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August 13th, 2012

Intro session for Dianetics

Story from session 8/5/12:

We ran through an incident involving a feeling of drowning wherein i was a young servant aboard a british naval ship. In a fierce battle with the Napoleonic fleet my ship was destroyed and began to sink. Knowing how to swim i managed to escape the wreckage only to be pulled down beneath the surface by an older sailor from the same ship. I tried to fight the pull watching my ship come apart into 2 pieces. Right as i began to drown a sailor whom i was friends with, a young man, pulled me on to his raft. This man now in encapsulated into my current boss xxxxxxxxxxx. He rowed us to shore as the battle raged on with canon balls hurling through the air . we managed to reach a nearby jetty and followed it to shore. We camped out and survived for the night on the beach. When i awoke a french commandant had his pistol pointed towards me, only to then spare me and take me to the french encampment on the island. Wounded from the battle, other soldiers carried me with them. Later that night the commandant saved me from a gang of soldiers. He took me under his wing and I served him for years to come. I never found out what happened to the soldier who saved me.

Because the incident, I grew a hatred for those weak who pull me down but a respect and appreciation for those successful who showed strength. The process gave me great insight into my past decisions and why in part i am the way i am. I saw how traces which paralleled my own life and correlated my past life experiences to now.
The experience had an emotion release which i felt incredibly through my arms to my forehead when i realized the camaraderie of my close friend.


July 27th, 2012

Not an iota of evil

Auditor: Candy Swanson


Briefly, I came into a new state of awareness and beingness that is incredibly fulfilling and full of potential across particularly 2D thru 4D. I’ll email this to you and add anything further that may give detail to the wonderful things of the mind I can’t presently put into words. I just want to enjoy the experience for now. Thank you for helping me attain this. It seemingly just jumped in, powerfully, laser-like, out of nowhere.

But of course we know it wasn’t from nowhere, but from your CSed and applied auditing/ethics tech—your knowledge of what you do.

Thank you, Candy. Thank you very much.

You’ve already received the text from my iphone above. In addition, I want to share that for the first time in my life I KNEW complete GOODNESS. Not an iota of evil. That’s what prompted me to say to you, “How wonderful this would be if all of mankind could experience this.”

What triggered this sudden change in awareness was the validation of a dream, a wish, a prayer I had as a young boy, about 9 or so. I had read something in the bible pertaining to the value of wisdom, and I said to the God I hoped was listening that, far more than riches, I wished for wisdom. The wisdom to truly help others.

To provide good counsel, to enlighten, and in so doing to uplift the spirit and better conditions of life. It was a deep desire and a postulated purpose, which has never changed and is part of the my fabric of my soul. I have languished for it’s lack if fulfillment. Failed purpose. I think what happened was that my purpose was to some degree renewed and rehabilitated. And it blew me away in the most wonderful way. It touched my core.

A byproduct of what occurred was to experience a higher level of aesthetics that did not involve the physical emotions. What a mind-blowing experience. To find that there is a higher, mental, spiritual level of appreciation. It was very highly intellectual. It seemed like appreciation through an ETHICS band or harmonic. Like experiencing infinity in some indescribable way. Analogous to hearing the finest classical music composition, but with the appreciation occurring intellectually as opposed to a physical emotional sensation. It’s difficult to fully describe.

Previously I have experienced a kind of blown -away bliss, where you can’t even think; don’t want to think. This was different. This was bliss with presence and the ability and desire to think and observe. It was almost Godlike. A oneness with mankind. No alienation, no fear, no apprehension about the future of mankind.

I think the best thing about it was NOT being blown out of the ability to think and comprehend. It felt more ABLE. My emotions did not run away with me, yet I was completely awed in some highly intellectual way, which is more satisfying than physical emotion. And I desired so very, very much to be able to communicate with others on the same level. I still carry that feeling. I want to communicate with others, entire groups, who operate on that level. It is an entirely separate state of beingness which is real. That was not a valence. That was ME! And it was no longer mysterious. Natural, positive, and considerably more aware.


