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December 3rd, 2015

Newsletter from Idaho and FREE LRH Materials!


Free to a good home, LRH materials: some cassette tape packs, some VHS tapes,
some R&D vols, some Management Series. If you are interested, let me know.
I’ll send you a list. The price is if you would please pay for the shipping.

We are having a glorious time here in Idaho. We have settled in to a very nice
randomity with a combination of in-person auditing/training of some locals, and
some not so local from around the planet. We are doing some skype
work–metered, some not metered. With Frankie and Mary delivering OT levels 7
miles up the road, many of those clients take advantage of our guest rooms.
Living the dream…..

Our community has recently added an awesome Class 8 auditor. He and his artist
wife recently moved here. I’ll email you privately if you want more data.

I am right now starting on Excalibur (equivalent to OT8)! I finished the
training and I’m starting the auditing. All of a sudden there is quite a mob
of us scrambling to get on this level! If you look on our website, click on
CBR. That stands for Captain Bill Robertson.

I’m posting some recent success stories below. I’ll sign off here because
some of you may not make it to the bottom of this email….

To remind you of our websites: for seasoned ex church members and those under the radar. sanitized for new people. All about the purification program. This website was
designed for non-scn’ts. A picture of our beautiful new sauna at the top

Love, Anita

Here are the success stories:

Marriage counseling from our remote auditor in Nebraska, Steve:
Wife: I had NOT been communicating with my husband. I felt like my husband was
no longer there emotionally for me. He was constantly out of work. We also had a
roommate that was causing issues between us and I ended up having an affair.
While in session I realized that it was being triggered by my holding on to a
prior year when my husband was on drugs and was constantly hurting me. My
auditor pointed me in the direction of an area that I needed to see. I realized
and had a complete breakthrough and thought about it a lot in session and it
felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was in tears because
I had hurt the soul of my life partner. Communication is the most important
thing to me now and always making sure that we know how each other feels at all
times, no matter what the feelings are. Acceptance and acknowledgement of each
other’s feelings, trials, etc. are the most important things to me now. We
now communicate on a daily basis. Our marriage is back to where we want it. I
feel an extreme sense of peace. When I think back on that difficult time in our
lives, I no longer feel pain and resentment. The love I feel for my husband is
stronger than it has ever been and our marriage has improved 100-fold. A
Husband: I was in a world of loss. My wife/soulmate had cheated and my entire
world was devastated. We had a complete communication breakdown and we had no
idea how to work through the infidelity. Our auditor showed us how. Currently,
we are experiencing a new way to work through our issues. I feel my faith in
her has been restored and even though we are taking things one day at a time, I
am extremely confident we will be fine, restored to a newfound sense of love in
our marriage. S

Integrity Program
I was finally able to get some Scientology after, let’s see, like 29 years. I
got an introductory session from Mary Freeman two weeks ago that was awesome!
Today I started the High Integrity Living program—applying ethics to my first
dynamic in a pro-survival way–not in a “punishing your out-ethics” way, which
is quite refreshing. I tried to do that once in Scientology and was scolded.
This is way better then I could have ever done on my own anyway! Plus Anita
makes it so easy! I am looking forward to many more Scientology steps on the
way to getting my 1st Dynamic out of lowers for once this lifetime:) Thank you
Anita, you’re awesome! ML, SM

Integrity Program
This has been THE most in-depth ethics action I’ve ever done. What it has done
is re-establish ME – a new version, which was the old version of a stable,
knowing and powerful being.
Going into this program, my 1st and 2nd dynamics needed an overhaul; I
couldn’t plan my life until I had some answers. My hope and expectation of
this program was to remove the charge I knew was there so that I would be able
to make decisions more sanely. I had no idea the depth we would reach; no idea
the stability that could be gained. No idea how recognizing that the garbage you
have can easily be removed by inspecting it once you realize how it was being
created in the first place. Confidence builds as you gradually and firmly
de-power this beast by transferring power to yourself where it belongs. Mary’s
understanding, methodology, implementation and certainty of this program adds to
your ability to confront this head on. It looks impossible at the start but each
step naturally flows to the following one until your awareness and certainty
rises. It doesn’t take long – looking back, it was like going from effect to
cause almost overnight. Wins are still coming. I must thank LRH for discovering
the building blocks of this technology, Mary for designing those blocks, and
Anita for giving me a boost when I needed it; and all who helped me slay this
dragon along the way. MA

