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October 20th, 2011


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The next goal is to set up a Mission head quarters that can coordinate the stats and progress of the mission network.

Volunteers welcome!

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October 9th, 2010

Video Interviews with Independent Scientologists

This is a letter that I have received after publishing the video-interviews with Independent Scientologists, that I will sure continue making. I’d like to share it with you because there are few people mentioned here, that should get acknowledged too. Thank you, everybody who was giving the interviews!!!

Thank you, Maggie!

Tatiana Baklanova


Just a quick note to tell you how much I really appreciate the videos you do of the Independent Scientologists and I am sure many other people appreciate them also. They are so worthwhile and purposeful.

I am sure you know how important the videos are, but I just wanted to mention how wonderful they really are, – and they mean sooooo much to me. I am in the Freezone, though, there is only one other Freeone person near me – about an hour away. It is fantastic to watch your videos and see that other people feel the same about the Tech and what has happened to the Church.

The videos have been great to watch, and to see that there are some very very good Standard Tech Freezone terminals out there…., – amidst some of the off beat ones that unfortunately some of us have run into. Seeing the videos and the stable terminals throughout different locations, – it is very good to see them, get some reality on these terminals, – even if just to know they are there.

Geeeez, ….what a treat it is to see and listen to Franklin Freeman, what an uptone terrific person he is – I am so glad to know he is out there. What a doll Anita Warren is, her quotes from Ron etc. – just Fabulous!!! — AND ……haven’t we all felt like Phil Spickler and John Imburgia, – when each swelled with so much emotion regarding the loss of Ron and what all has happened to the Church. Seeing a glimpse of Pat Krenik and watching Trey Lotz speak just makes the whole world feel safer!!!!

Thank you so much for putting the videos on the internet so that we all can watch them, they are such a treat !!!!!

I also enjoy Johnathan Burke’s KSW Radio shows,- both of you are fantastic people and doing a great service.

Thanks so much,

Gosh, I also thought your video of Ken Urquhart was fantastic, he somehow along with a tremendous amount of data that he gave out, he also conveyed how important it is to seek out really good standard tech terminals and not settle for less than anything but true LRH standard tech when going up the bridge, no justifications for other, even if some get wins on other, – the reason why Rons standard tech is so important. I don’t know what he said that brought the importance of that across, but he did. His talk was very good …….. thanks for filming him for the rest of us to watch. Terrific!!

Thanks again…………….

October 5th, 2010

Phil Spickler – testimonial

May 13th, 2010

How to Create Successful Practice

A workshop by Rey R. Robles.
Presented at the Fifth Annual Freezone Convention in Reno, Nevada, August 2006.
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