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August 8th, 2016

Relief from the Sufferings and Hostilities of Life

Grade 2 Completion
Delivered by Jim Gilberti, our esteemed resident/traveling auditor!
Grade 2 Success Story:
“I gained the ability to grant beingness on all the flows, and to look at my
responsibility and cause from my own viewpoint and not make others wrong. I
gained the ability to shift my viewpoint freely without feeling the need to be
in control but to just be there and communicate. I now know integrity lies
within each of us. Our moral codes and agreements may or may not be the same.
Now I can freely be a bigger being without hostilities toward their ideas and
decisions. I have much compassion and purpose to help all the dynamics. I am
cause over my life and the effects emanated from me. I am cause over my
emotions and how I respond. Cool. I am. Thanks to my auditor, Jim, who
indoctrinated me ‘Inside out.’ The fact is that studying the levels made my
gains more stable and my stability way bigger. Thank you! MML, JD”
Les and Anita Warren
March 31st, 2016

Grade 1 Success

March 27, 2016 Elma, WA

Success Story

Just completed Grade 1 and how simple, how simple it is to live–communicate with an auditor–why suffer.

I can’t say much more for it is my best solution.

Thank you Pat Krenik for great auditing. And I still like to ack Ron for his great work.

Bruce Meyers

OK to publish

December 3rd, 2015

Newsletter from Idaho and FREE LRH Materials!


Free to a good home, LRH materials: some cassette tape packs, some VHS tapes,
some R&D vols, some Management Series. If you are interested, let me know.
I’ll send you a list. The price is if you would please pay for the shipping.

We are having a glorious time here in Idaho. We have settled in to a very nice
randomity with a combination of in-person auditing/training of some locals, and
some not so local from around the planet. We are doing some skype
work–metered, some not metered. With Frankie and Mary delivering OT levels 7
miles up the road, many of those clients take advantage of our guest rooms.
Living the dream…..

Our community has recently added an awesome Class 8 auditor. He and his artist
wife recently moved here. I’ll email you privately if you want more data.

I am right now starting on Excalibur (equivalent to OT8)! I finished the
training and I’m starting the auditing. All of a sudden there is quite a mob
of us scrambling to get on this level! If you look on our website, click on
CBR. That stands for Captain Bill Robertson.

I’m posting some recent success stories below. I’ll sign off here because
some of you may not make it to the bottom of this email….

To remind you of our websites: for seasoned ex church members and those under the radar. sanitized for new people. All about the purification program. This website was
designed for non-scn’ts. A picture of our beautiful new sauna at the top

Love, Anita

Here are the success stories:

Marriage counseling from our remote auditor in Nebraska, Steve:
Wife: I had NOT been communicating with my husband. I felt like my husband was
no longer there emotionally for me. He was constantly out of work. We also had a
roommate that was causing issues between us and I ended up having an affair.
While in session I realized that it was being triggered by my holding on to a
prior year when my husband was on drugs and was constantly hurting me. My
auditor pointed me in the direction of an area that I needed to see. I realized
and had a complete breakthrough and thought about it a lot in session and it
felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was in tears because
I had hurt the soul of my life partner. Communication is the most important
thing to me now and always making sure that we know how each other feels at all
times, no matter what the feelings are. Acceptance and acknowledgement of each
other’s feelings, trials, etc. are the most important things to me now. We
now communicate on a daily basis. Our marriage is back to where we want it. I
feel an extreme sense of peace. When I think back on that difficult time in our
lives, I no longer feel pain and resentment. The love I feel for my husband is
stronger than it has ever been and our marriage has improved 100-fold. A
Husband: I was in a world of loss. My wife/soulmate had cheated and my entire
world was devastated. We had a complete communication breakdown and we had no
idea how to work through the infidelity. Our auditor showed us how. Currently,
we are experiencing a new way to work through our issues. I feel my faith in
her has been restored and even though we are taking things one day at a time, I
am extremely confident we will be fine, restored to a newfound sense of love in
our marriage. S

Integrity Program
I was finally able to get some Scientology after, let’s see, like 29 years. I
got an introductory session from Mary Freeman two weeks ago that was awesome!
Today I started the High Integrity Living program—applying ethics to my first
dynamic in a pro-survival way–not in a “punishing your out-ethics” way, which
is quite refreshing. I tried to do that once in Scientology and was scolded.
This is way better then I could have ever done on my own anyway! Plus Anita
makes it so easy! I am looking forward to many more Scientology steps on the
way to getting my 1st Dynamic out of lowers for once this lifetime:) Thank you
Anita, you’re awesome! ML, SM

Integrity Program
This has been THE most in-depth ethics action I’ve ever done. What it has done
is re-establish ME – a new version, which was the old version of a stable,
knowing and powerful being.
Going into this program, my 1st and 2nd dynamics needed an overhaul; I
couldn’t plan my life until I had some answers. My hope and expectation of
this program was to remove the charge I knew was there so that I would be able
to make decisions more sanely. I had no idea the depth we would reach; no idea
the stability that could be gained. No idea how recognizing that the garbage you
have can easily be removed by inspecting it once you realize how it was being
created in the first place. Confidence builds as you gradually and firmly
de-power this beast by transferring power to yourself where it belongs. Mary’s
understanding, methodology, implementation and certainty of this program adds to
your ability to confront this head on. It looks impossible at the start but each
step naturally flows to the following one until your awareness and certainty
rises. It doesn’t take long – looking back, it was like going from effect to
cause almost overnight. Wins are still coming. I must thank LRH for discovering
the building blocks of this technology, Mary for designing those blocks, and
Anita for giving me a boost when I needed it; and all who helped me slay this
dragon along the way. MA