Self Analysis lists unmetered, on skype
Throughout the last several months..I have had the honor to be audited by
Anita. I’ve felt many wins.. My most glowing moment came half way through our
list of IMAGINATION.. I realized that I had finally been able to rip the
bandaids of my life–those moments I had held sacred–the moment I was born, for
one. Another was the minutes I realized my mom had a massive cardiac and was
not coming back; when my dad was first diagnosed with three types of
cancer–then watching the next two years as his life was continually
compromised–till the last breaths that were gifted to him or us, his beloved
family.. I believe my journey has been given a special prize. I can revisit
those moments now without fear of terrible sadness..and also incorporate the
many, many memories of our family’s blessings.. I won’t say I’ll never cry
about their loss. But I do know it won’t bring me to my sad and grief
stricken as my family was.. My parents lives were wonderful and fulfilling.
They taught my sisters and me what love really was–in thought as well as deed.
Many blessings on you and yours for helping me find my strength to counter my
fear of facing the unknown .. SG

Grades, etc, delivered by our traveling auditor, Jim Gilberti
Grade 1 This grade was major for me. Things surfaced that only auditing could
detect—that really only a true tech terminal could handle. Jim didn’t just
audit me, he was in comm at every level of the travail I was holding and knew
what to do. He is a brilliant tech terminal. Today, I know I can recognize and
vanish the source of problems on all my flows. It’s beautiful. I look
forward to using my new ability when I get a problem! Actually, I have had a few
throughout this grade and literally blew through them. Amen. Thank you, R, for
believing in me and making this possible. Blessings. Thank you, Jim, you’re
awesome!!! Les, Anita, Frankie, Mary, thank you for opening your home to me.

Grade 2 After completing Grade 2 auditing I happily realized that I have
gained the ability to identify overts being committed (by myself and others) and
they are not interfering in my life. I am aware of the mechanism. BS

Grade 3 My vision is clear and I’m feeling delicious power over my own
aspirations and intentions. Life is much lighter and beckoning to engage in
adventure. No more, “Yea Buts”. BS

Grade 4 I am at least 10 times (at least) better than I was one month ago…
and there is still plenty of space. Talk about walking on air! I can now connect
the dots at lightning speed (well almost) and it sure makes everything a lot
more fun. Even the hurdles. I am postulating that Jim will be back soon to begin
NED so I can continue the adventure. BS

Suppressed Person Rundown I am on the other side of the SP. I get the picture
now and realize my responsibility in the whole show. Sigh of relief and Yay. BS

PTS Rundown I have connected the dots! The elements of my SP’s game have become
apparent to me! I can be at cause now and not be squashed by her psychotic
behavior. She is no longer in control of my emotional well-being. yMy confidence
level is back – my energy has returned. I look forward to living light again
and taking each day as it comes. The hovering dread has vanished.Let the fun
begin… Again! Thanks Jim… I like roller coasters, but not the PTS ones! BS

Grades delivered by Mary

Grade 2 raised my responsibility level to a much higher degree. The saying,
“You are totally responsible for the condition you are in,” has never been
more real to me as now. I have an acceptance of the actions and emotions others
have caused as well as the actions and emotions I have caused to others. What
amazed me was the expansive scope of this grade, covering all dynamics. Wow.
There is a peace within me now. Thank you Mary, Frankie and LRH. MA

Grade 4 I feel like a new being; like I’ve been washed / cleaned / stripped
of grime that I didn’t know I had. I feel more ME; like naked with mechanisms
gone. This level hit me like no other. I’m expanded, awe-struck – sort of
shell-shocked. This technology is something I only partially understood before;
never recognizing the nature and mechanics of service facsimiles. They will be
much easier to spot now. Wow. MA

