs and moving those who want to go “up the bridge,” up the bridge. Our AO
is Frankie and Mary Freeman (class 8 trained by LRH) who live and work 7 miles
from our place.
Our group can deliver pretty much everything both sides of the bridge. About
the only thing we do not deliver is the Ls, so we send our Ls prospects to Trey
Lotz. He is so good….
For details, get in comm with us. Feel free to pass our emails and websites
along to anyone who may be interested.
Send new people to:
Send veteran ex-church members to: Not recommended for new
Les and I just got back from a Blues Cruise a few days ago.
This was the vacation of a lifetime! I’m now addicted to blues music! I want
to go back when I celebrate my 70th birthday, January of 2017. It will be Blues
Cruise #28. Who wants to join me?
Back to business: My personal tech delivery specialties are three items: The
“Integrity Program”–inspired by Mary who arranged the LRH ethics tech to be
a kick-ass “life re-boot.” It works well on skype. I love delivering the
“Body Detox” which is the Purification Rundown—”by the book”–Clear Body
Clear Mind–with some CS approved updates on the technology. I deliver Life
Repairs, Book One, False Data Stripping, et al, on skype. This is inexpensive
for the client and getting good reviews! I am planning to pilot running the
Comm Course on Skype.
Les audits and trains through OT1. We recommend Frankie and Mary for OT2-3.
Frankie and Mary, or Les, can audit your NOTs and get you onto Solo NOTs if that
is your choice. OR Frankie and Mary can get you onto the CBR Bridge—starting
with Excalibur, if that is your choice. OR you can choose to get onto the OLD
OT levels, starting with “old OT4.”
Our traveling auditor, Jim Gilberti, is planning a trip to NYC, Alabama and
Florida. Give a holler if you have questions regarding sending for Jim.
Here are some recent success stories.
False Data Stripping:
I feel lighter. It feels like looking at all those incidents on the FDS brought
stuff up, keyed in, and then sort of resolved some stuff on a level I am not
fully aware of. I was attributing my feeling better to the incidents themselves
but the FDSing brought up those incidents. So good stuff.
I woke up this morning laughing again……this seems to just happen since I’ve
been on Excalibur, more times than not. I think it has to do to having the body
wake up and I get a chance to see just how peculiar it is having a body and all
of the complexities that go along with it.Also, this morning I realized just how
many more attention units I now have available to create and enjoy life with.
Such a simple thing but so very important for me. It’s like I can look into any
area and know it and also create within it. More of me is available to play my
game.But, the thing which shocked me this morning was I realized I am not afraid
anymore. I have sufficient attention (and therefore potential ability) to reach
into life and not be bound-in or apprehensive because of spiritual and mental
straightjackets.Simple wins and cognitions but so, so real to me.I think that if
I could sum up Excalibur in one word it would be reality. Mind you,
communication and affinity…..and understanding are pretty close too. :-)
Everything is becoming so real and so understandable. And so simple.Cheers,P
Life Repair and Integrity Program:
Thankful! I came to Coeur d’Alene for life repair auditing. All I can say
is, “Thank you, Les!” While I was here I also did the Integrity Program.
This program helped me find my true self and also gave me understanding on why I
acted differently and not my true self in the past. I would like to thank Mary
Freeman for organizing this program–it is amazing! I have to thank Anita for
her caring and loving nature. Thank you Linda and Jim for helping me on the
Communication Course. It has been a wonderful time staying here and I can’t
wait to come back. Much love, NS
Grades from our intern:
G has been auditing me like crazy, all kinds of crazy stuff has came up. I just
had no idea!! Anyway, I am dealing with it all well, and I feel wonderful and
have more energy than I ever knew was possible. My abilities have improved so
much, and my job is just not a problem now. Things are unfolding very quickly
and are going exactly as they are supposed to. CA
Integrity Program:
I began creating challenging situations as my true self. On the first day, I
forced myself several times to do small things like discussing what to buy with
a sales person or even less challenging things. I did it and it wasn’t easy, but
once I did it, it lost its importance, value, weight and I don’t care much about
it, but if I hadn’t faced the challenge I would have been upset with myself.
One unexpected outcome was: once you do it one time, you start searching for
other challenging opportunities automatically and you find them. Then you feel
upset about finding them, because it is outside of your comfort zone, and you
want to put a stop to the process of finding new challenges, but you can’t put a
stop without compromising your self respect. At a certain point it became
automatic for my true self to do challenging things. Its like a new postulate
was just born, and the postulate is: “to challenge.” With time it becomes so
automatic and natural that you are not aware of it. Also, I noticed
communication becomes much more playful. And it is a pleasure to have an
awareness that I have to challenge. MR
Skype Session:
Here is a success I’d like to share regarding our first session: I have become
more aware of how I have been causing so many of my own problems on the subject
of money. At first when we decided to take this subject up, it felt serious. But
after 1 hour I felt much more relaxed and was even laughing at the subject! I’d
say that’s a win. RT
2nd Skype Session:
I am noticing I am moving with much more ease after our session. Perhaps its
because we lifted some rocks out of the backpack. I feel good and not in a
manufactured way as if I just read a positive quote. RT
Body Purification:
21 days of the Sauna Program is done! I’m so happy I had the guts to do this
as it really shows me that I can get done what I want to get done. I feel clean
and healthy. I know that those seemingly huge chemical hurdles are quite
manageable with help and a good program to revitalize one’s body. I’ve
recovered some of my lost abilities to guide my own life by detaching from the
“need” for any chemical boot straps. Anita’s care and competence allowed
me to just relax into the program without any distractions to the detoxing going
on. I have to say it’s heartening to know this program is available without
the organizational BS from which it came. Yay! Thanks, Anita and Les, for
doing this ;-) DD
I’m calm. The charges that ware there irritating me to no end have blown,
leaving me with the sense of no concern or consideration on any subject. That
allows me to think freely on all subjects.Thank you Franklin, the Life
Enhancement Center and the Tech for making this possible.Best.FC
I have just completed Excalibur and I must say that it is an amazing Level. I
had many wins throughout. I have such a higher level of awareness and most
importantly for me a higher level of beingness I had not experienced before,
Life changing to say the least. Thanks to Mary and Frankie and thanks to Ron and
Capt Bill. JLG
Book One on Skype:
I just had a wonderful Book 1 session with Anita. We ran out an incident from a
longterm emotional and physical abusive relationship I was in. Anita listened
and helped me through it and I felt safe enough to finally erase it. I feel very
relieved now. I feel that I have lost both physical and mental weight and that
I’m finally spiritual disconnected from the abuser. I can’t thank you
enough, Anita, for being such a wonderful auditor and for helping me let go of
the past and the pain. I’m ready for the future of possibilities! ARC,ZJ
Beginning Excalibur:
I’ve got lots to say about Excal, just been busy visiting and celebrating!
My life is now a continual cognition! I’ve been getting a different perspective
on responsibility and being causative and following thru but without effort.
That’s new. The way I look at things has changed so much it’s almost
unhavable. Lots of mass has blown, loads and loads. I can feel an area around
my body that has much less “stuff” in it. Also, there seems to be a phenomena
happening. It’s happened enough times to make me think it’s not a coincidence.
I go into session, handle something, come out and my husband tells me his cog on
the thing that I just handled. That’s pretty interesting. Also, all of a sudden
family is getting into more ARC with me and each other. One upset happened
between some of them last weekend, but where they would be fighting for months
or even years they handled it that same day. They apologized to each and said
they would talk about the issue later and wanted to hear what the other guy had
to say. This is NOT normal. Also, members of the family that weren’t happy
with me are friendly and happy. I didn’t DO anything. So you can see that there
have been some challenges and other things have been “miracles.” Both are
rewarding. This level has given me so many unexpected experiences and shifts of
reality I couldn’t hope to communicate them all. LOL! It’s easier just to say
it’s wonderful! Thanks to Frankie and Mary. I am forever grateful! Love, AD
Wishing you all a joyful 2015!
Anita and Les
September 22nd, 2010

