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February 23rd, 2015

Solo NOTS Review-The Best Sessions I Ever Had


Since starting auditing in the Independent Field, I have
helped many stalled Clears and OTs get onto their
Solo auditing.

People are making real Bridge progress.

This gives me great satisfaction since this is a strong
goal of mine. I work closely with Randy, who trains
and C/Ses their Solo auditing. We work together to
make sure they continue to do well.

Mary is one example, She had been on Solo NOTS for
awhile, and then she hit something she could not resolve herself.

Two hours of review auditing and she was back winning on
the level again.

It is really possible to do your bridge in the independent field!

Here is her success story:

I had a couple of situations that were drawing my attention in
session and I had no idea how to resolve it. My wonderful
C/S knew exActly what to do—See Trey Lotz for a review!

I have handled both situations in 2 hours.

The two sessions were the best I ever had!!

I blew more mass than I have ever done before.
I now understand a lot more what is going on and now
I know how to handle it.

Thanks to Trey & Randy!!


July 28th, 2014

My life has changed so dramatically…

> My life has changed so dramatically for the better since I have connected up with Frankie and Mary! I absolutely know I have a great future ahead of me which I can create in any way I want- I have woken up and am absolutely thrilled to be where I am at this very instant.

> For years in the church I originated and originated different aspects of my life and case I wanted to address but was always met with silence. An avoidance, if you will.

> Within minutes of being in an interview with Mary, we were able to determine a specific Ron’s Org rundown was exactly what was needed. It answered so many questions for me and also acknowledged my perceptions I had previously originated. And then I went into session with Frankie and holy crap!!! I never expected the absolute relevance this auditing had with me. It literally tore my case apart but in the most dramatically gentle way only Frankie can do!! I’ve had lots of NOTS but nothing prepared me for this. Relevant, explosive – like the most dramatic storm I had ever experienced (by the way I like storms) eventually dissipating into the most wonderful moment of freedom.

> I am now finished with this action and feel so good, so free, so alive and so in love with life. I really feel like I have been given a new chance at life. After years in the church and almost 25 years of abandoning my drive for spiritual cause I am so grateful to be able to arrive where I am with the perfect help from Frankie and Mary. I am half way through the Excalibur materials and am so eager to start the auditing. My life has started a new phase of freedom!!!!

> Thank you Frankie and Mary. Thank you to all of the ones keeping this technology available so people like me can go free. Thanks to CBR for pushing the envelope and to LRH for his love, caring and this technology. You all leave me in tears – you are so appreciated!!

