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March 19th, 2016

1st Dynamic Ethics Program

​March 2016

This program is an absolute gem and a must for EVERYBODY on the bridge.

Coming into it I didn’t feel particularly “out-ethics” but thought I’d see what it’s all about and WOW, was I pleasantly surprised. I realized that the concept I had of “out-ethics” – some sort of “make wrong” – was not at all what it really is. This program is a vital hatting step on how to stably expand and maintain your own viewpoint and improve in all areas.

I could feel myself break away from the enemy viewpoint and for the first time operate from 100% true self (which was interesting, because I thought I was doing that all along;-)

Being more aware of the signs and characteristics of the enemy viewpoint has put me back at cause and able to take responsibility of things I would previously have not been able to confront.

The drills and exercises in the program are extremely useful and I feel with these alone any situation is just that much more manageable.

The sessions I have had since have been so rewarding and FUN! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much in session.

Thank you so much to Mary, who is a pleasure to work with, and to my mom for sponsoring part of my journey:-)

Much love

November 21st, 2014

Ethics Win

Nov. 20, 2014  Elma WA 98541

Success Story:

I just had a remarkable though simple win.  Over 40 years ago I became a business man with a bunch of crooks.  It was on the the pyramid type MLM Companies that gave other legitimate MLM companies a bad name.

I took a big loss on it and for all these years, over forty, I liked the concept of MLM but couldn’t do the work.

Pat Krenik gave me a short Ethics Program dealing with PTSness and SPs and just on going through the write up the whole chain blew.

I always thought it was me who was the problem.  Now, I am laughing because in the presence of suppression on makes mistakes.

I feel totally free of that and hae already started getting the sub-products that were there to be had all the time.

My major thought now is I can handle the PTSness of people in the industry–which means I can educate and help with a structured hatting program that will get real products relatively quickly, but more importantly consistently.

Thank you Ms. Pat

Love LRH tech.

Bruce Meyers, OK to Publish



July 28th, 2014


Everything is as it should be now….but it has not been so for quite some time. The change and relief that I have experienced on the Ethics and Integrity Program is nothing short of MIRACULOUS!

I came here a little less than 2 weeks ago feeling lost and under a mountain of bypassed charge. So tired of “going it alone” and trying to feel like myself again. And while professionally and with various hats in life I was succeeding and contributing, I knew that I was being a dim candle at best. Yes, I was using the fundamental tools of life that I have learned and acquired which was keeping the ship afloat but it was a far cry from where I truly wanted to be and where I knew I could be operating from. I was disoriented as an OT and did not feel like I was playing the games I was capable of, in any measure.

In fact, I had mocked up some games and terminals that were not commensurate with “me”, the true self me… and the physical universe was retaliating. My flows were stuck or convoluted, at times I was exhibiting poor judgement, lack of perception and all manner of things that were the antithesis of being myself and being OT.

In short, I was not happy and knew I needed to reach out for help, which I rarely do. The question was; Where does an OT, ex-SO being go, if they want to continue on the Bridge to Freedom? When I left the SO, after many intense years of spiritual warfare with Church leadership, the pathway dropped from under me….or so I thought. The truth is that my intention and reach for higher awareness and freedom to live a productive and extraordinary life marched me right out of the group that is clearly on a succumb, and has now opened the door to for me to continue on the road to truth and freedom. I just had to be able to see it for what it was.

The Ethics Program has set me again on the right path, I am myself again and realize that my navigation system is now working. I have had tremendous gains on this program so far, and still going. My universe has shifted so dramatically and I am enjoying experiencing my life again from a much higher-toned band. Things look a lot different, and in fact wonderful. I look forward to continuing the program and getting onto my next step on this path – to continue to enhance my spiritual awareness and reach new levels of freedom and ability.

Thanks so much Mary and Frankie. I am so immensely grateful for you both and what you are doing to bring sanity to the game.

