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February 23rd, 2015

Life is Good! (from Idaho)

We got through the holidays! Yaay! We have been busy busy. Les is now
auditing NOTs. We are doing a lot of skype work, which is turning into a
win-win situation for many of our clients. We are doing all the usual Life
Repairs and moving those who want to go “up the bridge,” up the bridge. Our AO
is Frankie and Mary Freeman (class 8 trained by LRH) who live and work 7 miles
from our place.
Our group can deliver pretty much everything both sides of the bridge. About
the only thing we do not deliver is the Ls, so we send our Ls prospects to Trey
Lotz. He is so good….
For details, get in comm with us. Feel free to pass our emails and websites
along to anyone who may be interested.
Send new people to:
Send veteran ex-church members to: Not recommended for new
Les and I just got back from a Blues Cruise a few days ago.
This was the vacation of a lifetime! I’m now addicted to blues music! I want
to go back when I celebrate my 70th birthday, January of 2017. It will be Blues
Cruise #28. Who wants to join me?
Back to business: My personal tech delivery specialties are three items: The
“Integrity Program”–inspired by Mary who arranged the LRH ethics tech to be
a kick-ass “life re-boot.” It works well on skype. I love delivering the
“Body Detox” which is the Purification Rundown—”by the book”–Clear Body
Clear Mind–with some CS approved updates on the technology. I deliver Life
Repairs, Book One, False Data Stripping, et al, on skype. This is inexpensive
for the client and getting good reviews! I am planning to pilot running the
Comm Course on Skype.
Les audits and trains through OT1. We recommend Frankie and Mary for OT2-3.
Frankie and Mary, or Les, can audit your NOTs and get you onto Solo NOTs if that
is your choice. OR Frankie and Mary can get you onto the CBR Bridge—starting
with Excalibur, if that is your choice. OR you can choose to get onto the OLD
OT levels, starting with “old OT4.”
Our traveling auditor, Jim Gilberti, is planning a trip to NYC, Alabama and
Florida. Give a holler if you have questions regarding sending for Jim.
Here are some recent success stories.
False Data Stripping:
I feel lighter. It feels like looking at all those incidents on the FDS brought
stuff up, keyed in, and then sort of resolved some stuff on a level I am not
fully aware of. I was attributing my feeling better to the incidents themselves
but the FDSing brought up those incidents. So good stuff.
I woke up this morning laughing again……this seems to just happen since I’ve
been on Excalibur, more times than not. I think it has to do to having the body
wake up and I get a chance to see just how peculiar it is having a body and all
of the complexities that go along with it.Also, this morning I realized just how
many more attention units I now have available to create and enjoy life with.
Such a simple thing but so very important for me. It’s like I can look into any
area and know it and also create within it. More of me is available to play my
game.But, the thing which shocked me this morning was I realized I am not afraid
anymore. I have sufficient attention (and therefore potential ability) to reach
into life and not be bound-in or apprehensive because of spiritual and mental
straightjackets.Simple wins and cognitions but so, so real to me.I think that if
I could sum up Excalibur in one word it would be reality. Mind you,
communication and affinity…..and understanding are pretty close too. :-)
Everything is becoming so real and so understandable. And so simple.Cheers,P
Life Repair and Integrity Program:
Thankful! I came to Coeur d’Alene for life repair auditing. All I can say
is, “Thank you, Les!” While I was here I also did the Integrity Program.
This program helped me find my true self and also gave me understanding on why I
acted differently and not my true self in the past. I would like to thank Mary
Freeman for organizing this program–it is amazing! I have to thank Anita for
her caring and loving nature. Thank you Linda and Jim for helping me on the
Communication Course. It has been a wonderful time staying here and I can’t
wait to come back. Much love, NS
Grades from our intern:
G has been auditing me like crazy, all kinds of crazy stuff has came up. I just
had no idea!! Anyway, I am dealing with it all well, and I feel wonderful and
have more energy than I ever knew was possible. My abilities have improved so
much, and my job is just not a problem now. Things are unfolding very quickly
and are going exactly as they are supposed to. CA
Integrity Program:
I began creating challenging situations as my true self. On the first day, I
forced myself several times to do small things like discussing what to buy with
a sales person or even less challenging things. I did it and it wasn’t easy, but