June 17th, 2014

LATEST NEWS from Life Enhancement Center, Idaho

Hi Gang!
WE MOVED (again… sigh)
We are now moved (and almost organized) in a lovely large home in Coeur
d’Alene. We have a course room, auditing rooms, and three guest rooms. We
have a spacious common area, huge deck, and nice view. We are a few miles from
Frankie and Mary. We are still working together—same as before. New address
is on website. We don’t have new pics up on the website yet, but soon to
If you know any indies, survivors from KC Org, or people under the radar in
Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, let me know and I’ll give you the
contact data for the theta guys who are starting the group. They are having a
get-together soon–a barbecue and good conversation in Omaha.
We have a new friend, Ron Miscavige. Yes, “the dad.” He is a great guy and is
on the same page we are regarding the Co$. He used to play trumpet for the
Golden Era Musicians, which you may remember. I do remember—it was great! He
has written two light-hearted humorous books which are on Amazon. I read both
and highly recommend—you will laugh. He has been “out” for a couple of
years. THAT story is a good one, too. If you want to get in comm with Ron, you
can email me and I’ll get you connected. Copy and paste this link if you want
to see him!
connect with him via this link. PS He won’t be mad if you order an Exergenie
while you are at it! Ha
INTEGRITY PROGRAM (on skype) (This course will give your life a re-boot!)
The integrity program could not have come at a more critical time in my life.
Not only was I having significant communication issues in my marriage, but I was
faced with a significant hurdle in my relationship with my father. The course
gave me the tools and confidence to manage the situation in a way that I would
have never been capable of in the past. I was able to navigate my way through
conflict – something I’ve avoided in the past. In my marriage, the difference is
shocking. My husband and I are both communicating more effectively and lovingly
– it was amazing to me how quickly the ship turned around. And even more amazing
to realize that I was actually contributing to the problem! We are able to now
talk our way through things before a fight starts. My overall outlook on life
has been more positive and happy – I find it easy to stay “up tone.” I would
highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a practical and workable
change within themselves. The course is all about finding your true self, and I
do feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Thank you, Anita – you are
the best listener I’ve ever encountered! EB
I have recently graduated from the High Integrity Living course (Integrity
Program on skype). Not only is Anita great to work with, the course is much
more organized and practical than the Intro to Scn Ethics. During the course I
not only became assured of where I am, but who I am and where I want to go. It
helped orient me well enough to realize that I came into this life Clear, and
that my Admin Scale can act as my checks and balances to keep me that way while
I continue with my bridge and life. Thank you so much, Anita, for working with
me throughout this course! Peace in your Journeys. Kremnari
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course in communication! It was my intention to
get better command of my communication skills–in giving intent, being better
understood–having more control over delivering my speech. I understand the
need to acknowledge and be acknowledged, to give credit and understanding to the
person talking, and the one or ones listening. The whole process comes in with
affinity for your people working together and creating a reality to complete the
communication triangle. SLG
The wins and ability aren’t so much with my
now being the great conversationalist, it is more
wide open flows with postulates. Especially in helping others, wanting
everyone to do well. When I am in comm as true self and with others,
life is fun. It is the itsa line in use. Its the dynamics flowing free. I also
have much spiritual gain as a Reiki Practictoner, Massage Therapist and
Estetician. It IS ability I nurture everyday. It is very groovy.My greatest
heart felt appreciation and gratitude to you, Russ, for helping me look and
grow. Jiim Gilberti, you are the greatest auditor, never letting a win go
unacknowledged. LRH, cheers, thank you for the tech.Love to all JD
GRADE 0 Student Auditor Jennie Dailey
What an awesome process! I never understood how important communication is.
This has opened up so many things for me. It’s given me SO many cognitions
and given me back that wonderful, easy, free going, blab about everything,
child-like spirit that I REALLY AM! It has reinforced my purpose. It has
opened up new ways that I can help others, right now, with the tech. There are
no stops or limitations to what you can do when you set your mind to it. Oh,
what a feeling to be free! Awesome! CA
I am in a state I would call ‘Speechless”.
The cognitions went above and beyond.
However, I really have to thank this auditor for his great job.
Finishing Grade 3 with Frankie is not only an honor but a pleasure as well.
I invite all to come and do it… It will change your mind.TS
Fantastic! I was able to look at the past and see what I did, and see the
computations. I was able to look at the present and see what I can do. I know
that I can identify and change thoughts and behaviors. It seems the Grades
0,1,2 & 3 all roll up on Grade 4. Again, Frankie did a wonderful job! If you
have fixed ideas, fix this idea: “Get Grade 4 done!” TS
Finishing the grades (auditor Les) have been… interesting for me to say the
least. I get asked questions in session, and I realized I had addressed those
sections earlier in processing, and it kept feeling like I was just validating
the handling I’d already done in my own space! I feel stable mentally and
emotionally. I feel like I can handle just about anything thrown at me right
now, with a stable mind and heart that won’t falter or lead me astray. There’s
so much I could possibly say about this grade, but much of it was unique to me,
and I don’t know how to adequately state it for someone who hasn’t done the
grade itself yet… just that I feel like myself, and that I’m positive about my
own choices and participation on all of my dynamics, not like its someone or
something else causing me to make these choices in my life. I don’t need someone
else’s approval to do my actions… although agreement is sought naturally, its
not a requirement for me to enjoy my life and the positive elements around me
:-) I can only hope that others who do this grade get at least what I got out of
it! Now, onto the next step. E
The tech works! I wanted to go CLEAR this lifetime and thought it was soooo far
in the future, but due to the tech, here I am! Message to all beings: Go for
the most spiritual awareness and gain you can! Get it, use it, and let the
world be your auditor as you go. The ability to create your games and life
become ecstatically sweet and sublime. Thank you, Les and Cova, for this
recognition. LN
Have you Ever? Experienced a state so wonderful, joyful, and loving that you did
not dare whisper it to another? Created from two other’s saintly patience,
mastery, and understanding of their applied practice. Listening and then,
Duplication of all my uneasy communications for many years. That always
resulted in the vanishment of all my considerations of moving forward in the
observation of all my past creations. It is the unmentionable, The Bridge beyond
NOTs. For this I am eternally grateful. Thank you beyond words, Mary and Frankie
Freeman. Your student, TR for veteran Scientologists who are OUT for new people—no mention of Scientology on this
website nothing new added recently, but pretty good old
stuff if you haven’t seen it. I WILL get the new stuff that’s in my head
blogged eventually. ;-)) Sad news: Miko passed away…. wahhhhh….
Love, Anita
January 28th, 2014

