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July 26th, 2012

Cognition on resonance and it’s role in life.

I’d like to share a new cognition I have.Here is something I could see clearly, but motionlessly, as flashes – two viewpoints.One – I was “glued” to my ex-husband Vladimir as that, which is described as abstract or degraded beings/entities, by constantly, automatically resonating to him (to perceive through him – tone level of sympathy – becoming often a harmful parasite of a sort on his soul, or other times been like bacteria, that live in the body in symbiosis – that produce B12, for example).


I understood a mechanism – it is knowingly or (mostly) unknowingly and unintentionally people (wholly or partially, more or less) resonating to each other, creating the glue-together (short or long term) entities, as it has a both ways effect, like couples that live together long enough may become spiritually “Siamese twins”. Like molecules of water that create clusters and can become a beautiful snow flake shaped harmony group, or ugly Siamese twins-like monsters. Me and my husband Vladimir got slide into been Siamese twins-like – he eventually became dependant on me, and me on him, and he died when I separated from him (that was unnaturally forced by my SO senior), and I felt partially “dead” ever after he passed away. At the same time I felt not separated on a spiritual level by divorce or distance and even by his body death, as I still could experience occasionally uncontrollable contacts and perceive him spiritually (but not through him any more, not been mirrored by him to be visible to self, as he went “blind” – and that was my huge loss). So I re-created some of his elements – I started suddenly like the smell and taste of beer, that always disliked before, my sight deteriorated, I started writing poetry as he did, and created and lead the groups (on poetry and freezone websites), that I would avoid before (leadership) – trying to grow back the lost “part of me”, my “best half”. Siamese.”Best half” – isn’t it something, that all the great realizations are already in our figurative language?Two – a bigger viewpoint – on earth with all the life entities on it – flora, fauna and humans.


Some animals developed families of connected to each other organisms – ants, bees and others. I am sure they use the same mechanism of resonating to each other. In the brain maybe.


All alive organism have water in them. It should be there in water molecules behavior. The water must have a quality to “resonate”.


When you look at the human, it can be seen as few lairs of different “pitch” – body(animal) parts that resonates as solids and can hear or feel regular sounds, liquids that will resonate on the water level, emotions – different wavelength area, thoughts (mental pictures) etc. Say, man – will have like different octave on a piano – groups of “sounds” of different tone. Each note can resonate to the same note of other “musical instrument” (person) or the same note of the other octava of the same instrument (the other string). A group then would be as an orchestra of different instruments organized by tuning together to play one (purpose) melody. Boy, it could sound wrong even if they are tuned (resonate to each other harmoniously), but play the different songs contemporaneously! :)


That is how you can feel (if you can “hear”) in the middle of the busy street – same as in the middle of the orchestra before the opera starts, when everybody “plays” theirs. You can “hear” the kind – whether it is a “symphonic orchestra” or a “rock-an-roll band” by the unorganized yet sounds they make. So the city will literally and figuratively speaking “sound” different from the country side, the Mall different from the jail, one household “atmosphere” from another, and one person will differ from another as one instrument from another. There will be “Stradivarius violins” and “fake soundless decorative a-la violins something made of plastic, by 100th of the same kind”. Organs and balalajkas. :)


And we all will be resonating to each other here and there, willingly and unintentionally, wholly and partially. Becoming parts of each other to a degree (or BTs).


Hubbard was delivering lectures to public, making himself visible and attractive and so making it easier to tune to him. This is why he had so many people that were intentionally and unintentionally trying to be “little hubbards” – spiritually sticking themselves to him, wearing his shoos, his hats, his coats, his valences and borrowing viewpoints. Some smashed into him accepted, becoming Siamese brothers/sisters (LRH Comms (?)) making him sick, not mentioning all the robots he was surrounded with waiting for his commands and decisions.