With Love, GL

November 14th, 2013

Some recent success stories

OT II Completion 10/13
During OT II I found that I have more space, a bigger universe, and my confront has increased. I am able to see the Why in situations among people around me and bring about some understanding and order. I have a greater reality on the Whole Track and other beings, and I am more aware of my immortality. JG
Solo Course Part 1 10/10/13
I feel this course put me on the track to really helping others by getting for the first time the theory and practical of auditing. I learned the “why” of several points and feel I can apply them in life as well as in session. My big win is having more knowledge to help people in my life–with more certainty than ever before. I know the ability will continue to increase the more training I receive and the more OT I become. This is fascinating material. I continue to marvel at the discoveries and documentation of LRH, and the thoroughness of his work. I appreciated particularly, aside from the materials, having a course supervisor who has great knowledge, skill, and successes in auditing, as his insight helped my progress immensely. SB
Integrity Program on Skype 10/13
I have my own business. It’s growing. My stats are up.Then I hit a wall. I wasn’t excited by my life anymore. I felt trapped by my business. I felt trapped in my relationship. My drive to succeed had all but disappeared. I started avoiding doing things that needed to be done. At times I would even drink to escape.
Then I found Anita. Or rather, she found me.Anita used great ARC and high intention to get me in session. From there, I blew a tremendous amount of charge I’d been carrying around for years regarding my profession. I started to realize my self worth. I confronted my fears. I salvaged my relationship.
It’s only been a few short weeks since we started working together, and I am flying! My relationship is great, my business is soaring, my drive to succeed is back. My confront is high. These simple tools work miracles!!! Call her and get started TODAY! SF
Client from another continent currently here going up the Grades:
Drug RD:
I realized that drugs could have put me into a really bad state and the suffering it would have caused my family and friends, especially, would have been heartbreaking.
Cogniting on so many things, I realized that I have been at my worse, but I am getting better. I know I am the cause of postulates, ethics, ARC, cycles or action, granting beingness, doingness and all other cool stuff! I am also thinking clearer and feeling lighter which is something I’ve been endeavoring for a while!
Grade 0 cognitions:
•I caused the good and not good via my postulates.
•I can postulate not to use my reactive mind.
•Communication resolves everything.
•I love my dynamics.
•Creating is joyful.
•I can communicate to anyone about anything.
Grade 1 Cognitions:
I can create for my dynamics now. Help speeds up resolving problems.Resolving problems is fun.I can resolve problems. KN
Ethics (Integrity) Program Wins 10/13
I have been “sitting” in an amazing win for quite some time and then I realized this week that it was not a win that was going to go away. Unlike a release for some short period of time until the needle gets dirty again, I have made real changes in the Ethics Program with Mary. First of all, I had never done conditions before. I never worked in a business that used LRH tech and only when I got onto OT VII in the corporate C of S did I get assigned Liability every six months in order to extract a donation. As I told my MAA after a few of these episodes, I was Catholic in an early life and the ‘paying for my sins’ didn’t work then and it won’t work now. That only served as an annoyance to the S.O. staff as they needed other mechanisms to get cash from me. In the times when I did get out of liability (an absurd thought at this point given how conditions are applied) it never occurred to me to continue up the conditions. Help in the MAA’s office was finished when the check was written.To be able to work with Mary, who understands the real life practical application of LRH tech to improve conditions, was a pure joy. I must admit that I was a bit nervous going into it thinking that I might not have the right answers and that I might not be able to FIND them and that I might not be perfect enough, that I’m not clever enough….. (This has been one of my life-long ruins.) That fear was quickly handled as Mary has a grasp on the tech and was able to bring it alive to me with great examples and exercises to get me to look in the right places. So, what has changed? I can easily recognize the “enemy within” that has haunted me this lifetime. I completed the guts of the program when I was in quite an idyllic situation so, while it seemed very real, I didn’t know how it would work when I was back to my everyday life. Well, that apprehension must have been written all over me because in fact I was “tested” and fortunately, Mary had given me the tools to take back the COO position. I have found out who is boss – ME! I am in control and it is effortless. I have had minor setbacks on one of my programs and they just roll off my back. In the past I would have succumbed and been back on the roller coaster. Now I am confidently running the show and not feeling effect. I know the decisions I am making for myself are correct because they are mine and they are for ME. If the route is still a little zig-zag at times, I can self-correct and get on the path with no drama, no self-loathing, no self-criticism, and I have to say that this feels great. I have been handling work situations much more directly and honestly and I have enjoyed my responsibilities more as a result of that. I look at the future with more excitement and promise than I have in as long as I can remember. Thank you, Mary, for your tremendous ARC, your knowledge of the tech, and your excellent guidance through this program. I would highly recommend this program to my friends. Love, J
Love, Anita for non-Scientologists for ex church members
September 20th, 2013