Self Analysis lists unmetered, on skype
Throughout the last several months..I have had the honor to be audited by
Anita. I’ve felt many wins.. My most glowing moment came half way through our
list of IMAGINATION.. I realized that I had finally been able to rip the
bandaids of my life–those moments I had held sacred–the moment I was born, for
one. Another was the minutes I realized my mom had a massive cardiac and was
not coming back; when my dad was first diagnosed with three types of
cancer–then watching the next two years as his life was continually
compromised–till the last breaths that were gifted to him or us, his beloved
family.. I believe my journey has been given a special prize. I can revisit
those moments now without fear of terrible sadness..and also incorporate the
many, many memories of our family’s blessings.. I won’t say I’ll never cry
about their loss. But I do know it won’t bring me to my sad and grief
stricken as my family was.. My parents lives were wonderful and fulfilling.
They taught my sisters and me what love really was–in thought as well as deed.
Many blessings on you and yours for helping me find my strength to counter my
fear of facing the unknown .. SG

Grades, etc, delivered by our traveling auditor, Jim Gilberti
Grade 1 This grade was major for me. Things surfaced that only auditing could
detect—that really only a true tech terminal could handle. Jim didn’t just
audit me, he was in comm at every level of the travail I was holding and knew
what to do. He is a brilliant tech terminal. Today, I know I can recognize and
vanish the source of problems on all my flows. It’s beautiful. I look
forward to using my new ability when I get a problem! Actually, I have had a few
throughout this grade and literally blew through them. Amen. Thank you, R, for
believing in me and making this possible. Blessings. Thank you, Jim, you’re
awesome!!! Les, Anita, Frankie, Mary, thank you for opening your home to me.

Grade 2 After completing Grade 2 auditing I happily realized that I have
gained the ability to identify overts being committed (by myself and others) and
they are not interfering in my life. I am aware of the mechanism. BS

Grade 3 My vision is clear and I’m feeling delicious power over my own
aspirations and intentions. Life is much lighter and beckoning to engage in
adventure. No more, “Yea Buts”. BS

Grade 4 I am at least 10 times (at least) better than I was one month ago…
and there is still plenty of space. Talk about walking on air! I can now connect
the dots at lightning speed (well almost) and it sure makes everything a lot
more fun. Even the hurdles. I am postulating that Jim will be back soon to begin
NED so I can continue the adventure. BS

Suppressed Person Rundown I am on the other side of the SP. I get the picture
now and realize my responsibility in the whole show. Sigh of relief and Yay. BS

PTS Rundown I have connected the dots! The elements of my SP’s game have become
apparent to me! I can be at cause now and not be squashed by her psychotic
behavior. She is no longer in control of my emotional well-being. yMy confidence
level is back – my energy has returned. I look forward to living light again
and taking each day as it comes. The hovering dread has vanished.Let the fun
begin… Again! Thanks Jim… I like roller coasters, but not the PTS ones! BS

Grades delivered by Mary

Grade 2 raised my responsibility level to a much higher degree. The saying,
“You are totally responsible for the condition you are in,” has never been
more real to me as now. I have an acceptance of the actions and emotions others
have caused as well as the actions and emotions I have caused to others. What
amazed me was the expansive scope of this grade, covering all dynamics. Wow.
There is a peace within me now. Thank you Mary, Frankie and LRH. MA

Grade 4 I feel like a new being; like I’ve been washed / cleaned / stripped
of grime that I didn’t know I had. I feel more ME; like naked with mechanisms
gone. This level hit me like no other. I’m expanded, awe-struck – sort of
shell-shocked. This technology is something I only partially understood before;
never recognizing the nature and mechanics of service facsimiles. They will be
much easier to spot now. Wow. MA

I came to Les open minded—anything, any gain I received would be fine by me.
Les made some correct indications and away we went. I saw my sources of mental
noise. This insight is priceless, apart from the several specific and
significant gains I achieved. One cognition, in particular, has changed by life
forever, in the most profound way. A note on Les: the experience of auditing
was easy. Les makes it into a conversation with no bump. He is a master of the
art—a blackbelt! A note on Anita and the physical environment—my wife and I
felt welcome and comfortable the whole time. Anita and Les create a lovely
space. This has been one of the best experiences of my life! AS

Solo Two
Loooooong time coming. I’d still be screwing around on the “300 Objective
SRD” if I hadn’t stepped outside the corporate box of the “new &
improved” Scientology! The dwarf megalomaniac has pretty much destroyed &/or
perverted Scn so people are actually spending YEARS on the (so called) Survival
Rundown. ME? I’m just going to quietly do my OT Levels in the FreeZone!
Thanks, Les & Anita! KW

Through the journey of OT III one of my wins was a mass of a weight lifting off
of my lap. It felt like weight blowing off my lap. Another was an opening of
space opening up like more expansion to throw my anchor points out into my
universe. There were others. The final win on this level is when I realized
there was what seemed like a tear or opening in the theta universe like a wall.
My thought was. is that what Ron meant when he said wall of fire? F/N As
Frankie said, “Keep going you will be glad you did.” Now I shall enjoy this
win and watch how my stats run from this new viewpoint.
Thank you. I adore you, Frankie, for being patient and keeping me on track
through this level. I appreciate, adore and am very grateful for all of
you—including Mary, Les, and Anita ! Love, SL

I have such a clarity of beingness – a widening of space – my ability to focus
has increased 1000% – my ability to perceive, well, EVERYTHING has increased,
plus I think my hair is growing again (joke – I wish). This could NOT have
happened, without the knowledge & willingness of Mary & Frankie Freeman.
Frankie was my “Yoda” and Mary was the Good Witch, making all things line up and
POP when they were supposed to. And, thanks to you all up here, I just finished
OT 4 today! Ya know, the freakiest thing was this: when I started on Solo, I
looked at it all and said “no freakin’ way–too difficult.” But Ron, in his
astounding manner, set it all up in such a way that one step led to another,
then to another, then – well, you get the idea. It was like trying to walk down
a steep hill and not run. Thank you Frankie. Thank you Mary.
I can almost hear LRH saying, “it’s about damn time, youngster!” Thanks deeply
to Ron.