So those who will benefit the most from that level, that addresses glued-in parasits, are

1) the actors and other public figures, who will need to separate themselves from those, trying to live “in their shoos”.
2) And other “little people” living in the shade (like myself) will benefit on that level by realizing that they were trying to live in other’s coats, pseudo-perceiving through other’s vision and pseudo-perceiving the world around and ourselves through other beings/viewpoints by resonating to them too much and too long (overrun), while losing self.
3) And between those first and second categories, benefiting from getting rid of BTs, and those, benefiting from stopping being BTs to others and becoming better aware of self, there will be a broad “middle class” not belonging to first and second category to begin with (not sensitive enough), and thus not benefiting from that level at all. Or, maybe benefiting through practicing different (foreign to them) first and second viewpoints and improving their perceptions.
That explains why psychotics need quiet (!) environment – to hear themselves again.
This is why I was writing poetry when lived alone and could hear (!) and express self, and stopped when got together with S. – resonating again to him automatically too much (!).
There is nothing wrong with resonating and be sensitive through resonance. It is the question of dosage – the wrong dosage turns a good thing into the poison. Balance of been cause and effect, or to be more exact – the receiver and the origin of communication at none and even at the verbal level.:)
Unspoken or worded thoughts resonated with you or others, and that is the beauty of communication – co-creation of spiritual music, it is like playing jazz with your soul and souls around you that you perceive, getting together through resonating to hear each other, to create and resonate to other’s creations and to let it go then, been able and prepared to hear new musics, able to make a new clear “sounds”. :)
We are nothing but music ourselves, and by music of others we are surrounded. All we need to do to be happy is to learn to hear and appreciate the music of self,  and music of the world around,  learn to tune and to play Jazz. In harmony creating life as art.

Feels good!
Love, Tatiana.

June 10th, 2011

I feel proud of ourselves

I knew from the beginning we would made it go right, that we would overcome any barriers and dissolve any problems with Affinity and Communication. But looking back on the way we went I feel proud of ourselves.

I am proud of Alex who managed to squeeze 5 hours of Detox program into his already tight 2-jobs schedule. He was very determined to get through the Program and demonstrated exceptional intention and discipline. His achievements are well-deserved.

I am proud of my husband Sergey, who contributed a lot to creating and supporting our team by staying up tone and by focusing on the target. His mere presence reassured us all that we were going to succeed.

I am proud and grateful to Anita who was confidently leading the way. She exerted  unshakable control rooted in ARC. It was a very enjoyable experience from the beginning to the end, even during the most difficult moments. Anita’s confidence and knowledge of the tech made all of us feel safe and secure throughout the program. I have learned a lot working with Anita, thank you!!!

I am also proud of myself because I kept Scientology working by knowing it and using it to help others. As Misha Priv quoted LRH at the little Graduation party we had to celebrate our achievements, the man is only as valuable as he can help others. I am so happy to walk the path we all have available to us thanks to Ron!

Program Administrator
Tatiana Baklanova
(408) 250-9497

June 10th, 2011


Having spent 20 days on the Detoxication Program with our first Program participant, I have realized once again that you will definitely defeat your problems if you don’t go up against them all alone. I am not going to expound upon all the gyrations that our participant went through during the Program but I will describe the moment of success at the end.

I looked into the sauna and saw Alexander sitting there. I asked him how long he has been sitting there. He answered that he’s been there for close to 10 minutes. Actually, he’s been sitting in the sauna for over 20 minutes. He was doing great there, smiling and talking up a storm with other people who were sweating there. And that is what the remaining three and a half hours in the sauna looked like. Sasha was shortening the breaks to rush back into the “hot box”. No more restimulation! The Program was completed!

The success of our first participant has clearly demonstrated to me how invincible we are if we do not confront our problems on our own. Together, as a group, we gain tremendous power. Then we can and we will win!

My sincerest gratitude to our Supervisor Anita Warren for her professionalism in the way she handled problems that we ran into while getting our participant through Detoxication Program.

Once again I would like to thank the great in my opinion scientist of our times Ron Hubbard, who had developed and created the Detoxication Program to purify human body.

Program Administrator
Sergey Terpenev

June 10th, 2011


C/S – Anita Warren
I/C – Sergey Terpenev, Tatiana Baklanova

Here is a Success Story of our first Detox Program graduate:

The Program has caused changes in the way I feel on both physical and spiritual levels.