I came to Les open minded—anything, any gain I received would be fine by me.
Les made some correct indications and away we went. I saw my sources of mental
noise. This insight is priceless, apart from the several specific and
significant gains I achieved. One cognition, in particular, has changed by life
forever, in the most profound way. A note on Les: the experience of auditing
was easy. Les makes it into a conversation with no bump. He is a master of the
art—a blackbelt! A note on Anita and the physical environment—my wife and I
felt welcome and comfortable the whole time. Anita and Les create a lovely
space. This has been one of the best experiences of my life! AS

Solo Two
Loooooong time coming. I’d still be screwing around on the “300 Objective
SRD” if I hadn’t stepped outside the corporate box of the “new &
improved” Scientology! The dwarf megalomaniac has pretty much destroyed &/or
perverted Scn so people are actually spending YEARS on the (so called) Survival
Rundown. ME? I’m just going to quietly do my OT Levels in the FreeZone!
Thanks, Les & Anita! KW

Through the journey of OT III one of my wins was a mass of a weight lifting off
of my lap. It felt like weight blowing off my lap. Another was an opening of
space opening up like more expansion to throw my anchor points out into my
universe. There were others. The final win on this level is when I realized
there was what seemed like a tear or opening in the theta universe like a wall.
My thought was. is that what Ron meant when he said wall of fire? F/N As
Frankie said, “Keep going you will be glad you did.” Now I shall enjoy this
win and watch how my stats run from this new viewpoint.
Thank you. I adore you, Frankie, for being patient and keeping me on track
through this level. I appreciate, adore and am very grateful for all of
you—including Mary, Les, and Anita ! Love, SL

I have such a clarity of beingness – a widening of space – my ability to focus
has increased 1000% – my ability to perceive, well, EVERYTHING has increased,
plus I think my hair is growing again (joke – I wish). This could NOT have
happened, without the knowledge & willingness of Mary & Frankie Freeman.
Frankie was my “Yoda” and Mary was the Good Witch, making all things line up and
POP when they were supposed to. And, thanks to you all up here, I just finished
OT 4 today! Ya know, the freakiest thing was this: when I started on Solo, I
looked at it all and said “no freakin’ way–too difficult.” But Ron, in his
astounding manner, set it all up in such a way that one step led to another,
then to another, then – well, you get the idea. It was like trying to walk down
a steep hill and not run. Thank you Frankie. Thank you Mary.
I can almost hear LRH saying, “it’s about damn time, youngster!” Thanks deeply
to Ron.

“Excalibur” from CBR upper OT levels, equivalent to OT8
I was musing yesterday about how smoothly Excalibur had been going for me. I
had some interesting shifts in my universe and some “occurrences” in the
world around me that were interesting. It is like putting that soothing oil on
the turbulent seas to calm them.
It occurred to me that we, each of us has a fingerprint of essence. Everything
you perceive, touch, reach out to, withdraw from, and communicate to in any way
or form is part of that eternal fingerprint that YOU create and become. That is
you on the timeless eternal ongoing track. You are what you create yourself to
be. We each of us have our own Cosmic Eternal fingerprint, and along the way
Mother Karma is there to remind us of what we did or failed to do by the
blessings or lack of that we heap upon ourselves and others.
It also occurred to me that in a really odd and weird sort of way, the world I
was looking at around me, with aberrated beings, bumpy roads and half built
skyscrapers is a pristine reflection of the mosaic that we with our theta
fingerprints have created. We can re-create the mosaic or also strike up a new
canvas …. The universe in it’s course is truly unfolding as it should…..

Levels above Excalibur
I realize there is no longer any personal counter-intention at all in my
universe…yes, from others but that doesn’t last more than a few seconds
these days! If even that long. And this results in serious amounts of work being
done. I move very, very fast now when doing anything…and I just don’t have
any reservations or countering of my actions. It feels great and a definite
result of the auditing on these upper levels. And the products are very good
too! It really does feel great to be able to reach and create without
reservation!! And directly without any vias, if I so desire. A little bit on the
next level. I’m just wrapping up the materials for this level and I should be
in session sometime this week. The data on this level is pretty amazing. Every
day I am on study there is huge amounts of TA, insight and ability being gained.
More-so than on any other level. Some serious case gain from the materials!
On this level you are reaching into infinity, well past any MEST boundaries –
well past. If fact the MEST U is just a small blurp in the scope of one’s
session space. I had mentioned previously the irony of using the creation
(language, e-Meters, MEST U location, etc, etc) to free the creator (you and I).
On this level, it just you, turned loose to as-is barriers to the freedom of all
of life!! You are granted amazing amounts of beingness to complete these cycles
of action……but one is definitely up to the task! I can hardly wait to
initiate the melt-down!! LOL The reach, without reservation to free……..I
will soon begin this fully encompassing cycle of existence! P