“Excalibur” from CBR upper OT levels, equivalent to OT8
I was musing yesterday about how smoothly Excalibur had been going for me. I
had some interesting shifts in my universe and some “occurrences” in the
world around me that were interesting. It is like putting that soothing oil on
the turbulent seas to calm them.
It occurred to me that we, each of us has a fingerprint of essence. Everything
you perceive, touch, reach out to, withdraw from, and communicate to in any way
or form is part of that eternal fingerprint that YOU create and become. That is
you on the timeless eternal ongoing track. You are what you create yourself to
be. We each of us have our own Cosmic Eternal fingerprint, and along the way
Mother Karma is there to remind us of what we did or failed to do by the
blessings or lack of that we heap upon ourselves and others.
It also occurred to me that in a really odd and weird sort of way, the world I
was looking at around me, with aberrated beings, bumpy roads and half built
skyscrapers is a pristine reflection of the mosaic that we with our theta
fingerprints have created. We can re-create the mosaic or also strike up a new
canvas …. The universe in it’s course is truly unfolding as it should…..

Levels above Excalibur
I realize there is no longer any personal counter-intention at all in my
universe…yes, from others but that doesn’t last more than a few seconds
these days! If even that long. And this results in serious amounts of work being
done. I move very, very fast now when doing anything…and I just don’t have
any reservations or countering of my actions. It feels great and a definite
result of the auditing on these upper levels. And the products are very good
too! It really does feel great to be able to reach and create without
reservation!! And directly without any vias, if I so desire. A little bit on the
next level. I’m just wrapping up the materials for this level and I should be
in session sometime this week. The data on this level is pretty amazing. Every
day I am on study there is huge amounts of TA, insight and ability being gained.
More-so than on any other level. Some serious case gain from the materials!
On this level you are reaching into infinity, well past any MEST boundaries –
well past. If fact the MEST U is just a small blurp in the scope of one’s
session space. I had mentioned previously the irony of using the creation
(language, e-Meters, MEST U location, etc, etc) to free the creator (you and I).
On this level, it just you, turned loose to as-is barriers to the freedom of all
of life!! You are granted amazing amounts of beingness to complete these cycles
of action……but one is definitely up to the task! I can hardly wait to
initiate the melt-down!! LOL The reach, without reservation to free……..I
will soon begin this fully encompassing cycle of existence! P

February 23rd, 2015

Life is Good! (from Idaho)

