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September 28th, 2011

Wins from MWTC

LIFE REPAIR – Doing my Life Repair has been quite a learning experience for me. It gave me reality on what Scientology auditing was all about.
This type of auditing in particular resulted in me looking at things in my past that I hadn’t looked at in a long time. It also helped improve my memory as well.
Bill M.

METHOD ONE – Method One has been an interesting cycle to complete. It has helped me to study when I am not in session by making study less significant to me (i.e. I don’t have my attention on going past misunderstoods. I just study until I come across one, and then clear it up.)
Clearing words with an auditor using Method One has been the easiest way to have cleared words.
Method One has also seemed to open up areas of my memory that I hadn’t looked at in a long time too.
Bill M.

PTS Rundown
From my viewpoint the PTS RD should be mandatory for everybody on the Grades. After completion I don’t have any roller-coaster case. My life under control., and I am confronting very easy any suppression. It is disappearing the next moment when coming to my intention. But in reality it is very rare. My universe, my dynamics don’t feel it and don’t have it. Probabluy I am not interested in this game anymore!
Thanks a lot to my auditor F. Davis and LRH!

Method One Word Clear
I did Method One a Second time and was very pleased to find out that most of words from the list did not have a read this time.
Unlike first time, this time I was able to go back on the track and that was more thorough clean up. Pretty Cool!
Lucy Y.

GRADE 4 – I think this is the biggest win over the reactive mind Ive had to date. The amount of insight and information I gained about myself & life is tremendous. I don’t know how you could live without Grade 4 Expanded.
Thank you Frank for delivering this part of my Bridge so flawlessly. I definitely feel like a different person.

MONEY RUNDOWN – I’ve really been looking forward to these processes, as of course money nowadays is a necessity and often I forget to manage it properly and create all kinds of ridges regarding it. Actually my communication with my money was really at a point where I would HATE checking my balance & stuff. But now even though I just finished the rundown, in the middle of a session I just got a great urge to go on-line and see what going on with my finances and write out a budget and be able to save money for my needs and wants. So that’s pretty sweet. ICan’t wait to get out there and get more reality and mor4e wins on this!

INT/EXT RUNDOWN – With my recent completion of the INT/EXT Rundown I feel like I am becoming a much more capable and in control thetan. The rundown was very helpful in clearing up and explaining what interiorization and exteriorization really are. I now perceive myself and my surroundings a bit differently. I could say more clearly.
Overall this is a very useful on the way to acheiving Total freedom that we’re aiming for. I believe everyone should experience this rundown and get a true picture of themselves. Thanks to my auditor, Frank Davis, for flawlessly delivering these wins to me!

Original OT7 at Midwest Tech Center
I have attested to Original OT7 and have felt a much greater ability to project an intention into someone or something. I now have a much bigger space that I own and it feels really good!

Grade One Quad Expanded
Grade1 was great. Thanks to Sveta Shketik, Frank Davis and the CS. Sveta was a lot of fun to have as an auditor and I really enjoyed having her on my Objectives. One thing I am very grateful for is for Frank and the CS recognizing a few more processes even after doing the full Grade One Process List. These extra processes gave me a lot more confidence in attesting and my biggest win in the whole Grade happened then. My ability to create space increased dramatically. As a result, I am much more at ease with handling my environment. As a result of the earlier processes I feel a lot more at ease about handling problems and not having it build up all kinds of useless counter-intention.
Jeff L.

Mini Course Supervisors Course
I have wanted to do this course since 1987..but the RTC Church being what it is I could never trust the course materials or the people running the church. Dream is now fullfilled, done, and now onto my next step, applying this great tech. Then back to the Midwest Tech Center again for the rest of my Bridge, LRHs Bridge, not FSSO. Each time I was at Flag Land Base or the Freewinds in the last 20 years it never felt safe space they promoted it as. Midwest tech Center is a SAFE SPACE to train in. And no GAT courses or auditing. Those who were a part of that, I now hope have finally put their ethics in for having done such overt products!
Beth Lehrner

Money Rundown
When you have Money Rundown you expect miracle to happen, don’t you? And then your common sense or “advisor” tells you “there is no miracle, you have to change something in your life first”, right” WRONG!
In a couple of weeks after my Money Rundown I got the promotion which I even wasn’t working on Specifically, because I thought it was impossible. Also I got some other extra benefits concerning work.
I’m sure this is not it, it is just beginning as soon as my dreams and desires become bigger. I know that effect of Money Rundown will become more and more noticable.
It works!
Thank you Frank.
Lucy Y.

Second Dynamic Rundown
My biggest win on the 2D Rundown is that I had Past Track recall for the first time.
Even though my 2D situation this lifetime was relatively smooth before rundown, i noticed reactions or no reactions in situations when I would flare up before. My 15 year old daughter noticed it first and even invited me to chaperone at her group at European trip. Who would expect it from teenager?
It worth everything.
Thank you, Frank
Lucy Y.