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October 25th, 2010

Review auditing in Sacramento from John Nunez

October, 2010

Auditor: John Nunez

I bought an intensive about 3 years ago from the church of $$ AOLA to handle a ruin that I have been carrying around for years. I was amazed at how much legal paperwork I had to sign to get in session. About 10 more than the usual. Truly nuts. Then I was ORDERED to be on the new “Basics” in the courseroom between sessions. I told this long time staff member and personal friend over the years who had really changed valences that I was in Qual at Sac Org sorting out a study problem, that made no difference to Gary he said if I didn’t get on course I will be immediately sent to ethics. I said have at it brother I aen’t goin on course. I then got in session amazingly enough after hours of waiting and was treated to watching my auditor stare at the meter waiting for it to F/N. There goes my ruds. I queried him and he said that’s the way we do it now regarding F/N’s. And the same happened at exam I watched the examiner stare at the meter until it F/Ned which it never did. The auditors and pc’s that have bought into this bullshit are truly robots and or PTS.
I am an OT4 and am need of a review. I found this auditor in the FREEZONE who lives only miles away from me named John Nunez who my friend and first auditor Dan Koon referred me to as a new person outside the church I could get to know who was a Scientologist . I called John and met with him and he said he could give me a review. This was very exciting and very affordable. Prices that are fair for everyone and the way Ron intended I am quite sure. If the prices in the FREEZONE were being used in the orgs they would be bursting at the seams.

Anyway I went to his home a bit apprehensive. Met his cocker spaniel dog Charlie and his orange tabby cat Jack and then we went into session. No insane paperwork, no waiting, and not being ordered to course was just like the good ole days in the church. John’s auditing room was crispy clean with a big beautiful flag trained class 6 cert on his wall. The PC’s chair was to die for. I could live in it.
We got started. John’s TR’s were impeccable. He is also a Solo Nots auditor. The randomity of how john handled and controlled the session was likened to the best piece of cheesecake you have ever bitten into. It was the emotion of seeing the finest artist at work that I was in awe of. I have been with the very best auditors on the planet and this guy is in those ranks.
I handled my life ruin, got more in PT and my vision got better in the 1 ½ hours we were in session. If I was in the church this auditing would have taken at least an intensive if I was even programmed for such a program that john put together for me.
I was blown away. Knowing and having standard tech auditing in the FREEZONE is just the best. Amazing what the evolution of Scientology and the church has taken over the years. It’s quite surreal. But the fact remains that there will always be the tech and Scientologists who apply it standardly outside the church $$ while this planet still orbits the sun and this is a beautiful thing and John Nunez is one who shines brightly in the FREEZONE. And by the way he is an flag trained C/S as well and can audit just about everything anyone would ever needs to be truly free.
Thank you for your helping me have a new life less encumbered John. If anyone out there needs the very best auditing with fair prices in the Sacramento area contact me and I will hook you up with John. I know you will be in the best of hands.
Tom Brown

May 8th, 2010

The State of Clear

May 7, 2010

The State of Clear

Talk about dropping weight!! The machinery is gone, and the relief is indescribable! My body doesn’t know what to do with itself, because there’s no more bank telling it what to do.

As for me, I have arrived. As a being, I have spent soooooo many eons using the bank that it is taking me a while to adjust to not having that “trip mechanism” in place (I’ll get over it!)

And then there’s the calmness. Things are things and people are people. I no longer “have” to do anything. No pushing, no nudging, no “have” to do anything.

The best part is space. Lots and lots of space. I can create space – space and time.

WOW!!! Space and time are not creating me anymore, I create them!

Stable. Stability comes when you are not knocking yourself off of your own feet. I have been kicking myself for eons and the mechanism I’ve been doing that action with is gone.

The outside force that had been knocking me down was me (oops)! I got it!!!

This equals cause. This is allowing me to expand my space and time and be cause, not have space and time be cause over me.

Thank you to everybody that was there to help – wonderful auditing by great beings!!



Auditor: John Nunez