Recent OT Wins from Idaho

I decided to divide these testimonials into four categories: Training, Lower Bridge, Integrity Program, and OT wins. There are too many for one email, and everything doesn’t interest everyone, so you can delete the ones that don’t interest you. Thanks. I hope you enjoy and consider recommending us in the future…
Check out our websites: For new people, no mention of Scientology For us ex-church members
Check out my blog story about the Co$.
OT Repair
In the first five minutes of auditing with Frank Freeman I handled THE MAJOR RUIN of this lifetime and it just got better after that. I didn’t expect that at all. I thought I would just get a version of the repair auditing I got at the “Church.” I now know what auditing–what LRH intended. Frank and Mary are carrying out what LRH envisioned for all of us and I THANK them for that. AD
Past Life Rehab and OT Review


Since I was young I had known I was different. I looked at life with a deeper ARC and
understanding than most kids that were my age at that time. Because of this, people would
come to me with their problems and I would be able to assist them. It just came kind of natural
for me to help in this way. This is all before I even picked up a Dianetics or Scientology book.
Both of my parents were Scientologists but neither pushed me to train or get auditing. It was
not until later that I chose on my own to pick up the subject. I got enrolled at the local Scientology center for basic courses and I just breezed through. It all seemed too familiar. My father tried to audit me on my grades but I found it all to be overrun. I began to get a little frustrated about having to be put back at square one. I was ready to move on.
That’s when I found Les and Anita Warren. Les got me in session and I was able to get certainty
about my state of clear and then was introduced to Frankie Freeman who did my OT review.
All the pieces came into place and I knew I was where I needed to be. There was no longer any
Q&A on it. My past life abilities had been restored and I was really flying high after the sessions.
Since then my life has gotten better and better. I am so thankful for The Warren’s and Freeman’s. I know I would not of gotten this type of handling in the church. For this I am forever grateful! Lot’s of love, JI
OT II CS: Frankie
During OT II I found that I have more space, a bigger universe, and my confront has increased.
I am able to see the Why in situations among people around me and bring about some understanding and order.
I have a greater reality on the Whole Track and other beings, and I am more aware of my immortality. JG
OT II CS: Frankie
December 9, 2013
This had to be coolest and weirdest auditing I have done to date. Eventually me just sitting there with this F/N that won’t go away and me not sure what just happened – and then the COG, a big one, would just flood in and I couldn’t write fast enough to get what I wanted to say down. I am. Such a simple statement that says SO much. I am. How do I explain what that means. Well, it means that I am me. Who I am now. Who I have been. Who I want to be. Who I will be. Pretty cool stuff.
I knew I was done with OT II. I can confront my WHOLE track. Don’t care what comes up, I will handle it. Never knew I could have this kind of feeling about handling my case. Pretty cool. So, I have LRH to thank for the tech, and Frankie for his putting up with me and pestering him (hopefully not too much pestering) with my questions. And thank you to my husband for his making it go right for me to do this, and for finding Les and Anita, Frankie and Mary, and Jim. ALW
Beginning NOTs
25 Dec 2013 Auditor in training: Forrest Crane, CS: Frankie
I had a nice win on getting through one of the first segments on NOTs as well as on my setups for NOTs. When we started I was having head somatics and feeling very foggy. After just a few short sessions the somatics (headaches and pressures in my head) are gone. I’m feeling brighter. I don’t have the foggy heavy feeling anymore. Thank you, Forrest, Frankie, Anita and Les for making the standard tech available for me. You are helping LRH keep the true tech here. CC