Book One Success

Anita Warren

“The Life Improvement Center, nestled in the foothills just north of Spokane, Washington, is an active place of healing and training.  Healing of wounded spirits is the mission Anita and Les Warren have undertaken.  Wounded spirits like mine are less able to integrate and become all that they can be.  After a short visit I am well on my way to a freedom I have not felt in some time.  I am energized for the road ahead and grateful for having shared my burden with people who are trained to listen without judgement while allowing your spirit to break free.  Anita’s time with me was professional, empathetic and ultimately freeing for me.  I am so grateful for the peace of this place and the communal camaraderie with others who are in training here.  May the highest good be our goal.  I may return to learn how to help others myself.  Imitation would be the highest compliment I could pay to the team at the Life Improvement Center. DP
April 26th, 2010

First Book 1 session.

Elma, WA
Auditor: Ray Krenik


just came out of session with ray krenik as my auditor. it was cool. don’t know exactly what to say else on that. spotted engrams. went earlier similar to a win.

i thought it was funny that i was more upset for my parents not liking my artwork (artwork being a drawing on the wall using crayons) than i was with getting spanked for drawing on the wall. i was something like 12 to 16 months old at the time.

well, that’s all that i can think of to say on that. it was really cool.

thanks ray. thanks LRH.

arc, Albert

I’m interested in my case. I’ve never experienced the sensation of being interested in my case before. I definitely was never interested in my case when I was in the CoS. But now, I’ve just come out of session and am hopeful that the next 22 hours of my life go rather quickly so that I can get back into session and take care of more case. Thanks Ray.

Also, I wish to thank my C/S, Pat Freespirit, for making it so that I get to take care of a problem that has been bothering me for quite some time. Thanks much.

Cheers also to LRH.

ARC, Albert