once I did it, it lost its importance, value, weight and I don’t care much about
it, but if I hadn’t faced the challenge I would have been upset with myself.
One unexpected outcome was: once you do it one time, you start searching for
other challenging opportunities automatically and you find them. Then you feel
upset about finding them, because it is outside of your comfort zone, and you
want to put a stop to the process of finding new challenges, but you can’t put a
stop without compromising your self respect. At a certain point it became
automatic for my true self to do challenging things. Its like a new postulate
was just born, and the postulate is: “to challenge.” With time it becomes so
automatic and natural that you are not aware of it. Also, I noticed
communication becomes much more playful. And it is a pleasure to have an
awareness that I have to challenge. MR
Skype Session:
Here is a success I’d like to share regarding our first session: I have become
more aware of how I have been causing so many of my own problems on the subject
of money. At first when we decided to take this subject up, it felt serious. But
after 1 hour I felt much more relaxed and was even laughing at the subject! I’d
say that’s a win. RT
2nd Skype Session:
I am noticing I am moving with much more ease after our session. Perhaps its
because we lifted some rocks out of the backpack. I feel good and not in a
manufactured way as if I just read a positive quote. RT
Body Purification:
21 days of the Sauna Program is done! I’m so happy I had the guts to do this
as it really shows me that I can get done what I want to get done. I feel clean
and healthy. I know that those seemingly huge chemical hurdles are quite
manageable with help and a good program to revitalize one’s body. I’ve
recovered some of my lost abilities to guide my own life by detaching from the
“need” for any chemical boot straps. Anita’s care and competence allowed
me to just relax into the program without any distractions to the detoxing going
on. I have to say it’s heartening to know this program is available without
the organizational BS from which it came. Yay! Thanks, Anita and Les, for
doing this ;-) DD
I’m calm. The charges that ware there irritating me to no end have blown,
leaving me with the sense of no concern or consideration on any subject. That
allows me to think freely on all subjects.Thank you Franklin, the Life
Enhancement Center and the Tech for making this possible.Best.FC
I have just completed Excalibur and I must say that it is an amazing Level. I
had many wins throughout. I have such a higher level of awareness and most
importantly for me a higher level of beingness I had not experienced before,
Life changing to say the least. Thanks to Mary and Frankie and thanks to Ron and
Capt Bill. JLG
Book One on Skype:
I just had a wonderful Book 1 session with Anita. We ran out an incident from a
longterm emotional and physical abusive relationship I was in. Anita listened
and helped me through it and I felt safe enough to finally erase it. I feel very
relieved now. I feel that I have lost both physical and mental weight and that
I’m finally spiritual disconnected from the abuser. I can’t thank you
enough, Anita, for being such a wonderful auditor and for helping me let go of
the past and the pain. I’m ready for the future of possibilities! ARC,ZJ
Beginning Excalibur:
I’ve got lots to say about Excal, just been busy visiting and celebrating!
My life is now a continual cognition! I’ve been getting a different perspective
on responsibility and being causative and following thru but without effort.
That’s new. The way I look at things has changed so much it’s almost
unhavable. Lots of mass has blown, loads and loads. I can feel an area around
my body that has much less “stuff” in it. Also, there seems to be a phenomena
happening. It’s happened enough times to make me think it’s not a coincidence.
I go into session, handle something, come out and my husband tells me his cog on
the thing that I just handled. That’s pretty interesting. Also, all of a sudden
family is getting into more ARC with me and each other. One upset happened
between some of them last weekend, but where they would be fighting for months
or even years they handled it that same day. They apologized to each and said
they would talk about the issue later and wanted to hear what the other guy had
to say. This is NOT normal. Also, members of the family that weren’t happy
with me are friendly and happy. I didn’t DO anything. So you can see that there
have been some challenges and other things have been “miracles.” Both are
rewarding. This level has given me so many unexpected experiences and shifts of
reality I couldn’t hope to communicate them all. LOL! It’s easier just to say
it’s wonderful! Thanks to Frankie and Mary. I am forever grateful! Love, AD
Wishing you all a joyful 2015!
Anita and Les
March 12th, 2014