I just completed some NOTs auditing with Mary and I have had some remarkable wins. The biggest was by her skillfully handling this raw charge that had been sitting in my universe ever since I can remember. It was a ball of psychosis. In the past when it kicked in, the best I could do would be to go away from everyone and “let the steam blow out of my ears” and hopefully abstain from making any rash and foolish decisions that I would later regret…very powerful….very consuming. Because of this charge, the auditing I was receiving hit a slight impasse and Mary did an interview. That in itself was interesting. It was like calming down the ‘Hulk’ when he was having a bad day. Regardless, she casually talked and broke the ice. Slowly and she got me back into intelligible communication; back from Dr. Jekyll to an annoyed Mr. Hyde (but nevertheless, a Mr. Hyde). Having isolated the area of charge and running this past Frankie(the Case Supervisor), she was ready to close in “for the kill.” Right at the start of the session, she picked off the first bit of charge, much like in the movie “Sgt. York” played by Gary Cooper. The movie was set in WWI and Sgt York was trying to protect his men in the trenches. Outnumbered, the Sgt. took a few men and outflanked the enemy trench. He was a crack shot at 300 yds., but needed a clean shot. The enemy would only pop his head up and duck down quickly. Sgt. Alvin York remembered having the same problem at a turkey shoot back at home in the Ozarks before the war. The turkeys kept bobbing their heads up and down. Alvin didn’t have a clean shot until he imitated the sound of a turkey. This caused a turkey to pop up his head for a fraction of a second…enough time for Alvin to squeeze off a round ….and, ”POW” one dead turkey. So in the trenches, Alvin made that same turkey sound and the enemy would pop up its head and one by one and “POW”…..Sgt. Alvin York singlehandedly “picked off” and captured a whole enemy company. Now I am not saying that in session, Mary made any turkey sounds, but she sure “picked off” my case. She would ask the right question and one by one the enemy would pop up its head and “POW” ….it was all gone. Pretty good shootin if you ask me…I know, I was there… Mary and Frankie are sharpshooters from way back….old school …trained by the “Old Man” himself. They learned how find and blow the force of Goals Problem Mass, the Rock Slam, make wrong mechanisms, evil purposes and all of that hard core stuff….without batting an eyelash… So now…for me..I am a different guy…a new guy…a much, much calmer guy. Thank you, thank you very much Mary and Frankie and LRH…. That was pretty good shootin if you ask me……. DD

Excal Review & a New Start
I finished a short Review with Frankie & Mary and this helped me get back in Excal after a few years of not auditing on this level. In 2008 everything in my life took a huge upset and totally distracted me from almost everything. I went for a review in 2008 with Frankie & Mary and got back on track after clearing up some major upsets. Well, life got in the way and I still did not start back on Excal, and in mid December 2013, I knew that completing this level was most important to the rest of my Eternity so I went back for another review. In just a very short time in session my misunderstandings were easily solved, and I started auditing on Excal with their excellent supervision. I did well and felt I had the knowledge of what it took to return to my home and work and complete this super important level. Frankie and Mary are absolutely super auditors and C/S’s. With a minimum of review time, I was off and running well. I even think that my perception of things around me is better, my regular job work is better, and I am more confident in general. My life is more organized and I am doing very well. Thanks to Frankie and Mary for their superb help.
Auditing Review
I am grateful to LRH and to Mary and Frankie Freeman for having the technology of Scientology and the purest delivery of it. I am amazed and in awe that there is always an EXACT and CORRECT tech to handle any difficulties in one’s life. I experienced it first hand this week. The end phenomena for me in receiving auditing this week is restoration of my CLEAR abilities: clear mind, calm and serene body and nervous system, and the restoration of my SELF-DETERMINISM. I am exhilerated that I am back to myself again; happy, excited to mock up new possibilities and the creation of a joyful existence and new life! TNT
OT Review
9/13/13 Aud: Jim
Mary set me up with a review–LX Lists. I went into session and Jimmy with his wonderful auditing took me through my list to EP. It is wonderful to know the valences were just junk in the way of my true state of beingness. Jimmy, you are loved and thank you so much for perfect standard tech. PS LRH is a genius. Thank you to the whole team! Love, SL
October 14th, 2013