Physical changes in the body:

1.      The skin all over my body is softer and smoother.
2.      The whites of my eyes became whiter.
3.      I noticed that feet malady, acquired 27 years ago during military service, has improved. My feet no longer sweat.
4.      The body is leaner. I did not lose weight, my weight remained the same, but general composition of the body has improved. I am in a better shape.

Spiritual changes and accomplishments

1.      I am calmer, better balanced emotionally. I am not nervous now in the situations that used to cause me to blow up.
2.      I speak slower as I feel no compulsion to say certain words very fast.
3.      I am more certain in my actions. I used to panic before theatrical presentations and in general in regards to upcoming plays, whereas now this panic is gone.
4.      I am more tolerant toward others. I have always had a tendency to be tolerant but now, probably due to the general increase in tranquility level, this trait has acquired more definition.
5.      A remarkable sense of victory over myself of the past and desire to construct and create.

“For YOU,
about YOU,
because of YOU – Theatre – “YOU”! “

Best regards,
Creative Director
Aleksandr Liznenkov

June 4th, 2011

The meaning and significance of assigning a danger

Ethics Specialist – Mary Freeman
from Planet Freeman:

What I have realized while doing the Enemy condition with Mary Freeman.

When I go through the life I have a lot of different things my attention is on. I have day-to-day problems to solve, mistakes to fix, games to play, jobs to do, joys of creation to experience, new things to learn and an endless list of such things. In some of that areas I am being more productive, in some – less. The lowest level areas require the most immediate attention in order of it’s urgency and importance.

While the operation in ALL of that areas is conducted above the 2.0 on the Tone Scale, the analytical mind is in charge, keeping it under control. In that case, when “alarm system” goes off and signals that something went out of the desirable state or even is degenerating, that “alarm” is perceived as “local” and attracts my attention to that particular troubled area. The “volume” of the alarm is adequate to the situation and the level of disaster. Analytical mind was capable here to identify the exact area that needed to be addressed and fixed, and I could turn off the alarm with “thank you, I’ve got it handled!”.

Lets say that some area of existence or production had been set to run automatically and it now gets overwhelmed with too high volume or velocity or too much of the randomity of the particles. Because they were not addressed and handled properly the handling level drops down to below 2.0.

For example on the 1st Dynamic I used to handle automatically the food I eat. There were no calories counting or special diets, no extra exercising or even no any attention to that area at all. I used to just eat whatever was sitting on the plate in front of me and then feel fine and look great. But with ages the body has changed as well as its ability to handle the incoming particles (food), which lowed. The same amount and quality of food suddenly became overwhelming for the body to process. That would be a danger. The alarm system goes off to notify me of trouble, but I neglect the alarm and let the body figure out how to readjust and handle the situation. Body goes on automatically doing the same thing and getting more and more overwhelmed and unhealthy. The statistic continues a down trend and then crushes (body gains unwanted weight, loses mobility and health, not mentioning it’s looking fat, old and ugly). At that time the analytical mind keeps working on the other problems, that thetan had considered more argent and important, (which may be even true). Is the body still functional? OK, that’s good enough – I think to myself, totally underestimating the danger.

By that time the alarm continues to scream, and at some point the signal it sent out goes out of the “diapason” where the analytical mind can perceive. As if the pitch of the sound was going higher and higher till it becomes an ultra-sound, out of the range of ears perception. It appears that the alarm stopped, that it is all nice and quiet now. But in fact – and this is my realization #1 – alarm system is set to run automatically and  it never stops. It only goes out of the “sight” or “hearing ability” – perception of the analytical mind. When the alarm is so “laud” and “heavy” that analytical mind can not take it any more, but it continues, then who does receive the alert message? Yes, our little “friend” – simple thinker – reactive mind.

If somebody is ringing the door bell but the owner is too busy to care to open and the visitor is persisting enough to not leave and if there is an idiot running around inside the “house” that was incapable of reasoning and differentiating, but willing to help all the time, he will eventually open the door. An idiot will get the message and will react, he will start handling the danger with his “workable” tools: valences that can be used as a solution, service facsimiles, overt patterns with a whole spectrum of justifications and motivators and similar staff.