Review Complete Win

March 12, 2014   Elma, WA    Auditor, Pat Krenik


I am so happy to have had the auditing and opportunity to communicate with the lovely people here at the Revitalizing Ministry of Elma.  The experience was more than I could hope.  I have gained a great deal of presence in my being and comforting wins of knowing I am the author of my own story.  Eternal gratitude. 
Much Love, Roman Teabo
January 28th, 2014

Recent OT Wins from Idaho

I decided to divide these testimonials into four categories: Training, Lower Bridge, Integrity Program, and OT wins. There are too many for one email, and everything doesn’t interest everyone, so you can delete the ones that don’t interest you. Thanks. I hope you enjoy and consider recommending us in the future…
Check out our websites: For new people, no mention of Scientology For us ex-church members
Check out my blog story about the Co$.
OT Repair
In the first five minutes of auditing with Frank Freeman I handled THE MAJOR RUIN of this lifetime and it just got better after that. I didn’t expect that at all. I thought I would just get a version of the repair auditing I got at the “Church.” I now know what auditing–what LRH intended. Frank and Mary are carrying out what LRH envisioned for all of us and I THANK them for that. AD
Past Life Rehab and OT Review


Since I was young I had known I was different. I looked at life with a deeper ARC and
understanding than most kids that were my age at that time. Because of this, people would
come to me with their problems and I would be able to assist them. It just came kind of natural
for me to help in this way. This is all before I even picked up a Dianetics or Scientology book.
Both of my parents were Scientologists but neither pushed me to train or get auditing. It was
not until later that I chose on my own to pick up the subject. I got enrolled at the local Scientology center for basic courses and I just breezed through. It all seemed too familiar. My father tried to audit me on my grades but I found it all to be overrun. I began to get a little frustrated about having to be put back at square one. I was ready to move on.
That’s when I found Les and Anita Warren. Les got me in session and I was able to get certainty
about my state of clear and then was introduced to Frankie Freeman who did my OT review.
All the pieces came into place and I knew I was where I needed to be. There was no longer any
Q&A on it. My past life abilities had been restored and I was really flying high after the sessions.
Since then my life has gotten better and better. I am so thankful for The Warren’s and Freeman’s. I know I would not of gotten this type of handling in the church. For this I am forever grateful! Lot’s of love, JI
OT II CS: Frankie
During OT II I found that I have more space, a bigger universe, and my confront has increased.
I am able to see the Why in situations among people around me and bring about some understanding and order.
I have a greater reality on the Whole Track and other beings, and I am more aware of my immortality. JG
OT II CS: Frankie
December 9, 2013
This had to be coolest and weirdest auditing I have done to date. Eventually me just sitting there with this F/N that won’t go away and me not sure what just happened – and then the COG, a big one, would just flood in and I couldn’t write fast enough to get what I wanted to say down. I am. Such a simple statement that says SO much. I am. How do I explain what that means. Well, it means that I am me. Who I am now. Who I have been. Who I want to be. Who I will be. Pretty cool stuff.
I knew I was done with OT II. I can confront my WHOLE track. Don’t care what comes up, I will handle it. Never knew I could have this kind of feeling about handling my case. Pretty cool. So, I have LRH to thank for the tech, and Frankie for his putting up with me and pestering him (hopefully not too much pestering) with my questions. And thank you to my husband for his making it go right for me to do this, and for finding Les and Anita, Frankie and Mary, and Jim. ALW
Beginning NOTs
25 Dec 2013 Auditor in training: Forrest Crane, CS: Frankie
I had a nice win on getting through one of the first segments on NOTs as well as on my setups for NOTs. When we started I was having head somatics and feeling very foggy. After just a few short sessions the somatics (headaches and pressures in my head) are gone. I’m feeling brighter. I don’t have the foggy heavy feeling anymore. Thank you, Forrest, Frankie, Anita and Les for making the standard tech available for me. You are helping LRH keep the true tech here. CC