Wins Galore

Here are some mixed testimonials from
9/23/13 Book One Auditing (first auditing ever for this PC, delivered by Linda)
Ever since the auditing, I have not been as depressed or self-destructive feeling. I hope it stays that way. I’d say I’m doing better. CC
Repair Auditing 8/23/13
I have just returned from a visit to Les and Anita Warren’s. It sounds a little dramatic but it actually feels like it was a life saver. I had totally given up on the possibility of going up the Bridge this life time in the Corporate Church of Scientology. I had decided I would just read and study LRH and try again next time around. It was so wonderful to find that Scientology still exists on the planet and that it is being done the way I always felt it should be done, with total affinity and concern for the wellbeing of the pc. The desire and intention is for people to go free!
When I arrived I was sitting in the middle of a very real, messy family problem. It isn’t totally resolved, but we have a plan and I personally am in much better shape to handle it. But more importantly, I came away refreshed as a being–reminded of what the tech can really do. I’m happy at the prospect of continuing up both sides of the Bridge. I recognited on how important it is for each of us to get up the Bridge because all of the plans on other dynamics depend upon freed beings. The idea of self-denial in order to focus on the third and fourth dynamic is false. The more free thetans there are the better! I also began to really look at how important it is to pass this tech along to others. There is no huge organization doing that for us now. The tech is basically dead there. We want to make sure there is a vibrant new bunch of Scientologists coming after us that will keep it going. We are forming a group in our area with that as one of its goals. Thank you so much, Les and Anita. We’ll be seeing lots more of you!!! Love, NC
September 11, 2013 PTS Rundown and Suppressed Person Rundown
Today I blew the problem that was the target of this entire program. My auditor was Les Warren. We’ve been attacking this thing for days, ending every session thinking, “That HAD to be it”, but going back in later and discovering there was more to run. Then this morning, about 45 minutes in, this thing happened. It was literally like a bright flash of golden light went through my universe, accompanied by what I swear was a blast of wind as this problem, and all the remaining mass attached to it, blew away. I was left sitting there, in the chair, holding the cans, slack-jawed. The problem was gone. It had been, or appeared, life-threatening, and now it was simply gone. It was a problem I had with another person, and I know it vanished for him, too. According to Ron, I should be hearing from that person, and I’m sure I will. This blow-out occurred some hours ago, and the FN is still “rolling”, but it feels stable. I know I’m done here in Coeur D’Alene for this trip. Again, thanks so much to Anita and Les Warren for being here and doing what they do. I’m driving home to Canada in the morning, but I’ll be back, next time I need fixing… DS
9/6/13 Grade IV Complete
This has been a grade that rocks! I have felt “new legs” wanting to run and apply my newfound ability to create new (better survival) ways of playing the game of life. It IS a game that is great and fun to play! This is my “happy thought” that I plan to keep working with my new abilities to go forward. LN
9/13/13 Review Auditing
Mary set me up with a review–LX Lists. I went into session and Jimmy with his wonderful auditing took me through my list to EP. It is wonderful to know the valences were just junk in the way of my true state of beingness. Jimmy, you are loved and thank you so much for perfect standard tech. PS LRH is a genius. Thank you to the whole team! Love, SL
Solo II 9/26/13
I just finished Solo II about a week ago. I learned that, yes, I CAN audit myself. I was concerned, worried, etc., etc., but with the help of Jim (my sup), and the support of Les and Anita, I was able to get through and know what I was doing. I also realized that the auditor training I had in the mid-70’s was a big help and that I did not forget much of it, even though I never audited anyone (other than the course requirement to attest to the course being done). That was really awesome to realize.
My certainty that I can do this myself is really way up there. Jim really knows his stuff as a sup and will get anyone through any course with full certainty that you have attained that information. I know he did that for me. So, thank you, Jim, for answering ALL my questions quickly and getting me to the source materials so that I fully understood what I was doing.
Les, thanks for listening to me and my concerns and helping me with your advice. Anita, thank you for being you! ALW
Integrity Program 9/26/13
The Integrity Program with the LEC was there for the asking, whenever I wanted it. Many of my friends had done it to rave success. But I held back, as I didn’t see the need, felt I knew what I needed to know about ethics tech and could apply it to myself, etc. However, after a pile up of incidents, no need for details, I finally got to the point where I had my “wake-up call” and reached for it. I have always been one to say “things don’t happen for no reason” and that was absolutely true in this case. So, I heeded the call and moved right into the Integrity Program and through the expert guidance of Mary Freeman who designed the program and Jim Gilberti who is delivering it to me, I have emerged as myself, after so many years of operating out of valence. And I am not even done yet. I was able to spot when I started to slip and took on the enemy valence and exactly what that valence was. I also realized that each time I took it on later it was due to restimulation, being out of “present time.” Another thing that I found amazing is that I realized after all these years that I have been in propitiation since my early 20s–that’s nearly 40 years, folks–all to make up for the naughty, out of valence things I did in my late teens to “make the enemy wrong”–how crazy is that!! Consequently, up until now, I have not been running my own life, let alone living for myself.
Anyhow, I could go on and on. There is so much I could say. But I can tell you this: the Integrity Program is well worth the investment. I am confident that from here on out I will be a truly happy and prosperous person as a result. Thanks again to the folks at the LEC, especially Mary, Jim, and Anita. I luv you all!! Best, KMR
8/26/13 Mid OT3
Well, first of all I don’t seem to have any attention on myself. I’m pretty keyed out and nothing bothers me. My postulates don’t have any counter-intention that is discern-able. My arc for myself and others has risen tremendously. I see where the “counter to my own” survival potential has been coming from. So far on this level a great deal of my difficulty in life is being explained. Thanks to Frankie & LRH. JG