We got through the holidays! Yaay! We have been busy busy. Les is now
auditing NOTs. We are doing a lot of skype work, which is turning into a
win-win situation for many of our clients. We are doing all the usual Life
Repairs and moving those who want to go “up the bridge,” up the bridge. Our AO
is Frankie and Mary Freeman (class 8 trained by LRH) who live and work 7 miles
from our place.
Our group can deliver pretty much everything both sides of the bridge. About
the only thing we do not deliver is the Ls, so we send our Ls prospects to Trey
Lotz. He is so good….
For details, get in comm with us. Feel free to pass our emails and websites
along to anyone who may be interested.
Send new people to:
Send veteran ex-church members to: Not recommended for new
Les and I just got back from a Blues Cruise a few days ago.
This was the vacation of a lifetime! I’m now addicted to blues music! I want
to go back when I celebrate my 70th birthday, January of 2017. It will be Blues
Cruise #28. Who wants to join me?
Back to business: My personal tech delivery specialties are three items: The
“Integrity Program”–inspired by Mary who arranged the LRH ethics tech to be
a kick-ass “life re-boot.” It works well on skype. I love delivering the
“Body Detox” which is the Purification Rundown—”by the book”–Clear Body
Clear Mind–with some CS approved updates on the technology. I deliver Life
Repairs, Book One, False Data Stripping, et al, on skype. This is inexpensive
for the client and getting good reviews! I am planning to pilot running the
Comm Course on Skype.
Les audits and trains through OT1. We recommend Frankie and Mary for OT2-3.
Frankie and Mary, or Les, can audit your NOTs and get you onto Solo NOTs if that
is your choice. OR Frankie and Mary can get you onto the CBR Bridge—starting
with Excalibur, if that is your choice. OR you can choose to get onto the OLD
OT levels, starting with “old OT4.”
Our traveling auditor, Jim Gilberti, is planning a trip to NYC, Alabama and
Florida. Give a holler if you have questions regarding sending for Jim.
Here are some recent success stories.
False Data Stripping:
I feel lighter. It feels like looking at all those incidents on the FDS brought
stuff up, keyed in, and then sort of resolved some stuff on a level I am not
fully aware of. I was attributing my feeling better to the incidents themselves
but the FDSing brought up those incidents. So good stuff.
I woke up this morning laughing again……this seems to just happen since I’ve
been on Excalibur, more times than not. I think it has to do to having the body
wake up and I get a chance to see just how peculiar it is having a body and all
of the complexities that go along with it.Also, this morning I realized just how
many more attention units I now have available to create and enjoy life with.
Such a simple thing but so very important for me. It’s like I can look into any
area and know it and also create within it. More of me is available to play my
game.But, the thing which shocked me this morning was I realized I am not afraid
anymore. I have sufficient attention (and therefore potential ability) to reach
into life and not be bound-in or apprehensive because of spiritual and mental
straightjackets.Simple wins and cognitions but so, so real to me.I think that if
I could sum up Excalibur in one word it would be reality. Mind you,
communication and affinity…..and understanding are pretty close too. :-)
Everything is becoming so real and so understandable. And so simple.Cheers,P
Life Repair and Integrity Program:
Thankful! I came to Coeur d’Alene for life repair auditing. All I can say
is, “Thank you, Les!” While I was here I also did the Integrity Program.
This program helped me find my true self and also gave me understanding on why I
acted differently and not my true self in the past. I would like to thank Mary
Freeman for organizing this program–it is amazing! I have to thank Anita for
her caring and loving nature. Thank you Linda and Jim for helping me on the
Communication Course. It has been a wonderful time staying here and I can’t
wait to come back. Much love, NS
Grades from our intern:
G has been auditing me like crazy, all kinds of crazy stuff has came up. I just
had no idea!! Anyway, I am dealing with it all well, and I feel wonderful and
have more energy than I ever knew was possible. My abilities have improved so
much, and my job is just not a problem now. Things are unfolding very quickly
and are going exactly as they are supposed to. CA
Integrity Program:
I began creating challenging situations as my true self. On the first day, I
forced myself several times to do small things like discussing what to buy with
a sales person or even less challenging things. I did it and it wasn’t easy, but
once I did it, it lost its importance, value, weight and I don’t care much about
it, but if I hadn’t faced the challenge I would have been upset with myself.
One unexpected outcome was: once you do it one time, you start searching for
other challenging opportunities automatically and you find them. Then you feel
upset about finding them, because it is outside of your comfort zone, and you
want to put a stop to the process of finding new challenges, but you can’t put a
stop without compromising your self respect. At a certain point it became
automatic for my true self to do challenging things. Its like a new postulate
was just born, and the postulate is: “to challenge.” With time it becomes so
automatic and natural that you are not aware of it. Also, I noticed
communication becomes much more playful. And it is a pleasure to have an
awareness that I have to challenge. MR
Skype Session:
Here is a success I’d like to share regarding our first session: I have become
more aware of how I have been causing so many of my own problems on the subject
of money. At first when we decided to take this subject up, it felt serious. But
after 1 hour I felt much more relaxed and was even laughing at the subject! I’d
say that’s a win. RT
2nd Skype Session:
I am noticing I am moving with much more ease after our session. Perhaps its
because we lifted some rocks out of the backpack. I feel good and not in a
manufactured way as if I just read a positive quote. RT
Body Purification:
21 days of the Sauna Program is done! I’m so happy I had the guts to do this
as it really shows me that I can get done what I want to get done. I feel clean
and healthy. I know that those seemingly huge chemical hurdles are quite
manageable with help and a good program to revitalize one’s body. I’ve
recovered some of my lost abilities to guide my own life by detaching from the
“need” for any chemical boot straps. Anita’s care and competence allowed
me to just relax into the program without any distractions to the detoxing going
on. I have to say it’s heartening to know this program is available without
the organizational BS from which it came. Yay! Thanks, Anita and Les, for
doing this ;-) DD
I’m calm. The charges that ware there irritating me to no end have blown,
leaving me with the sense of no concern or consideration on any subject. That
allows me to think freely on all subjects.Thank you Franklin, the Life
Enhancement Center and the Tech for making this possible.Best.FC
I have just completed Excalibur and I must say that it is an amazing Level. I
had many wins throughout. I have such a higher level of awareness and most
importantly for me a higher level of beingness I had not experienced before,
Life changing to say the least. Thanks to Mary and Frankie and thanks to Ron and
Capt Bill. JLG
Book One on Skype:
I just had a wonderful Book 1 session with Anita. We ran out an incident from a
longterm emotional and physical abusive relationship I was in. Anita listened
and helped me through it and I felt safe enough to finally erase it. I feel very
relieved now. I feel that I have lost both physical and mental weight and that
I’m finally spiritual disconnected from the abuser. I can’t thank you
enough, Anita, for being such a wonderful auditor and for helping me let go of
the past and the pain. I’m ready for the future of possibilities! ARC,ZJ
Beginning Excalibur:
I’ve got lots to say about Excal, just been busy visiting and celebrating!
My life is now a continual cognition! I’ve been getting a different perspective
on responsibility and being causative and following thru but without effort.
That’s new. The way I look at things has changed so much it’s almost
unhavable. Lots of mass has blown, loads and loads. I can feel an area around
my body that has much less “stuff” in it. Also, there seems to be a phenomena
happening. It’s happened enough times to make me think it’s not a coincidence.
I go into session, handle something, come out and my husband tells me his cog on
the thing that I just handled. That’s pretty interesting. Also, all of a sudden
family is getting into more ARC with me and each other. One upset happened
between some of them last weekend, but where they would be fighting for months
or even years they handled it that same day. They apologized to each and said
they would talk about the issue later and wanted to hear what the other guy had
to say. This is NOT normal. Also, members of the family that weren’t happy
with me are friendly and happy. I didn’t DO anything. So you can see that there
have been some challenges and other things have been “miracles.” Both are
rewarding. This level has given me so many unexpected experiences and shifts of
reality I couldn’t hope to communicate them all. LOL! It’s easier just to say
it’s wonderful! Thanks to Frankie and Mary. I am forever grateful! Love, AD
Wishing you all a joyful 2015!
Anita and Les
June 17th, 2014