I just completed some NOTs auditing with Mary and I have had some remarkable wins. The biggest was by her skillfully handling this raw charge that had been sitting in my universe ever since I can remember. It was a ball of psychosis. In the past when it kicked in, the best I could do would be to go away from everyone and “let the steam blow out of my ears” and hopefully abstain from making any rash and foolish decisions that I would later regret…very powerful….very consuming. Because of this charge, the auditing I was receiving hit a slight impasse and Mary did an interview. That in itself was interesting. It was like calming down the ‘Hulk’ when he was having a bad day. Regardless, she casually talked and broke the ice. Slowly and she got me back into intelligible communication; back from Dr. Jekyll to an annoyed Mr. Hyde (but nevertheless, a Mr. Hyde). Having isolated the area of charge and running this past Frankie(the Case Supervisor), she was ready to close in “for the kill.” Right at the start of the session, she picked off the first bit of charge, much like in the movie “Sgt. York” played by Gary Cooper. The movie was set in WWI and Sgt York was trying to protect his men in the trenches. Outnumbered, the Sgt. took a few men and outflanked the enemy trench. He was a crack shot at 300 yds., but needed a clean shot. The enemy would only pop his head up and duck down quickly. Sgt. Alvin York remembered having the same problem at a turkey shoot back at home in the Ozarks before the war. The turkeys kept bobbing their heads up and down. Alvin didn’t have a clean shot until he imitated the sound of a turkey. This caused a turkey to pop up his head for a fraction of a second…enough time for Alvin to squeeze off a round ….and, ”POW” one dead turkey. So in the trenches, Alvin made that same turkey sound and the enemy would pop up its head and one by one and “POW”…..Sgt. Alvin York singlehandedly “picked off” and captured a whole enemy company. Now I am not saying that in session, Mary made any turkey sounds, but she sure “picked off” my case. She would ask the right question and one by one the enemy would pop up its head and “POW” ….it was all gone. Pretty good shootin if you ask me…I know, I was there… Mary and Frankie are sharpshooters from way back….old school …trained by the “Old Man” himself. They learned how find and blow the force of Goals Problem Mass, the Rock Slam, make wrong mechanisms, evil purposes and all of that hard core stuff….without batting an eyelash… So now…for me..I am a different guy…a new guy…a much, much calmer guy. Thank you, thank you very much Mary and Frankie and LRH…. That was pretty good shootin if you ask me……. DD

Excal Review & a New Start
I finished a short Review with Frankie & Mary and this helped me get back in Excal after a few years of not auditing on this level. In 2008 everything in my life took a huge upset and totally distracted me from almost everything. I went for a review in 2008 with Frankie & Mary and got back on track after clearing up some major upsets. Well, life got in the way and I still did not start back on Excal, and in mid December 2013, I knew that completing this level was most important to the rest of my Eternity so I went back for another review. In just a very short time in session my misunderstandings were easily solved, and I started auditing on Excal with their excellent supervision. I did well and felt I had the knowledge of what it took to return to my home and work and complete this super important level. Frankie and Mary are absolutely super auditors and C/S’s. With a minimum of review time, I was off and running well. I even think that my perception of things around me is better, my regular job work is better, and I am more confident in general. My life is more organized and I am doing very well. Thanks to Frankie and Mary for their superb help.
Auditing Review
I am grateful to LRH and to Mary and Frankie Freeman for having the technology of Scientology and the purest delivery of it. I am amazed and in awe that there is always an EXACT and CORRECT tech to handle any difficulties in one’s life. I experienced it first hand this week. The end phenomena for me in receiving auditing this week is restoration of my CLEAR abilities: clear mind, calm and serene body and nervous system, and the restoration of my SELF-DETERMINISM. I am exhilerated that I am back to myself again; happy, excited to mock up new possibilities and the creation of a joyful existence and new life! TNT
OT Review
9/13/13 Aud: Jim
Mary set me up with a review–LX Lists. I went into session and Jimmy with his wonderful auditing took me through my list to EP. It is wonderful to know the valences were just junk in the way of my true state of beingness. Jimmy, you are loved and thank you so much for perfect standard tech. PS LRH is a genius. Thank you to the whole team! Love, SL
March 29th, 2013

I have been happy and feel Joy for the first time in a long time

The last six months I have gone from one extreme to the other. I reached my lowest point with feelings of no hope for tomorrow. I did not have the energy or the mental capacity to fight and struggle with what I thought were problems that were too tough to take on.