What I am trying to say here is that when we do not do things that should be done and our neglect brings around a danger – WE ARE GOING TO BE BYPASSED by someone else more responsible or by little monster at our service. It is ether I run the formula or formula is still run over me by someone else. The formula of danger is going to be aplied – if not by me at cause, then most likely by my reactive mind. And boy is he going to screw the application!!!

You think that an idiot can do well shredding paper – not too difficult task for him. And before you know, he is shredding you valuable correspondence, curtain, table cloth and your dress.

Since reactive mind can not differentiate, it can not locate where alarm was coming from. So it  “assigns the danger” to all the areas where there were activities at that time. Any “imperfect state” or temporary failure are perceived as the “total failure” and been treated with the same amount of a negative attitude, invalidated and labeled as dangerous.

My cognition is that I realize now that letting just only one area of responsibility to sink below 2.0 and not getting it out of there immediately, endangered the whole existence all other areas that reactive mind is now allowed to rich ant to control by catching the ball of dropped responsibility. Here is how we get an enemy at work – judging, criticizing, invalidating from within and suggesting the “wonderful” solutions from his arsenal – reactive bank.

The conclusion is simple. I understand now what I missed from my danger formula application and so failed applying it correctly – the formula was never completed and “did not work”. That is to be alert. ALERT! I understand it now. I look at the formula and see it right there at the very beginning: “ASSIGN A DANGER” which means “BE ALERT!” which also is “Listen to your alarm!”. I had never truly understood this step and worked by it applying roboticaly.

I had to go all the way down to confusion where (lucky me!) Mary found me and gave me her hand helping to get up and running again.

Thank you Mary for being alert for me while I got unaware and left the post. Thank you for bypassing me and getting the job of been aware done!

I am not all the way up yet, but sure move in the right direction that feels wonderful! :)

Tatiana Baklanova.

(Sorry, it was excessively wordy, but to the best of my ability to communicate.)

March 26th, 2011

Grade 1 Attest

March 16, 2011
PC: Tatiana Baklanova,
Auditor: Dexter Gelfand
Case Supervisor: Dan Koon

I know that I am able to confront problems in whole, and by seeing my part of creating them, to control them, to change or stop them.

There is no need to have stuck flows. I’d rather let them be without ridging, and handle with communication, with ARC and granting of beingness. Problems continue if the wrong solution was used. My universe is now clear of stuck flow problems.

Thank you Dexter!

March 23rd, 2011

A knowledge became my own subjective reality

Here is the 2nd success story of Tatiana Baklanova, on her Grade 1 auditing:

15 March 2011 (2nd session)

Auditor: Dexter Gelfand
Case Supervisor: Dan Koon

Success Story

That feels great! The more you struggle through the process, the more you are about to blow charges and to recover true data.

I thought I could confront only those of my problems that I have created, and change and stop those I started. It hadn’t crossed my mind that any “dangerous”, “uncontrollable” and “unsolvable” problems that others presented into my life I could also make mine, and control through spotting the moment when I allowed them into my universe, accepted and agreed with them. I feel more responsible now, and more in control!

Its not the “new knowledge” that makes me feel winning and happy, but the fact that it truly “came home” and became my own subjective reality, not just something “right” floating out there, but part of my universe, my viewpoint.

Tatiana Baklanova

March 23rd, 2011

I feel truly alive now as I am learning and changing!

Tatiana Baklanova is the indefatigable creator of numerous websites and producer of scores of videos promoting auditors outside of the CoS, a powerhouse of a being who is always making things happen to get others in session. She had been co-auditing on Grade 1, but her twin became unavailable, and she had been incomplete on the grade for some time. It was my pleasure to give Tatiana a little something back in exchange for all she gives us, and so I completed her Grade 1, which was very ably C/Sed by Dan Koon.
Auditor: Dexter Gelfand

This is the first of 3 success stories Tatiana was moved to write along the way, the others will follow shortly:

Success Story
March 15, 2011
Grade 1, Problems

I have realized two things I’d like to write down and share. (Before them, it is great to be in session again working up the Bridge. )
I understand that the best, easiest and most beneficial way to handle a problem is to increase ARC high enough to include the other terminal in your universe, and then opposition ceases.
I also realized that I’ve got to learn to grant beingness to others to let them work their way through their problems, as that is how they can grow.
I understand that I would rather handle other people’s problems to avoid my own because then I could drop mine on my husband, so that I could be effect and enjoy him handling my problems for me, as it proved that he loves me. The need of that approval was a shadow of past invalidation. Just knowing this was an automaticity helped me to turn it off. Let’s see if my life will be different with this new viewpoint! Thank you, Dexter! I feel truly alive now as I am learning and changing!
Tatiana Baklanova

February 17th, 2011

I changed my life and so can you! (Part 3)

Special thanks to Misha Priv for translating this article into English.