Mid NOTs SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

I have been getting auditing from Mary Freeman in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Mary’s auditing technique is surgically precise, and what has changed in my universe is quite remarkable. A significant amount of “added to” energy and mass has disappeared from my spiritual position leaving me more located, more certain and less confused. Physically I have (and have had during sessions) the perception of noticing real and potential body maladies dissipating. Problems that have interconnected my life with the lives of others are no more. It is more natural to be here now. It is as if my existence…..having for some time been unknowingly swept up in a Fellini movie……..from which I could not depart………is now more my own……..because the film in which I was captive…..has suddenly disappeared…. I also have had a glimpse at the whole bridge… There is no “glass ceiling”….It is really there…waiting for all of us. I am located, healthy and certain…. What more can I say…. Other than thank you, Mary Freeman, Frankie Freeman, LRH, CBR and David Mayo. DD

Mid NOTs 9/21/13

My first session with Frankie in six weeks and it was wonderful! The track is coming alive in full color and motion and I’m not flinching. All of a sudden, having blown some major things, my affinity for thetans has sky rocketed. I love people! I love their ability to bounce back after tragedy and get back to their spirit of play and a game. Frankie and Mary are terrific for putting this here for us. AD


October 14th, 2013

Additional Win by Mary W

October 11, 2013

I had an OT review about a week ago and I wrote a SS then for it, but like a budding flower it has been opening to full bloom and so I want to write a bit more SS. (The combination of Joe Warren as auditor and Pat Krenik as CS was a big winner for me! Thank you both!)


The trouble began on original OT6. I got the viewpoint of myself as static and I felt great elation immediately followed by great fear of loss that simply would not shake.  WTF?

Months pass and I (a pre-OT)  remain depressed and mired in grief.  Again WTF?

Fast forward to PT and the review; what was going on was a complete confusion of viewpoints between me and the GE.