After the detox I could feel myself getting physically and mentally stronger every day. I started to see that the things I thought were problems were nothing more than life’s little challenges that I have total control of and can choose to ignore then or deal with them as I choose.

I know I am a strong person who knows how to do the right things and now I feel like doing it. I have been happy and feel joy for the first time in a long time and with out drugs and alcohol. I am looking forward to life!

Thanks again from all my heart,

August 10th, 2012

Just a note of thanks‏
August 9, 2012
Success story by P. C. [unsolicited]

Hi Candy. Just thinking about how different my feelings and thinking are because of your help.
God, Candy, there is calm in the storm all around us. There is joy and loveliness. There is a feeling of decency within. Guilt is so very much relieved, and therefore my responses and reactions are more measured. I feel more and more that it is ok for me to like myself and not to have to be at others’ effects. That I have choice.
It’s a different personal world I now live in. It’s a much more emotionally comfortable world.
I hope to continue to make progress. I want there to be more, not merely to feel better and better, but to be able to give something back to the world. At this point it is only a hope. I hope it becomes real. I want to contribute, largely, to this world before I die. I think I already am in small ways, to my family.
I look at what the tech (in competent hands) does as helping one let go of the past. Not eliminating it, nor forgetting it, but letting it go, so that it no longer dictates to you. One should make rational choices based on what IS rather than what WAS.
I have moments when I wish I could be competent enough, bright enough, creative enough, to help get this message across to others, as a presenter, as a writer, something like that. Pehaps that is far-fetched, but I do have this recurring wish from within.
I identify with the Straw Man in the Wizard of Oz. I dream of “having a brain.” Maybe, like the Straw Man, I will some day discover that I do and that I can accomplish wonderful, useful things.
Until now, I have felt so limited. I had no hope that at this late stage of my life that I might actually be able to change significantly, that I might actually try to accomplish something. I was simply settling down to die. I was waiting for death, thinking it would be a tremendous relief from responsibilities I could not hope to measure up to.
Candy, I so hope that I can accomplish good in the future.
Thank you for giving me some peace of mind, for helping me discover more of what is good in life and for helping me at least have hope.
Hope you are having a good time and a productive time.

March 17th, 2012

recent auditing wins, 3 to 6 hour long sessions a day

16 March 2012
Hi Candy, here is my success story:

What a wonderful series of sessions this has been.  Now I know what is meant by Class VIII.
Candy was right there with me the whole time, handling things totally based upon PC interest.
And talk  about smooth…without a hint of evaluation or attitude.  One thing I found really refreshing, is Candy told me up front that we were working together as a team….this combined with
flawless metering and technique, helped me to look deeper into my case than I recall ever doing before.
My personal tolerance of others has increased a lot, where before I would ridge….
I see my own tone levels at work more easily as well being to much more easily see certain other beings as separate from their case.

Thank you much to my superb auditor, Candy Swanson!