LATEST NEWS from Life Enhancement Center, Idaho

Hi Gang!
WE MOVED (again… sigh)
We are now moved (and almost organized) in a lovely large home in Coeur
d’Alene. We have a course room, auditing rooms, and three guest rooms. We
have a spacious common area, huge deck, and nice view. We are a few miles from
Frankie and Mary. We are still working together—same as before. New address
is on website. We don’t have new pics up on the website yet, but soon to
If you know any indies, survivors from KC Org, or people under the radar in
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, let me know and I’ll give you the
contact data for the theta guys who are starting the group. They are having a
get-together soon–a barbecue and good conversation in Omaha.
We have a new friend, Ron Miscavige. Yes, “the dad.” He is a great guy and is
on the same page we are regarding the Co$. He used to play trumpet for the
Golden Era Musicians, which you may remember. I do remember—it was great! He
has written two light-hearted humorous books which are on Amazon. I read both
and highly recommend—you will laugh. He has been “out” for a couple of
years. THAT story is a good one, too. If you want to get in comm with Ron, you
can email me and I’ll get you connected. Copy and paste this link if you want
to see him!
connect with him via this link. PS He won’t be mad if you order an Exergenie
while you are at it! Ha
INTEGRITY PROGRAM (on skype) (This course will give your life a re-boot!)
The integrity program could not have come at a more critical time in my life.
Not only was I having significant communication issues in my marriage, but I was
faced with a significant hurdle in my relationship with my father. The course
gave me the tools and confidence to manage the situation in a way that I would
have never been capable of in the past. I was able to navigate my way through
conflict – something I’ve avoided in the past. In my marriage, the difference is
shocking. My husband and I are both communicating more effectively and lovingly
– it was amazing to me how quickly the ship turned around. And even more amazing
to realize that I was actually contributing to the problem! We are able to now
talk our way through things before a fight starts. My overall outlook on life
has been more positive and happy – I find it easy to stay “up tone.” I would
highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a practical and workable
change within themselves. The course is all about finding your true self, and I
do feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Thank you, Anita – you are
the best listener I’ve ever encountered! EB
I have recently graduated from the High Integrity Living course (Integrity
Program on skype). Not only is Anita great to work with, the course is much
more organized and practical than the Intro to Scn Ethics. During the course I
not only became assured of where I am, but who I am and where I want to go. It
helped orient me well enough to realize that I came into this life Clear, and
that my Admin Scale can act as my checks and balances to keep me that way while
I continue with my bridge and life. Thank you so much, Anita, for working with
me throughout this course! Peace in your Journeys. Kremnari
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course in communication! It was my intention to
get better command of my communication skills–in giving intent, being better
understood–having more control over delivering my speech. I understand the
need to acknowledge and be acknowledged, to give credit and understanding to the
person talking, and the one or ones listening. The whole process comes in with
affinity for your people working together and creating a reality to complete the
communication triangle. SLG
The wins and ability aren’t so much with my
now being the great conversationalist, it is more
wide open flows with postulates. Especially in helping others, wanting
everyone to do well. When I am in comm as true self and with others,
life is fun. It is the itsa line in use. Its the dynamics flowing free. I also
have much spiritual gain as a Reiki Practictoner, Massage Therapist and
Estetician. It IS ability I nurture everyday. It is very groovy.My greatest
heart felt appreciation and gratitude to you, Russ, for helping me look and
grow. Jiim Gilberti, you are the greatest auditor, never letting a win go
unacknowledged. LRH, cheers, thank you for the tech.Love to all JD
GRADE 0 Student Auditor Jennie Dailey
What an awesome process! I never understood how important communication is.
This has opened up so many things for me. It’s given me SO many cognitions
and given me back that wonderful, easy, free going, blab about everything,
child-like spirit that I REALLY AM! It has reinforced my purpose. It has
opened up new ways that I can help others, right now, with the tech. There are
no stops or limitations to what you can do when you set your mind to it. Oh,
what a feeling to be free! Awesome! CA
I am in a state I would call ‘Speechless”.
The cognitions went above and beyond.
However, I really have to thank this auditor for his great job.
Finishing Grade 3 with Frankie is not only an honor but a pleasure as well.
I invite all to come and do it… It will change your mind.TS
Fantastic! I was able to look at the past and see what I did, and see the
computations. I was able to look at the present and see what I can do. I know
that I can identify and change thoughts and behaviors. It seems the Grades
0,1,2 & 3 all roll up on Grade 4. Again, Frankie did a wonderful job! If you
have fixed ideas, fix this idea: “Get Grade 4 done!” TS
Finishing the grades (auditor Les) have been… interesting for me to say the
least. I get asked questions in session, and I realized I had addressed those
sections earlier in processing, and it kept feeling like I was just validating
the handling I’d already done in my own space! I feel stable mentally and
emotionally. I feel like I can handle just about anything thrown at me right
now, with a stable mind and heart that won’t falter or lead me astray. There’s
so much I could possibly say about this grade, but much of it was unique to me,
and I don’t know how to adequately state it for someone who hasn’t done the
grade itself yet… just that I feel like myself, and that I’m positive about my
own choices and participation on all of my dynamics, not like its someone or
something else causing me to make these choices in my life. I don’t need someone
else’s approval to do my actions… although agreement is sought naturally, its
not a requirement for me to enjoy my life and the positive elements around me
:-) I can only hope that others who do this grade get at least what I got out of
it! Now, onto the next step. E
The tech works! I wanted to go CLEAR this lifetime and thought it was soooo far
in the future, but due to the tech, here I am! Message to all beings: Go for
the most spiritual awareness and gain you can! Get it, use it, and let the
world be your auditor as you go. The ability to create your games and life
become ecstatically sweet and sublime. Thank you, Les and Cova, for this
recognition. LN
Have you Ever? Experienced a state so wonderful, joyful, and loving that you did
not dare whisper it to another? Created from two other’s saintly patience,
mastery, and understanding of their applied practice. Listening and then,
Duplication of all my uneasy communications for many years. That always
resulted in the vanishment of all my considerations of moving forward in the
observation of all my past creations. It is the unmentionable, The Bridge beyond
NOTs. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you beyond words, Mary and Frankie
Freeman. Your student, TR for veteran Scientologists who are OUT for new people—no mention of Scientology on this
website nothing new added recently, but pretty good old
stuff if you haven’t seen it. I WILL get the new stuff that’s in my head
blogged eventually. ;-)) Sad news: Miko passed away…. wahhhhh….
Love, Anita
March 18th, 2014

A message from Life Enhancement Center

Here are a few recent “miracles as usual” from the Life Enhancement Center
in Idaho.

NOTs Complete 3/11/14
How could anyone say and attest that they are cause over life? How could anyone
say that with truth and with no doubt? I see that now. It’s just a new and
different place. It’s really tangible! I have discovered a portal to source
(me) and it opened up all around. My postulates always work when they come from
me. Jim’s postulates go through his mind. There is nothing about mind I
don’t believe, having to do with my true postulates. I feel great and able.
Thanks so much to Mary and Frankie and to Ron. It’s really too late for
anyone to stop me now! ML, JG