When I saw myself as static the GE freaked out.  Because while static may be a return to native state for me, for the GE it is a complete unmocking.  So the GE was misowning my viewpoint.

And I misowned the GE’s freakout over its misownership of my viewpoint of static!  Got it?  Good!  Whew!  (Who’s on first?)

That got easily sorted on the OT review.  The GE is a being, it has its purposes and viewpoint and I have mine, they are not the same. We share an interest in this body, perhaps even the “1st dynamic,” but we have different hats.


Which brings me to win number two, the dynamics:

We all know what the the 8 dynamics are.  A possibly useful way of looking at or describing (or rehabbing some part of) one’s existingness or experiencingness in this mest universe game. But somehow something always seemed just slightly off about it all.  Not really “wrong” just not exactly “right.”

The tech dict defines the first dynamic as “individuality fully expressed”   “existence as one’s self.”  So per that, I always tried to look at the 8 D’s from a 1D viewpoint.

But that viewpoint is inaccurate for a thetan- as a thetan. That definition is only true for a homo sapiens.

My 1D is the valence known as Mary I have assumed for this lifetime, or probably it is the package of valence-body-GE, but what it definitely is not, is me!

The entrance point to the dynamics, to my existingness in this game at this time is the 7th or 8th dynamic.  That is a viewpoint that has some workability to it!


And finally, part three of the review wins:

In the midst of this misownership I found myself inexplicably in a situation fraught with H.E.R and PTSness, having reactions, emotions and considerations that although they were incredibly unlike me, seemed to nonetheless be mine.  Like I was no longer even clear. Another WTF?

I will say (because it’s kind of fascinating) that I swear the GE has its own NOTs case! My experience of OT3 case is that it acted as an influence upon me.  It may even have been an influence with command value, but it was something outside of me influencing me.

This H.E.R/PTS stuff was not like that.  It seemed like it was my viewpoint.  Which was totally baffling!  And since I was misowning the GE’s viewpoint and also entirely misowning this NOTs crap, it makes me wonder if it was the GE’s case.

(Is that possible? I ask all you upper tech terminals. Does a GE have case?)

Anyway, what matters is it was handled with NOTS techniques and completely as-ised in about a minute!  The terminals invlolved are still there, the apparent facts of the situation are still there, but completely nonexistent is any HER or PTSness or in fact any problem at all.

So to any other pre-OT I say, if there is any non-optimum condition, don’t linger there, assume it can be handled and get it handled! Insist it be handled.  Don’t be an idiot like I was!  LOL


Mary W.




June 20th, 2013

Solo NOTS Reviews – Absolutely Beyond My Expectations


Edith had been on Solo NOTS for many years in the church, and had been off the level for several years.
We did some clean up and she is ready to go back and complete it this time. She told me that she had made
more progress in those 5 hours of auditing than she had in the last 10 years in the Church.

Kate had been auditing on Solo NOTS and ran into some things she wanted to handle. We did a short review and
she is back on the level and winning again in life.

It was a pleasure having them both here getting auditing at the same time.

I was truly able to have my Kate and Edith too.

Here is Kate’s success story:

I finished up a review this last week. Absolutely beyond my expectations.

As an aside, while doing the L-12 a couple years ago I handled my fear of flying. I hadn’t flown since then so before getting on a plane to see Trey I was a bit anxious about it. It turned out I had NO fear and, in fact, I enjoyed every minute of the flight across the country, both ways. This was a huge win for me.

The auditing was flawless as usual. Trey is such a wonderful being. He really cares about his PCs and he is completely standard.

We ran a certainty process that just blew me away. After the auditing, things started to go wrong when I went to LAX to board the plane and I just KNEW there wouldn’t be a problem despite what was happening. I KNEW with certainty everything would come out okay and it did. Certainty is a wonderful thing. Trey has helped me look forward to the future instead of dreading it. I am mocking up so many exciting projects and plans. It’s hard to sleep for the create going on in my universe now.