Visit Misha’s website: Thetawrite at

Russian version can be found on I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE website:

The Program

Day One: Among other vitamins I took B3 (Niacin) – 100 mg. Almost immediately felt a light burning sensation around my nose and forehead. In five minutes, having changed into my exercise clothing, started jogging but quickly ran out of breath and changed pace to fast walking. The heart rate came down to 110 and stayed in that range till the end of my exercise period. The total time of walking was 30 minutes. The light sensation of burning on my face stopped about 10 minutes into the exercise period. I started sweating profusely during the exercise period. Then—sauna. The temperature was set at 70°С (158°F). The first 15 minutes at the sauna went fast as I was talking to my wife, my Program partner. Then 7 minutes of cool-down and a cold shower and back to the sauna where I immediately felt that I was so tired that I wanted to lay down. The sense of exhaustion did not leave me for the duration of the entire session. I spent a total of 3 hours in the sauna.

Several Subsequent Days were very similar to the first day although the niacin dosage was increasing and the intake of other vitamins was increasing accordingly.

Day Five: After about three hours I was no longer interested in sitting in the sauna and continuing with the program as I did not see any results or changes in my body. I was bored. I even thought I was wasting my time. I reported this to the Supervisor (a specialist who leads you through the program).

Day Six: Niacin was increased to 1200mg with other vitamins following the lead. And here it all started! I barely gulped down my handful of vitamins when I felt strong burning on my face and neck and noticed that my extremities turned red as if scolded. To be honest I got a bit scared. In the evening, already at home, noticed that my arms from elbow down were still red. They were also itching.

February 13th, 2011

I changed my life and so can you! (Part 2)

Special thanks to Misha Priv for translating this article into English.

Visit Misha’s website: Thetawrite at

Russian version can be found on I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE website:


Search for answers

Sergej Terpenev

In the US my drinking binges came in succession about 4-5 months apart. And between binges I habitually lied to myself and everybody else that the previous binge was the last ever. Telling you this right now, after 3 years of sobriety, the entire sordid lifestyle and lies seem ludicrous. I am not going to bore you with all the romantic details of my life from hangover to hangover. It suffices to mention that I was hospitalized twice, each time for just one night. They’d kick me out in the morning, detoxified with some kind of IV and pumped with pills that seemed to make my legs freeze so I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom unassisted. They also charged me over $2000 for each of my hospital stays. As fog would eventually clear from my head, I’d realize once again that drinking mouthwash just set me back financially more than if I’d been drinking very expensive collectors wines.

You could always work more and earn more money but where are you going to get the health needed to work?! That is the question! I will tell you a secret: I am very lucky in life since I am still alive despite all the poison I consumed.

And I lucked out once again—I met a Russian doctor, a psychiatrist, also from Moscow. Our conversation was private so I will not disclose his name here. My new friend told me straight as a reply to my inquiries as to the methods of treatment, “Sergey, open your eyes. Alcoholism is incurable. Do you know why? Because it is not an illness, it is a dependency. There is no medical way to cure this condition. Intro-venous injections, cleansings and abstersions, pills and death threats do not rid a person of his addiction, they simply cause a remission. Therefore, if we consider alcoholism an illness, you will be stuck with treating it for the rest of your life.”

That wise and, to me, honest doctor advised me to try a lemon therapy, which supposedly reduced alcohol dependency. He did mention in passing, however, that we should check my stomach and health in general before we start such an abrasive therapy—just to avoid any adverse consequences. I replied sadly, “Alex, what are you talking about? What consequences? I drank everything, including glue. Don’t worry! A lemon diet to my stomach after everything it’s been through is gentle like a diet!”