October 14th, 2013

Wins Galore

Here are some mixed testimonials from
9/23/13 Book One Auditing (first auditing ever for this PC, delivered by Linda)
Ever since the auditing, I have not been as depressed or self-destructive feeling. I hope it stays that way. I’d say I’m doing better. CC
Repair Auditing 8/23/13
I have just returned from a visit to Les and Anita Warren’s. It sounds a little dramatic but it actually feels like it was a life saver. I had totally given up on the possibility of going up the Bridge this life time in the Corporate Church of Scientology. I had decided I would just read and study LRH and try again next time around. It was so wonderful to find that Scientology still exists on the planet and that it is being done the way I always felt it should be done, with total affinity and concern for the wellbeing of the pc. The desire and intention is for people to go free!
When I arrived I was sitting in the middle of a very real, messy family problem. It isn’t totally resolved, but we have a plan and I personally am in much better shape to handle it. But more importantly, I came away refreshed as a being–reminded of what the tech can really do. I’m happy at the prospect of continuing up both sides of the Bridge. I recognited on how important it is for each of us to get up the Bridge because all of the plans on other dynamics depend upon freed beings. The idea of self-denial in order to focus on the third and fourth dynamic is false. The more free thetans there are the better! I also began to really look at how important it is to pass this tech along to others. There is no huge organization doing that for us now. The tech is basically dead there. We want to make sure there is a vibrant new bunch of Scientologists coming after us that will keep it going. We are forming a group in our area with that as one of its goals. Thank you so much, Les and Anita. We’ll be seeing lots more of you!!! Love, NC
September 11, 2013 PTS Rundown and Suppressed Person Rundown
Today I blew the problem that was the target of this entire program. My auditor was Les Warren. We’ve been attacking this thing for days, ending every session thinking, “That HAD to be it”, but going back in later and discovering there was more to run. Then this morning, about 45 minutes in, this thing happened. It was literally like a bright flash of golden light went through my universe, accompanied by what I swear was a blast of wind as this problem, and all the remaining mass attached to it, blew away. I was left sitting there, in the chair, holding the cans, slack-jawed. The problem was gone. It had been, or appeared, life-threatening, and now it was simply gone. It was a problem I had with another person, and I know it vanished for him, too. According to Ron, I should be hearing from that person, and I’m sure I will. This blow-out occurred some hours ago, and the FN is still “rolling”, but it feels stable. I know I’m done here in Coeur D’Alene for this trip. Again, thanks so much to Anita and Les Warren for being here and doing what they do. I’m driving home to Canada in the morning, but I’ll be back, next time I need fixing… DS
9/6/13 Grade IV Complete
This has been a grade that rocks! I have felt “new legs” wanting to run and apply my newfound ability to create new (better survival) ways of playing the game of life. It IS a game that is great and fun to play! This is my “happy thought” that I plan to keep working with my new abilities to go forward. LN
9/13/13 Review Auditing
Mary set me up with a review–LX Lists. I went into session and Jimmy with his wonderful auditing took me through my list to EP. It is wonderful to know the valences were just junk in the way of my true state of beingness. Jimmy, you are loved and thank you so much for perfect standard tech. PS LRH is a genius. Thank you to the whole team! Love, SL
Solo II 9/26/13
I just finished Solo II about a week ago. I learned that, yes, I CAN audit myself. I was concerned, worried, etc., etc., but with the help of Jim (my sup), and the support of Les and Anita, I was able to get through and know what I was doing. I also realized that the auditor training I had in the mid-70’s was a big help and that I did not forget much of it, even though I never audited anyone (other than the course requirement to attest to the course being done). That was really awesome to realize.
My certainty that I can do this myself is really way up there. Jim really knows his stuff as a sup and will get anyone through any course with full certainty that you have attained that information. I know he did that for me. So, thank you, Jim, for answering ALL my questions quickly and getting me to the source materials so that I fully understood what I was doing.
Les, thanks for listening to me and my concerns and helping me with your advice. Anita, thank you for being you! ALW
Integrity Program 9/26/13
The Integrity Program with the LEC was there for the asking, whenever I wanted it. Many of my friends had done it to rave success. But I held back, as I didn’t see the need, felt I knew what I needed to know about ethics tech and could apply it to myself, etc. However, after a pile up of incidents, no need for details, I finally got to the point where I had my “wake-up call” and reached for it. I have always been one to say “things don’t happen for no reason” and that was absolutely true in this case. So, I heeded the call and moved right into the Integrity Program and through the expert guidance of Mary Freeman who designed the program and Jim Gilberti who is delivering it to me, I have emerged as myself, after so many years of operating out of valence. And I am not even done yet. I was able to spot when I started to slip and took on the enemy valence and exactly what that valence was. I also realized that each time I took it on later it was due to restimulation, being out of “present time.” Another thing that I found amazing is that I realized after all these years that I have been in propitiation since my early 20s–that’s nearly 40 years, folks–all to make up for the naughty, out of valence things I did in my late teens to “make the enemy wrong”–how crazy is that!! Consequently, up until now, I have not been running my own life, let alone living for myself.
Anyhow, I could go on and on. There is so much I could say. But I can tell you this: the Integrity Program is well worth the investment. I am confident that from here on out I will be a truly happy and prosperous person as a result. Thanks again to the folks at the LEC, especially Mary, Jim, and Anita. I luv you all!! Best, KMR
8/26/13 Mid OT3
Well, first of all I don’t seem to have any attention on myself. I’m pretty keyed out and nothing bothers me. My postulates don’t have any counter-intention that is discern-able. My arc for myself and others has risen tremendously. I see where the “counter to my own” survival potential has been coming from. So far on this level a great deal of my difficulty in life is being explained. Thanks to Frankie & LRH. JG