I’ve been auditing on Solo Nots for 11 months. We did a bit of clean up on that as well. I am anxious to leap into session again. I wasn’t doing too bad but it’s great to have someone else put me on the cans just to check for anything that I might have missed and get it handled. If you want a “6 month check” this is the way to go. It doesn’t cost $20,000, no regging, no sec checking, no anything but “checking”. It’s like checking with your folks to make sure you’re doing the right things. Thanks dad.

When I returned home I felt like had not lived here until the day I got off the plane. The house, yard, everything looked strange. I am getting used to my new home all over again and I am blissfully happy. Really super happy. Thank you so much Trey.

I would highly recommend Trey’s services to everyone anywhere on the Bridge.

Kate Green

And here is Edith’s success:

I loved the auditing, and Trey!!
Each session rehabbed my spiritualness.
Each session was so spiritual, but not in the
sense of organized religion that I have been
exposed to before.

Trey is truly a savior.

Thank you so much!


September 4th, 2012

Review Complete

September 3, 2012   Elma, WA.   Auditor and C/S  Pat Krenik

I found my way to Pat Krenik after resigning from the current Church of Scientology and am so glad I did!  This review has cleaned me up and opened up my space.  It has been a long time since body, mind, and spirit were simultaneously in good shape.

Thanks to Pat for the excellent auditing and C/Sing and to Ray fo the Exams and help.  And thanks to Pat and Ray for maintaining an Independent Scientology practice.

All the best,

C.Y. (mid OT V)

August 20th, 2012

OT Review

Back in the 70’s I had just finished OT 3X, and I was promised the road ahead was there. Just as I was getting ready to take the next step a Sea Org mission came in and that was that. Not going into details I left and I moved on. A few years later I had access to the rest of the OT materials and I read them and I thought at the time no big deal.

Sometime later I found my certificates and anything Scientology, and with anger and frustration I threw it all out.The one thing that I really wanted in my life was to be on staff and help people. I never had a drive to be an Auditor, but I loved working on staff. All gone and no hope. A little by passed charge. DO YOU THINK!!!!!

Years later I get into contact with Frankie and Mary. The two of them have been putting me back together and believe me some of the auditing sessions have been very bizarre. Please do not get the last sentence wrong. Frankie and Mary really know their stuff. It’s just not very often they have to put to rights a nearly 40 year old train wreck. The Auditing has been so good that I am at a state where I can’t be Audited. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be where I am right now. I wish I could put into words where I am. Heck I had a very hard time trying to explain to my Auditors what was going on.

The genie is out of the bottle and it can never be put back.

Les, you are opening doors for people that have been slammed in their face. You helped me in ways you don’t know that you did. Thank you. Anita, the things you do most people never see. You make the space so, wonderful things can happen. You work hard and long. I just wanted to let you know, I know. Thank you. Linda, Thank you for the com. I have no doubt where you are going. You are going to make many people happy. Frankie and Mary how can I thank you enough for making me whole again and changing my life forever.

If you are reading this, do yourself a favor. Contact these people. Take that next step. Your life will never be the same again.

With Love

Dennis Marcus
A Very Different Being

December 28th, 2011

From the bottom of my heart

In doing some review Auditing with Mary, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been at war on many fronts. Wars I created. Wars I’ve been holding in place. Wars I started for various reasons, then forgot why I’d created them or even that I did so. My responsibility level for these wars had gotten pretty low while the effects I was experiencing from each of these areas was continuing to climb. A distinct pattern has emerged and has been fueled by my lack of presence as True Self on the scene.

As we’ve peeled back the layers, the players and their roles in each of these conflicts has become much clearer. The blame is melting away and in its place is a recognition of cause on each of these fronts and a sense of understanding on my part for the effects I’ve created. For the first time, I feel like I am beginning to move up the conditions in these areas and I feel my presence as True Self get stronger and stronger as we go along. This, IMO, is true power — unlike the things that pose for “power” in much of the world today. As I write this, the thought of what it would be like to address similar situations and achieve this on all of my Dynamics occurred to me and I find myself blown away by the potential win/win effect this could create.

There’s more to do, but without the foundation that was laid with the help of Mary’s Integrity program a few months ago, none of this would even be possible. I am forever indebted to her for this and for her incredible understanding and application of LRH’s Tech. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.