March 13th, 2012

Complete Life Repaired

I came to the MWTC a broken reactive being and left not broken on the road to being at cause. It wasn’t so much what happened immediately but it is what happened as time went on. Also not just how it changed me but how it changed my 2D.
So I came to Frank a complete wreck afraid of everything. I had recently had a major break up with my long term 2D of 8 years. I was caved in, alone, near homeless, almost broke and driving a car that had no drivers door handle(I had to exit the passengers side). To say the least I was a mess. Well Frank didn’t seem to mind my circumstances and so away we went to auditing. I would have to stop sometimes because I was crying too much I couldn’t talk. But Frank just plowed away. After a week of auditing I left, worked a little on life and returned for more auditing. Things were getting better and better. But the weird thing was after our last auditing session my 2D called me. he apologized for how things ended. As time went on he started to call regularly and we would talk and laugh. He then asked me on a vacation and proposed to me. We went over something in auditing and it blew for me. But I truly believe it blew for him too. That was about a year and a half ago. We are getting married in the Spring. I am working steadily. I am not broke and I have a new car……. And I’m getting married!! So life is definitely repaired. Thanks Frank and hope to be back for some more auditing as soon as I can get to Indiana. D.

January 5th, 2012

Life Repair Completion

January 4, 2012 Elma WA.

In two day of intensive auditing I am freed from an old emotional pattern that
was preventing me from entering into a new and exciting phase of my life. Now I
can move ahead with freedom from the old impediment. Thank you.


December 21st, 2011

Completion of Life Repair

auditor: Candy Swanson Class VIII
Ethics Handling successes

I am just able to verbalize: I love family, all, but they bore me.  Lack of common AGREEMENT, that’s all.  Was down somewhere in hidden resentment I think.  That insight worked its way through suddenly, and I feel better.  Much.  Feel better towards them all.

Was always feeling guilt and worry.  Now in better perspective.  Better handle. Sense of actual LEARNING, which I crave strongly on any “problem” I can’t solve.

Also realized that I don’t like CHAOS, external/environment, or internal (the Mind).  In fact external translates to INTERNAL.  Wow!  These things popping into my mind.  I like that!  Cognitions produce a joy of the MIND.

Looking at:

a) when don’t AGREE (Reality), feel alienated from (minus Affinity).  My tone level drops.  Condition relative to that person drops.  Danger?

b) I wonder:  Can I overcome that “unknowing”?  That doubt about self, others, relationship?  About that boredom?  I think it’s possible.  Understanding the SOURCE of the problem and consequent feelings, the chaos due to drop in UNDERSTANDING, seems to de-stimulate guilt.  Can look, rationally, for solution, which may be (first step) accept things that ARE in common.  Others maybe handle-able gradiently.  Maybe not.  But resentment is gone and I can love for who and what others are, the lovable parts.  Still looking, digesting.

Tone relates to feelings (for me).  Condition relates to what? Survival of a relationship: self (beingness?), with others (relationship? (beingness of a relationship?), with goals, things.  Need to better understand “condition”. But think I’m on the right track.

Re conditions:  in session you helped me realize, first time, that my condition is RELATIVE TO something or someone ELSE.  Still digesting that.  Still sinking in.

Thank you.

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November 24th, 2011

First Big Win on Expanded Life Repair

Audited by Candy Swanson, Class VIII

Finished the life repair process at about 1 p.m. today, Nov.22, 2011.  Part of the large win involved the clearing of foundation words and gaining new insights into their meanings.  After taking a break I realized that the size of the win was on a scale with that of going Clear many years ago.

The wonderful thing to me about your style of processing is that it truly seems a team approach.  Secondly, is that I am aware that you understand my words, my feelings, the thoughts I express, as fully as anyone ever has, probably more so.  It is wonderful to have a true communication “terminal”, something I have not had for a couple of decades.  I find the auditing process much cleaner than any past auditing, and I must say more thorough.

I don’t feel a gushy form of gratitude, just a very present ungiddy gratitude for what you are in the midst of doing to help me gain more understanding of who and where I am and also a sense of genuine hope that there is more to come based on the progress thus far.  I think I am far more realistic than when I was audited many years ago.  I know that I am far more trusting of the integrity of the person in charge of my case, i.e., you.  I totally lost trust in the delivery organization from which I obtained my earlier auditing.  I have always admired the tech, but my experience with the delivering organization left me, sadly, with much distrust of its overall integrity.  I look forward to further progress, but for now I simply wish to continue enjoying this win.

Thank you for helping me make progress.  Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for being an ally.  Thank you for giving me hope for improvement and growth, as a being.