(Mid) NED 3/5/14
I found out just how connected we are. I know it’s just a matter of really
looking inside to cultivate this connection. I think the hardest thing
sometimes is to strip away the, “oh, I didn’t do that,” and just be
willing to be cause or the effect. It is definitely easier now. I also feel
much compassion for others. For instance, the being “me”– the quality, the
cause to create—creates energy. The idea, the thought, which goes along with
the comm formula and comm cycle. We all have different ideas to express. How
ever we create it, it is a comm. Through time, it can get twisted, aberrated,
not acknowledged, stuck flow, etc. We get less of who we are. But, underneath
there is a GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL BEING waiting to shine. ;-) We are all
different. We all have our own universes and we all create. IT IS GRANTING THE
BEINGNESS, that makes one grow. For me that is very true on being a cause
point. Thanks, Jim, for getting me through this one. JD

Integrity Program on Skype 3/5/14 (mid program)
“Wow! I am so incredibly overwhelmed with the fact that I just realized that I
can do anything without any stops and barriers, or considerations. That I can
make a decision or a postulate and have it be. What a feeling, I am shaking and
in tears. Wow!” CA

(Same person as above) Integrity Program on Skype Complete 3/15/14
I started on this program and really didn’t know what to expect, but it was
incredible! I don’t think I have gone through so many changes in my life as
what I have gone though in the 3 or 4 weeks that It took us to get through this
program, and things are still changing. The reason I had done the program was
because I had kept getting passed up for promotions a my work. I am a hard
worker and I know what I am doing at my job, I totally enjoy it, but people that
don’t care and totally don’t know what they want, kept getting the promotions.
Well, we found my enemy valence and this just blew me away. I am now able to
look at things as the true me. I have taken responsibility for my actions. I
see no limits and boundaries, I have also found out that what I really want to
do has nothing to do with the work that I AM doing. But I realize it is just
one of those wonderful vias to getting what it is that I really do want in life.
There are no stops for me now. I don’t have all of the considerations that I
had in the past. I can see my goals, and I know that they will become reality.
What a wonderful feeling to have a new true point of view and a true goal for me
and for my family! Thank you so much, Anita, for taking the time with me. It
has completely changed my life. I would recommend this program for anyone.

Grade 3 “Freedom from the upsets of the past and the ability to face the
future” 3/12/14
This was a very interesting series of processes for me. They helped me see a
lot of stuff that I was both upset “by,” and upset “over.” I really
enjoyed traversing the various regions of my mind. Some of the places I ended
up were very “dusty,” and needed some serious cleaning up and cleaning out!
Some of what I learned was particularly interesting, especially how some valid
perspective of mine had “effect precede cause,” on a temporary scale. It really
changed how I look at a few things in life now! All throughout this grade, more
and more as we found regions of charge, they would dissolve faster and faster,
until just clearing the command would as-is and get me an F/N! This was all
perfectly timed in my life and I can’t wait for the next step, grade, process,
etc! EW for veteran Scientologists who are OUT for new people—no mention of Scientology on this
website nothing new added recently, but pretty good old
stuff if you haven’t seen it. I WILL get the new stuff that’s in my head
blogged eventually. ;-))

Love, Anita

February 26th, 2014

A message from Life Enhancement Center

I am testing a new “easier” way to send out success stories. Since I am not
very techy, I would like any feedback. Here are 3 new success stories. Keep
scrolling so you see the OT III story and the Grade II win below this one.

February 15th, 2014
Overall Success Story:
Objectives, NED, State of Clear, Sunshine Rundown,
Super Power Tone Scale Consequence Rundown,
ARC Straightwire and Grade 0

Writing a success story about my most recent trip to the LEC is quite difficult.
Not because the experience was lacking in amazing wins and wonderful successes
but actually, quite the opposite. Not only did I have mind-blowing wins but I
also had something occur that really just sounds sort of “blah” to try and
describe. Les, Jim and Anita helped me in the most profound yet fundamental way
possible. They helped me find “me.” And I assure you, it’s been a long,
long time since I’ve been who I’m supposed to be. I arrived in Idaho and
planned to spend just two weeks working on and hopefully completing the
Objectives. Well, what happened was nothing short of amazing. Jim absolutely
nailed his deliverance of the Objectives and within just a short while, I was
blown right out of my mind, fired right up and unbeknownst at the time, speeding
quickly along the path to Clear. After completing the Objectives, I had time to
spare and so figured it’d be best to keep moving up the Bridge, maximizing my
time spent at the LEC. What I wasn’t prepared for was that I would move from
my Objectives completion, through NED, attest to Clear, finish my Sunshine
Rundown, power through a Super Power Tone Scale Consequence Rundown, complete
ARC Straightwire and then cap it all off with Grade 0. Huffing, puffing,
vibrating and emanating with the superb awesomeness of it all, I just had to
call-off any more processing as quite literally, I was soaring high, right off
the chart. Plus, the environment that Anita and Les put in place within their
home is so inviting, comfortable, supportive and totally positioned to help one
focus on processing that, after all my astounding progress, just being with them
in their home was like marinating in a warm Theta-bath. Actually, it’s one of
the few places I really, truly feel at home. To top-off all of this, the
amazing power of “postulating” reared it’s formidable head. When I got
into Scientology in 2006, I made a deal with myself that I’d read and listen
to “everything Ron” before making a move up the Bridge, but that outside of
this, I definitely wanted to go Clear by the time I was 33 years old. Well,
during this trip, just six hours before my 34th birthday, I attested to the
State of Clear. For me, words cannot do this accomplishment any sort of
justice. So I’ll just say, with a “wink,” that it was the best possible
“cherry on top” I could ever have. So, while I had some really amazing
accomplishments and a whole onslaught of wins, there are a few broader things
that I really took-away from my journey through the Objectives, to Clear and
beyond: The first relates to going Clear: All I can say is, boy is it nice to
really just know myself–like, REALLY know myself. A total weight has been
lifted and it’s simply a pleasure to just be situated right where I am, doing
things under my own volition and seeing life for what it is, full of joy,
adventure and opportunity. The second take-away is an urgency to propel myself
up the rest of the Bridge, to full OT. This lifetime is short. I don’t want to
waste a second of it. The third take-away is just how stupidly simple, yet
affective LRH’s Tech is. It’s unreal. Unbelievable. How this man ever
managed to sort through all the hoo-haw and bang-home the important stuff is
beyond me. How a person could ever figure out, for instance, that touching books
and bottles could change a person’s considerations about life so
fundamentally… well, there’s just nothing else to say other than “thank
you so very, very much.” Also, that along with my gratitude comes a sense of
responsibility – a realization that I need to help others experience the Tech.
So I’ve got to get moving; got to get trained as an Auditor and help others find
and help themselves. The last take-away that stuck with me since my trip to
Idaho, is the wonderful reality that Les, Anita and Jim have put in place. I’m
too young and too fresh to Scientology to know first-hand how things used to be
when the “Old Man was around,” but I’ve got a pretty big hunch that what’s
going on at the LEC is what LRH intended for his life’s work. It’s how an
Org truly should be. Full of life and laughter and pumping out success story
after success story. To me, that’s one of the biggest compliments anyone could
pay to LRH – and Les, Anita and Jim are doing it in spades. So thank you guys
for being there and doing what you do. I am appreciative in ways that words
could never describe but regardless, still want you to know that you’ve
changed my life, for the good, for forever. I can’t wait to share the next
part of my journey with you. And to LRH – a heartfelt and sincere “thank you so
very much.” MJ