March 17th, 2012

recent auditing wins, 3 to 6 hour long sessions a day

16 March 2012
Hi Candy, here is my success story:

What a wonderful series of sessions this has been.  Now I know what is meant by Class VIII.
Candy was right there with me the whole time, handling things totally based upon PC interest.
And talk  about smooth…without a hint of evaluation or attitude.  One thing I found really refreshing, is Candy told me up front that we were working together as a team….this combined with
flawless metering and technique, helped me to look deeper into my case than I recall ever doing before.
My personal tolerance of others has increased a lot, where before I would ridge….
I see my own tone levels at work more easily as well being to much more easily see certain other beings as separate from their case.

Thank you much to my superb auditor, Candy Swanson!

January 26th, 2012

Ethics and Admin Pgm Success

Major bliss-out win during 30-min session 1/25/12 after looking at flow “others”  on Purposes section.  Felt as though energy was effervescing out of my brain/head and that the feeling was beyond what I could have imagined of a conception of heaven.  Was the biggest win of all my auditing and I almost could not limit the insights pouring from my higher awareness.  It was utterly awesomely amazing and wonderful.  Keep getting this intuition that there are others, unknown and unseen to me who are allied as higher beings attempting to better and protect mankind and planet Earth and beyond, and that I might at some point be able to contribute to that PURPOSE.  I hope so.  That the tech seems so ordinary, simple, innocuous and yet produces such astounding results boggles my mind.  I yearn for more and more actual understanding and ability.  To simply enjoy the wins, though wonderful, does not empower me with the knowledge and ability to produce the results, the effects which I am the beneficiary of.  My purpose is to be able to produce similar results and effects and achieve purposes of the same order of magnitude, contributing to the goal of a better more enlightened existence for the benefit of all that is and can be.  Peaceful, enlightened, happy co-existence would be a great basic target for all sentient beings.  Thank you Candy and all who contribute to this positive good.  May we all come to know each other better.  Joy in association (comradeship) and positive achievement and in simply being seems to be another yearning which comes to the fore of my wishes and postulates as I write this.
With love to all my fellow venturers,

December 21st, 2011

Completion of Life Repair

auditor: Candy Swanson Class VIII
Ethics Handling successes

I am just able to verbalize: I love family, all, but they bore me.  Lack of common AGREEMENT, that’s all.  Was down somewhere in hidden resentment I think.  That insight worked its way through suddenly, and I feel better.  Much.  Feel better towards them all.

Was always feeling guilt and worry.  Now in better perspective.  Better handle. Sense of actual LEARNING, which I crave strongly on any “problem” I can’t solve.

Also realized that I don’t like CHAOS, external/environment, or internal (the Mind).  In fact external translates to INTERNAL.  Wow!  These things popping into my mind.  I like that!  Cognitions produce a joy of the MIND.

Looking at:

a) when don’t AGREE (Reality), feel alienated from (minus Affinity).  My tone level drops.  Condition relative to that person drops.  Danger?

b) I wonder:  Can I overcome that “unknowing”?  That doubt about self, others, relationship?  About that boredom?  I think it’s possible.  Understanding the SOURCE of the problem and consequent feelings, the chaos due to drop in UNDERSTANDING, seems to de-stimulate guilt.  Can look, rationally, for solution, which may be (first step) accept things that ARE in common.  Others maybe handle-able gradiently.  Maybe not.  But resentment is gone and I can love for who and what others are, the lovable parts.  Still looking, digesting.

Tone relates to feelings (for me).  Condition relates to what? Survival of a relationship: self (beingness?), with others (relationship? (beingness of a relationship?), with goals, things.  Need to better understand “condition”. But think I’m on the right track.

Re conditions:  in session you helped me realize, first time, that my condition is RELATIVE TO something or someone ELSE.  Still digesting that.  Still sinking in.

Thank you.