Wins from Idaho!!


Comm Course
Taking the Communication Course has made me realize I need to listen with care, truly understand what person is trying to communicate, and acknowledge the person without worrying if they’ll like me or not. The course will help me in my professional life, where I deal with a variety of people in short units of time, by establishing a communication line and, with TR0 in, have a meaningful conversation. The course will also help me with my personal life in that I can react rationally and calmly to something upsetting instead of becoming angry and out of control. Thank you all, especially Jim, my course supervisor, who believed in me, encouraged me, and was patient with me throughout the course. I am very grateful to Scientology for what it will do for my future. Sincerely, LT
Ethics Program
On the ethics program with Mary I had many cognitions about life and ethics.

This program gave me back the ability to HANDLE and ENJOY using ethics
on all four flows. With the theta-ful guidance of Mary it was just magic. I wish that all
beings could have this joyful experience. Thank you very much, Mary! Much love, EH

Repair Auditing
I have just returned from a visit to Les and Anita Warren’s. It sounds a little dramatic but it actually feels like it was a life saver. I had totally given up on the possibility of going up the Bridge this life time in the Corporate Church of Scientology. I had decided I would just read and study LRH and try again next time around. It was so wonderful to find that Scientology still exists on the planet and that it is being done the way I always felt it should be done, with total affinity and concern for the wellbeing of the pc. The desire and intention is for people to go free! When I arrived I was sitting in the middle of a very real, messy family problem. It isn’t totally resolved, but we have a plan and I personally am in much better shape to handle it. But more importantly I came away refreshed as a being, reminded of what the tech can really do. I’m happy at the prospect of continuing up both sides of the Bridge. I re-cognited on how important it is for each of us to get up the Bridge because all of the plans on other dynamics depend upon freed beings. The idea of self-denial in order to focus on the third and fourth dynamic is false. The more free thetans there are the better! I also began to really look at how important it is to pass this tech along to others. There is no huge organization doing that for us now. The tech is basically dead there. We want to make sure there is a vibrant new bunch of Scientologists coming after us that will keep it going. We are forming a group in our area with that as one of its goals. Thank you so much Les and Anita. We’ll be seeing lots more of you!!! Love, NC
See our websites: for Independent Scientologists
December 6th, 2012

Success Story

I’ve had broncospasms in the upper right side of my chest for decades. Even when I felt completely well, there was always a tightness in that portion of my right lung and I found it difficult to breathe at times. Recently, however, while working with Mary on the Integrity Program, I felt this sensation go away and I suddenly found that my breathing had become effortless! Not something I would have expected on this action, but I’ll take it. I continue to be amazed at the power of the Tech LRH left us and Mary’s brilliant application of it.


December 6th, 2012

Ethics on the body

Success Story

I just want to say I love ethics.  Understanding how ethics really apply to playing a game is awesome.

I have been on so many diets in my life and I would lose weight and gain it all back and more. It got so bad that it has  not only affected my 2d negatively but started to have an effect on my health as well. I did not want to participate in any physical activities, or be in the front lines of business.