OT III (CSed by Frankie Freeman)

First of all, this was fun! And it was not what I expected. In fact, not even
close. Secondly, because of what I was running, I did not realize what was
happening to ME. I had a persistent F/N for two sessions and thought, “Well,
something happened, but I don’t know what,” so I went in for a session with
Mary. After Mary asked me certain questions and gave me data, it was determined
that I was done with OT III. Let me see—what did I actually gain? Well,
whenever I have an ARC break, I have been handling it out of session just
spotting that it WAS an ARC break and spotting why I was upset. No need to fly
Ruds. Pretty cool. And my “upsets” don’t last very long at all. Because
of that, I don’t stay in a lower tone level very long—minutes at the most.
Being able to spot why I was upset without flying Ruds has been very cool. I
feel like I am F/Ning all the time. Life just doesn’t interfere with my F/N.
There is a situation that has been going on for about eight months now that is
pretty enturbulative, yet I am not enturbulated by it. Just handling it. It
may take a couple more months to handle, but it is NOT an upset—it is a HANDLE
as needed. Now, this one, to me, is pretty cool—I can make a decision and
stick to it. If someone else wants me to do other than what I had decided, I
acknowledge what was said and stick to MY decision. ALW

Grade II Expanded

This is the place to be for me, it is where it starts to get interesting. I
have more peace in my life, less stress and more understanding of why things
happen the way they happen. Thank you, Jim, for getting me to this point and
beyond. Thanks to Anita and Les for being there for me and others. We all love
you guys. DA

Our websites: for ex church members for new people–no Scn’t mentioned, just a sincere way
to help people.
My blog is generic, for everyone.

Love, Anita

January 30th, 2014

Training and Lower Bridge Wins from Idaho

Check out our websites: For new people, no mention of Scientology For us ex-church members

Check out my blog story about the Co$.


Basic Comm Course


The drills in this course have enabled me to face anyone without fear (confront). For me, this will be particularly useful for dating. I feel a lot more able to start a conversation with a stranger and actually feel excited about approaching women again! I used to sometimes get a subconscious smile that was kind of awkward (mostly around new people I was nervous to meet) but that has gone away. I also feel that this course will help me in the working world, in that I will be able to maintain composure when getting criticism from a supervisor. I can now look into the eyes of a stranger for as long as I need to without getting nervous. SA
Advanced Comm Course


I learned Tone 40 (intention without reservation) and how to control someone with just enough force for them to do what I want. Tone 40 will be useful for when I make postulates and the body control exercises will be helpful for when I am on dates and want to lead a woman somewhere. SA
Auditor Training Success

1/24/13 Sup Jim, CS Frankie

This is more of a Thank You Story than it is a success story. Thank you Life Enhancement Center for creating a space safe enough to allow the delivery of NOTs in the Independent field. Just a year earlier I would have never dreamed I’d be auditing NOTs on another. I enjoy auditing at NOTs level as one can apply the many auditing skills one has attained. What this means in the Independent Scientology history I haven’t a clue but I’m a part of it. Thanks again, FC
Solo Course Part 1

10/10/13 Sup: Jim

This course put me on the track to really helping others by getting for the first time the theory and practical of auditing. I learned the “why” of several points and feel I can apply them in life as well as in session. My big win is having more knowledge to help people in my life–with more certainty than ever before. I know the ability will continue to increase the more training I receive and the more OT I become. This is fascinating material. I continue to marvel at the discoveries and documentation of LRH, and the thoroughness of his work. I appreciated particularly, aside from the materials, having a course supervisor who has great knowledge, skill, and successes in auditing, as his insight helped my progress immensely. SB


1/14/14 Aud: Jim

Where else would (or could) I ever be, but right here, right now—always? Always right where I am. Thank you so much to Jim, Anita, Les, Book, Bottle & LRH. MJ


1/17/14 Aud: Les

I’ve come to the conclusion that drugs and alcohol are silly. I mean really funny—good for a chuckle. My life is grand without them, so why on earth would I want to take them? If I’m that hard up for an effect, why I’ll just go out and make one! MJ

Scn Drug RD

10/13/13 Aud: Les

I realized that drugs could have put me into a really bad state and the suffering it would have caused my family and friends, especially, would have been heartbreaking. KN


10/22/13 Aud: Les

Cogniting on so many things, I realized that I have been at my worse, but I am getting better. I know I am the cause of postulates, ethics, ARC, cycles or action, granting beingness, doingness and all other cool stuff! I am also thinking clearer and feeling lighter which is something I’ve been endeavoring for a while! KN

Grade O

10/28/13 Aud: Les

•I caused the good and not good via my postulates.
•I can postulate not to use my reactive mind.
•Communication resolves everything.
•I love my dynamics.
•Creating is joyful.
•I can communicate to anyone about anything. KN

Grade 1

11/1/13 Aud: Les


I can create for my dynamics now.
Help speeds up resolving problems.
Resolving problems is fun.
I can resolve problems. KN

Grade 2

12/17/13 Auditor: Les

This has been the most intense look back on my existence I’ve done yet. It was awesome to find stuff so far back on my time track that was affecting me in PT, and then to clear it up! Right now (granted, just after session), I’m feeling like my mass overall is so much lighter, and like my space is tingling all around me. (Not to mention after the last incident we ran, my hands and nerves feel like they got burned with the charge that was released!) I feel great, and can’t wait to get through the rest ahead! EW

Grade 2

11/16/13 Auditor: Les

I am ready to create for all my dynamics because I love them in my eternity. KN

January 17th, 2014

Definite Wins & Gains Will Save Thousands of $$!