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November 24th, 2011

First Big Win on Expanded Life Repair

Audited by Candy Swanson, Class VIII

Finished the life repair process at about 1 p.m. today, Nov.22, 2011.  Part of the large win involved the clearing of foundation words and gaining new insights into their meanings.  After taking a break I realized that the size of the win was on a scale with that of going Clear many years ago.

The wonderful thing to me about your style of processing is that it truly seems a team approach.  Secondly, is that I am aware that you understand my words, my feelings, the thoughts I express, as fully as anyone ever has, probably more so.  It is wonderful to have a true communication “terminal”, something I have not had for a couple of decades.  I find the auditing process much cleaner than any past auditing, and I must say more thorough.

I don’t feel a gushy form of gratitude, just a very present ungiddy gratitude for what you are in the midst of doing to help me gain more understanding of who and where I am and also a sense of genuine hope that there is more to come based on the progress thus far.  I think I am far more realistic than when I was audited many years ago.  I know that I am far more trusting of the integrity of the person in charge of my case, i.e., you.  I totally lost trust in the delivery organization from which I obtained my earlier auditing.  I have always admired the tech, but my experience with the delivering organization left me, sadly, with much distrust of its overall integrity.  I look forward to further progress, but for now I simply wish to continue enjoying this win.

Thank you for helping me make progress.  Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for being an ally.  Thank you for giving me hope for improvement and growth, as a being.



August 11th, 2011

Permanent mental gain

Auditor: Candy Swanson

I have been receiving a battery of sessions from Candy with good results. It was coming to the point where I was having trouble finding more things to run Candy ran a session on me which dealt with this exact situation. This session went quite well and at the end of the session I find that my mind was very quite and still. In a nutshell, there was no ”background noise” going on in my mind.

I have had this phenemona occur before in sessions but the background noise always returned a day or two later when I was subjected to the normal give and take of life.

On this last occasion, after about 4 days, the quietness in my mind was holding up. Now its been a week and a half and my mind is still calm and silent and no background noise ever occurs. I realized a few days ago that I had reached a new plateau or stable point and that this mental quitness appears to be permanent! It is very nice to have one’s mind calm, quite and stable at all times under all situations.

Thank you very much Candy for the group of sessions you gave me and particularly the last session which brought about this permanent mental gain for me.

Gary Hart

May 5th, 2011

Email Success Story to Candy Swanson

Absolutely Incredible!!! What a wonderful result! In just one weekend
of auditing, look what M. has achieved! Well Done, Very well done!

The session which you and I had last Saturday has also caused permanent
change in me as well. I will read something on ESMB and expect a
certain negative reaction to occur but instead of the expected
occurring, there is simply quietness. A huge piece of my reactive bank
is no longer in existence.
I told something of that order to L. yesterday and she responded by revealing
that she wanted to continue with you on her PCA read out.
With wins such as M’s and mine under your belt, financial success and
3rd dynamic and 4th dynamic success can not help but be on the immediate horizon!

May 4th, 2011

Follow up Email

Hi Candy,

How are you?
I am doing great! Definitely a whole new level. I am still getting used to it and can’t totally describe things.
There is a stable higher tone condition and I am able to pull out of any upset very quickly and think logically.
Also it seems my postulates work better. I was also able to quickly improve my relationships with —  and parents.
I gained some kind of calmness and understanding toward others that I never had.  That is really awesome!
I also see things better and enjoy simple things more, like music, art or just scenery or walking.
Additionally, I am able to calmly talk about Scientology with strangers now with great results.
Possibly found you another PC today, maybe several. I was discussing Scientology and my auditing with a group of 5 people this morning.
Thanks again very much for your excellent auditing!

Best regards,


May 4th, 2011

Candy Swanson Class VIII Auditor – Review Success


An incredible feeling!  I just had a Clear Cognition and I am a Clear!


I suddenly had lots and lots of space and felt very calm although I was very surprised to feel how much charge I had – and blew – on this Clear cognition.  But that resulted in lots of space and also certainty about many things including LRH, Scientology and the future.

Can’t thank Candy enough.  No words can describe my appreciation both toward Candy as my auditor and toward LRH!