Mid NOTs SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

I have been getting auditing from Mary Freeman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Mary’s auditing technique is surgically precise, and what has changed in my universe is quite remarkable. A significant amount of “added to” energy and mass has disappeared from my spiritual position leaving me more located, more certain and less confused. Physically I have (and have had during sessions) the perception of noticing real and potential body maladies dissipating. Problems that have interconnected my life with the lives of others are no more. It is more natural to be here now. It is as if my existence…..having for some time been unknowingly swept up in a Fellini movie……..from which I could not depart………is now more my own……..because the film in which I was captive…..has suddenly disappeared…. I also have had a glimpse at the whole bridge… There is no “glass ceiling”….It is really there…waiting for all of us. I am located, healthy and certain…. What more can I say…. Other than thank you, Mary Freeman, Frankie Freeman, LRH, CBR and David Mayo. DD

Mid NOTs 9/21/13

My first session with Frankie in six weeks and it was wonderful! The track is coming alive in full color and motion and I’m not flinching. All of a sudden, having blown some major things, my affinity for thetans has sky rocketed. I love people! I love their ability to bounce back after tragedy and get back to their spirit of play and a game. Frankie and Mary are terrific for putting this here for us. AD


May 12th, 2013

PTS Rundown Success

May 12, 2013    Elma, WA      Auditor Pat Krenik

Nothing compares with the feeling, and the assurance, that the old damaging patterns have been irrevocably rooted out.

 A word of caution:  In order to fully embrace the benefits, one must be prepared to enter into a new way of life, a new way of feeling, a new way of being.  I am filling the “space” left by the patterns that have exited with new appreciation for what is, with gratitude, with new patterns of living in the moment and filling each one with those qualities I want to further – love, joy, peace…

I could not have imagined the freedom until I entered this new place.


Thank you!!!