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January 16th, 2012

Success Story about Ian Waxler as C/S
I was on the Class 6 internship at AOLA in 1978. I was also working in the evening as an auditor in a Mission in Los Angeles.
I had a new PC we were running on a Life Repair program at the Mission. The C/S program was not going well. We just could not get her to win, in spite of the fact that she was trying really hard. The life repair program was just not biting. We tried different processes at the Mission but I felt we were slogging along on this PC, and I worried I was not getting any real wins from her.
Ian was around the internship and would help out with us trainees. He was really well versed in technical knowledge so I spoke to him about this PC and the fact that the processes were not biting on her.
Ian sat with me for probably over an hour and acted as a Qual terminal, going over what we were running and looking for reasons we were not getting the expected results. Ian spotted that we were running processes the PC could not really do. We were, in fact, auditing her above her level, and thus nothing we ran was biting into her case.
Ian spent several hours working with me, on his own time, and we came up with a program to undercut what we were doing. Ian gave me references where I started to understand that the PC had to be auditing at her level, or the auditing would not bite. We prepared a new program to undercut the processes we had been running, and the Mission C/S approved.
The PC immediately began to win. It was wonderful to see the processes biting, the PC cogniting and having wins. Once we were able to get her moving we were able to run the earlier C/Ses that had not been biting, and they were now biting well. I finished her Life Repair and the PC was satisfied and had very good wins on the program.
Ian did this to help me on his own time, because he was interested in the PC and interested in helping me be a better auditor. Even though this was many years ago, I have never forgotten the care and professionalism he put into his job. He exemplified a C/S and auditor who really cared about the PC in front of him.
Tom Price
Class VI Auditor