Having done the ethics pgm on the body was one of the most difficult actions to confront this life. But the most rewarding action ever.  I now know why I could never succeed in running the body optimally. I never was fully there for the body, I abandoned it and having done that I now have the damage of my own doing.  This journey has taught me one major lesson. If you abandon any dynamic or object or lambda in your space, and not give it ARC and KRC, it backfires and succumb.

I have newly discovered my body and not only does my body feel energetic and alive for the first time in many years but I enjoy it and I feel like a 20 year old. It is still a long journey to make up the damage I did to it but luckily we are now buddies and we have a solid, stable bond , and we have the right viewpoint to start a clean slate for the first time to create a new future.

Thank you Mary for helping me rediscover my relationship with my body. We both are very grateful and will send you the before and after. Haha. You have helped me save my body, to live a long life harmoniously.

With great appreciation


July 27th, 2012

Not an iota of evil

Auditor: Candy Swanson


Briefly, I came into a new state of awareness and beingness that is incredibly fulfilling and full of potential across particularly 2D thru 4D. I’ll email this to you and add anything further that may give detail to the wonderful things of the mind I can’t presently put into words. I just want to enjoy the experience for now. Thank you for helping me attain this. It seemingly just jumped in, powerfully, laser-like, out of nowhere.

But of course we know it wasn’t from nowhere, but from your CSed and applied auditing/ethics tech—your knowledge of what you do.

Thank you, Candy. Thank you very much.

You’ve already received the text from my iphone above. In addition, I want to share that for the first time in my life I KNEW complete GOODNESS. Not an iota of evil. That’s what prompted me to say to you, “How wonderful this would be if all of mankind could experience this.”

What triggered this sudden change in awareness was the validation of a dream, a wish, a prayer I had as a young boy, about 9 or so. I had read something in the bible pertaining to the value of wisdom, and I said to the God I hoped was listening that, far more than riches, I wished for wisdom. The wisdom to truly help others.

To provide good counsel, to enlighten, and in so doing to uplift the spirit and better conditions of life. It was a deep desire and a postulated purpose, which has never changed and is part of the my fabric of my soul. I have languished for it’s lack if fulfillment. Failed purpose. I think what happened was that my purpose was to some degree renewed and rehabilitated. And it blew me away in the most wonderful way. It touched my core.

A byproduct of what occurred was to experience a higher level of aesthetics that did not involve the physical emotions. What a mind-blowing experience. To find that there is a higher, mental, spiritual level of appreciation. It was very highly intellectual. It seemed like appreciation through an ETHICS band or harmonic. Like experiencing infinity in some indescribable way. Analogous to hearing the finest classical music composition, but with the appreciation occurring intellectually as opposed to a physical emotional sensation. It’s difficult to fully describe.

Previously I have experienced a kind of blown -away bliss, where you can’t even think; don’t want to think. This was different. This was bliss with presence and the ability and desire to think and observe. It was almost Godlike. A oneness with mankind. No alienation, no fear, no apprehension about the future of mankind.

I think the best thing about it was NOT being blown out of the ability to think and comprehend. It felt more ABLE. My emotions did not run away with me, yet I was completely awed in some highly intellectual way, which is more satisfying than physical emotion. And I desired so very, very much to be able to communicate with others on the same level. I still carry that feeling. I want to communicate with others, entire groups, who operate on that level. It is an entirely separate state of beingness which is real. That was not a valence. That was ME! And it was no longer mysterious. Natural, positive, and considerably more aware.


July 25th, 2012

some success stories from this past week –

The Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene
in beautiful Hayden Lake, Idaho.

Here is a picture taken a few steps from the front door.

We have been busier and busier lately–more and more people and more and more fun. Our motto “It’s just another sh**ty day in paradise!” LOL

This is a busy, happy, safe place.