Mr. E has had continuing large expenses to replace teeth implants for a chronic ‘grinding’ problem.  Since attesting to his Purif and TR’s & Objectives completions, he has this to say:

“Since coming to the FZ Group of Alameda, I’ve experienced some definite wins and gains.  I’ve noticed a definite calming of those constantly churning thoughts I had– as if someone had turned down the volume of a very loud radio.  Also, I had been a lifelong teeth grinder and now I hardly do that at all.  [For me], it has not been easy doing these processes, but I’m glad I saw it through.  Thank  you!”



November 14th, 2013

Some recent success stories

OT II Completion 10/13
During OT II I found that I have more space, a bigger universe, and my confront has increased. I am able to see the Why in situations among people around me and bring about some understanding and order. I have a greater reality on the Whole Track and other beings, and I am more aware of my immortality. JG
Solo Course Part 1 10/10/13
I feel this course put me on the track to really helping others by getting for the first time the theory and practical of auditing. I learned the “why” of several points and feel I can apply them in life as well as in session. My big win is having more knowledge to help people in my life–with more certainty than ever before. I know the ability will continue to increase the more training I receive and the more OT I become. This is fascinating material. I continue to marvel at the discoveries and documentation of LRH, and the thoroughness of his work. I appreciated particularly, aside from the materials, having a course supervisor who has great knowledge, skill, and successes in auditing, as his insight helped my progress immensely. SB
Integrity Program on Skype 10/13
I have my own business. It’s growing. My stats are up.Then I hit a wall. I wasn’t excited by my life anymore. I felt trapped by my business. I felt trapped in my relationship. My drive to succeed had all but disappeared. I started avoiding doing things that needed to be done. At times I would even drink to escape.
Then I found Anita. Or rather, she found me.Anita used great ARC and high intention to get me in session. From there, I blew a tremendous amount of charge I’d been carrying around for years regarding my profession. I started to realize my self worth. I confronted my fears. I salvaged my relationship.
It’s only been a few short weeks since we started working together, and I am flying! My relationship is great, my business is soaring, my drive to succeed is back. My confront is high. These simple tools work miracles!!! Call her and get started TODAY! SF
Client from another continent currently here going up the Grades:
Drug RD:
I realized that drugs could have put me into a really bad state and the suffering it would have caused my family and friends, especially, would have been heartbreaking.
Cogniting on so many things, I realized that I have been at my worse, but I am getting better. I know I am the cause of postulates, ethics, ARC, cycles or action, granting beingness, doingness and all other cool stuff! I am also thinking clearer and feeling lighter which is something I’ve been endeavoring for a while!
Grade 0 cognitions:
•I caused the good and not good via my postulates.
•I can postulate not to use my reactive mind.
•Communication resolves everything.
•I love my dynamics.
•Creating is joyful.
•I can communicate to anyone about anything.
Grade 1 Cognitions:
I can create for my dynamics now. Help speeds up resolving problems.Resolving problems is fun.I can resolve problems. KN
Ethics (Integrity) Program Wins 10/13
I have been “sitting” in an amazing win for quite some time and then I realized this week that it was not a win that was going to go away. Unlike a release for some short period of time until the needle gets dirty again, I have made real changes in the Ethics Program with Mary. First of all, I had never done conditions before. I never worked in a business that used LRH tech and only when I got onto OT VII in the corporate C of S did I get assigned Liability every six months in order to extract a donation. As I told my MAA after a few of these episodes, I was Catholic in an early life and the ‘paying for my sins’ didn’t work then and it won’t work now. That only served as an annoyance to the S.O. staff as they needed other mechanisms to get cash from me. In the times when I did get out of liability (an absurd thought at this point given how conditions are applied) it never occurred to me to continue up the conditions. Help in the MAA’s office was finished when the check was written.To be able to work with Mary, who understands the real life practical application of LRH tech to improve conditions, was a pure joy. I must admit that I was a bit nervous going into it thinking that I might not have the right answers and that I might not be able to FIND them and that I might not be perfect enough, that I’m not clever enough….. (This has been one of my life-long ruins.) That fear was quickly handled as Mary has a grasp on the tech and was able to bring it alive to me with great examples and exercises to get me to look in the right places. So, what has changed? I can easily recognize the “enemy within” that has haunted me this lifetime. I completed the guts of the program when I was in quite an idyllic situation so, while it seemed very real, I didn’t know how it would work when I was back to my everyday life. Well, that apprehension must have been written all over me because in fact I was “tested” and fortunately, Mary had given me the tools to take back the COO position. I have found out who is boss – ME! I am in control and it is effortless. I have had minor setbacks on one of my programs and they just roll off my back. In the past I would have succumbed and been back on the roller coaster. Now I am confidently running the show and not feeling effect. I know the decisions I am making for myself are correct because they are mine and they are for ME. If the route is still a little zig-zag at times, I can self-correct and get on the path with no drama, no self-loathing, no self-criticism, and I have to say that this feels great. I have been handling work situations much more directly and honestly and I have enjoyed my responsibilities more as a result of that. I look at the future with more excitement and promise than I have in as long as I can remember. Thank you, Mary, for your tremendous ARC, your knowledge of the tech, and your excellent guidance through this program. I would highly recommend this program to my friends. Love, J
Love, Anita for non-Scientologists for ex church members