Here are some success stories from this past week:

Integrity Program
What I have gotten from this Integrity Program is learning who I really am and who my real enemy is. this allows me to really see and understand how my viewpoint from which I have been conducting my life has created a lot of bad effects. I have attained the knowledge and the power to change the viewpoint to make life more successful and be more at cause. Thank you, Les. JG

Basic Communication Course
I started the Communication Course to learn more about the Life Enhancement Center and Dianetics, and because I always like to learn. Learning about communication can only help in all areas of life. I wasn’t sure what it was all about and there were some surprises and frustrations. But….. I did it! We did it! I have learned a lot, enjoyed interacting with some great people, and I’ve been able to communicate about the course process and I’ve been acknowledged. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Communication Course and beyond! Thank you! LS

Body Detox Success
Before the program I was having trouble focusing in school and in life. I had experimented with a variety of different drugs over the past 4 years (since I did this program the first time), and felt cloudy and out-of-focus even after I stopped. Doing the sauna program again helped me regain that focus, and figure out why I did drugs in the first place! I even went in thinking I’d continue to smoke cigarettes and realized it was just silly to continue smoking as well. Now I’m three days without smoking a cigarette and I haven’t even had a craving for one. I can sit outside with smokers and not be tempted. The negative energy on drugs had simply blown away during the program. I’m very grateful to Les and Anita for having the Body Detox available! It’s wonderful!
;-) I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere. As well as cleaning up my body and improving my senses, it put me back on track as a writer and artist. I feel all blocks on my creative talent have been lifted. I’m 100% ready to kick ass in school and work! Bring it on! ;-) RS

Grade 1 Problems Release
All Les had to do was ask me the question about helping myself & KABOOM! I disengaged each and every “problem” I have ever had, have, or will have. I also realized how I’m able to help others “dismantle” their problems (I don’t actually tell them what I’m doing, though). Pretty amazing stuff! Over a decade ago I had a hugely fantastic spiritual experience while receiving auditiing…. Les was able to help me rehabilitate that amazing experience. Now I have it in present time. Thanks! BP

Basic Communication Course
This communication course helped me be able to maintain good attitude even when a tone is given to me that I don’t like. I am in charge of my attitude. I don’t have to match a negative attitude. I can stay better than that and I can communicate in between lower toned conflict. JM

Auditing Program
Prior to coming here, I had major feelings of unhappiness and frustration for months. With only a few short hours of auditing with Anita, I was back to my old self. In what seemed like a major task ahead of me in repairing what was wrong, Anita made it effortless. I feel alive again! Not only did I have major wins in the auditing chair, I had major wins with other activities as well. The environment here makes auditing so very easy for me! i can go back to my own environment feeling confident again! ;-) KD

Integrity Program
This program was really eye opening for me. I mean–how have I been living my daily life when I lost myself so long ago? It is time to get back to the real me and live life like it was meant to be lived. Thank you, Anita, for all your help and guidance on my recent trip to Coeur d’Alene. I am ready to go back to normal life and use all the new things I have learned. I am excited to set goals and find myself some hobbies to start. Time to turn over a new leaf knowing the true me. DM

Auditor Training
I had a great time this week with Les and Anita. It was wonderful to train, and hone my auditing skills, from the very best of the best. My FIRST priority was my PC. Les and Anita were there in case I had any questions. Might I add, the case supervision was spot on. SL

Peaceful, quiet, stillness. These are the words I would use to describe my universe right now. It hasn’t been that way for quite some time. I am Clear. We’ve known this, but what wasn’t fully known what WHEN that occurred. The resurgence I’d expected to feel when we’d confirmed this state previously, came flooding in THIS TIME. All of the noise in my universe disappeared and I felt myself arrive in present time. It is an amazing feeling! I truly can’t say enough about the auditing I receive from Mary Freeman. I go into each session knowing with full certainty that she really cares and will help me get through whatever it is I’ve come to handle. Her mastery of the Tech is pure genius. Mary, you have my deepest admiration and gratitude. Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for helping me navigate my way to freedom. Love, CL

Auditing Program
Every trip up here gets better and better. Just catching up on my sleep was worth the trip. The sound business advice from Les has given me a new inspiration to go home and give ‘er hell! THEN throw in a couple of auditing sessions that have changed my way of looking at life forever. I’d say all in all it’s been our best vacation yet. Thanks again, Les and Anita. You guys are the bomb. FD

Get scheduled on our waiting list! The calendar is filling!


(I’m only sending this announcement to a few friends. I have been warned it might make some people NOT want to come. Hard to imagine, eh? haha I’m sending the success stories to everyone.)

At The Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d’Alene

Can’t wait till you come and join us!

We have added karaoke to our entertainment agenda. Email me if you are interested in this. (

Love, Anita (and Les, Frankie, Mary, and Linda)

PS: Thanks to the great Steve Lindzy, for setting up our Karaoke! Love you, Steve.

February 8th, 2012

Integrity Program Success Story

Dear Friends,

Below, please enjoy a very well articulated success story from (what we call) Mary’s Ethics Program. Personally, every time I deliver this program to a client, I marvel at the brilliance of it. It is all “LRH ethics tech,” organized in such a fashion so as to maximize the client’s ability to look in all the right places, therefore terminatedly handling the “first dynamic ethics case.” If you want to deliver this program, there are a couple of pre-requisites. Feel free to ask me.

ML, Anita


Integrity Program Success Story


I have just completed the TREASON FORMULA. I now have the correct viewpoint on how to live my dynamics with the highest regard to MY OWN TRUTH and MY OWN SELF-TRUST. Yahoo!!!! I have been “clueless” all my life. Every instance where I had tried to use this formula on myself by my own self-determinism or by “force from the church,” I always felt so confused and felt I never really got the results I was looking for. I realized that part of the reason why that was, is simply not understanding the question: FIND OUT THAT YOU ARE. Adding to the confusion was not having the correct definition of the word THAT. Phew!!! Understanding the question and having the correct definition of THAT would have been enough now to do the formula. Not exactly!! I first had to confront all the times I betrayed trust in myself and others, because TREASON occurs when one has betrayed trust. So, I scanned all the times “I gave up my power to someone else, I compromised my own truth, I didn’t stand up for myself, I didn’t set up boundaries for myself, I allowed someone to invalidate me, I didn’t say NO, I became reasonable and allowed the other person to get away with an overt, I became a sympathetic enabler rather than an empathetic effective guide, etc…. You get the picture. I appreciated doing this exercise as it allowed me to confront all those incidents of betrayal and how easily I have given away my power. It was obvious, too, that I saw a character trait that was predominant in these incidents and how I had used it as a Service Facsimile to some degree and form. I realized how I had been irresponsible, careless, and had no accountability for myself. What a revelation that was for me! In answering the above question: FIND OUT THAT YOU ARE, I newly declare that I am the SPIRIT BEING of T(me)!!!! Just as the analogy of being the CEO of T(me). I am on POST and wearing my HAT as the Executive Director of an Organization, so to speak. What is most important is that I arrive every single moment of my existence, wearing my hat and doing my job. This “hat” has important duties and responsibilities in caring for, organizing the needs of, utilizing the assets and abilities of, and forwarding the goals and achieving optimum survival along the dynamics of T(me). This is very clear to me!! This newly found viewpoint has reclaimed my power! I am more aware, conscious, and present now about my KRC and I have increased my ARC for myself. I am no longer clueless, but certain THAT I am. I newly declare I am HERE and here to STAY!!! Thank you to LRH, to whom I am eternally grateful for this tech, and to Mary Freeman who has been a fantastic coach guiding me and shining the light for me for as long as “I GET IT.”