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February 29th, 2016

Super Nots Success

Feb. 28, 2016 Elma, Wa

Success –Super Nots Completion

It has been a very long road to get to Excal or OT VIII. I was near dead as a being and a body, I can only say Pat Krenik was the only one saying I will and can help you. And Pat did help me a lot. I am very grateful for her know how.

With regard to the tech, I am becoming more in the now. In present time on all the dynamics. It is easier to be in life and living now, and I am becoming the person that I have wished to be for eons.

Thank you, Pat and Ray for your help.

This in love, Darren May

P.S. You saved my life forever and more now.

February 25th, 2016

Set-ups and Success

February 25, 2016 Elma, WA 98541 (Planet Earth)

Set-ups for OT I

This was the best action of my whole Bridge!

I found out why there were so many problems and blew all the charge! I’m floating! and I’m ready to get onto OT I to III now!


Ok to Publish

March 30th, 2015

Auditor Win

Hello, Everyone.  Always, or nearly always, we post the PC’s success, but rarely our own.  It is hard to do, because of pc confidentiality.  However, I am bursting–if any of you have worked on a pc, not for a few hours, but overseeing the case as C/S, and had a long relationship you will follow me I am sure.

We all know some cases are easier than others.  Those that are easy cases are a delight to audit, because they make gain under any reasonable program, credit you with helping them, go off and make money quickly and come back for more.

Yet there are lots of cases that are “tough”.  Of course, it is never the pc or pre-ot at fault, but his bank; we as auditors know that and keep going.  The tough case takes a lot of time, and a lot of special handling.

So, for the uninitiated, what is a “tough” case.  Well, here is a list I’m compiling of what I have run across of what I am calling a “tough” case.  This is from several cases, not a particular one, just things I have noticed.  First, they rarely metab.  Understand that not everyone who doesn’t metab well is a tough case, but when combined with many of the other things such as:

1. The TA is high and won’t come down.  Use C/S 53’s, or C/S 37 or anything else you can think of, and TA stays high.  Handcream doesn’t bring it down.

2.  Pc complains about no or slow gains.  TA motion is small or not at all.

3.  Compares his present case to a “big win” he once had but never seems to get again as much.

4.  You know the COS would throw out this pc, just waste him, as A to J.  A to J covers unhandled PTSness, or connected to a Psychiatrist or getting disability, that sort of thing.

5. Lists rarely go to f/ning list, even when properly using Method 3 assessment.  They null out.  You put in sup, inv.  You run ruds connected.  List will not f/n, just runs out of available charge.

6.  Pc may be a foreign language student, or in general uneducated.

means we are going to have our work cut out for us.  The wonderful thing is, if we can keep them getting audited and trained, it can be done!

Pc must get at least a small quota of wins, or he quits.  That is just the way the ball bounces.  I try really hard to help people keep going who want to.  If they were in the COS we clean up that relationship, and keep cleaning it up because often when one chain goes to ep, another one is in its wake.

So back to my win.  I’m so so happy to get a pc through Power.  Power did NOT crack his case; what held up Power running well is what cracked the case.   That took fantastic c/sing, and gentle auditing.  PC who had been aware of the subject of sources for a long time, just had not wanted to be source, withheld himself from any responsibility for being source.   The Success Story is one line,  “It was a release to find out that I didn’t want to be source!”

To me, it was clear, he said it was a RELEASE.  Don’t miss that.  He found out how come he didn’t want to be source.

What the success doesn’t say is that he moved into being willing to be source.  It doesn’t say what he said to me later after attesting,”this is the biggest release I have had in auditing.”

Not every pc can write a success story that communicates to everyone–but I was there when it happened!  I saw the excellent good indicators that went with this.   I was BLOWN OUT to see the shift in attitude–the change in the e-meter and indicators on the pc.

Thank you all for listening.  We have one more person truly on the Road to Clear.

Pat Krenik

August 31st, 2014

Solo Nots Study Completion

August 30, 2014      Elma, WA   Posted by: Training Sup Upper Levels, Pat Krenik, for Darren May


Completing this Solo Not’s Training Level has been a very big win.  Why?  It opens the door to what is wrong with you and me and further breaks it down to the MEST universe and the game we are playing.


To further this I am more able in life and more able to handle most or all cases and my last point is it’s “A Kind of Magic” as you become closer to becoming you again.  I could say more but it’s hard to understand so get up the Bridge.  I did and you can too.  It is like a rainbow with nice colors, but what is at the end of the rainbow? J.


A special thanks to Pat and Ray for making me understand the tech and for having a great and SAFE SPACE to go free and train.


Good luck all


See you up the Bridge


Much love,


Darren May


March 12th, 2014

Review Complete Win

March 12, 2014   Elma, WA    Auditor, Pat Krenik


I am so happy to have had the auditing and opportunity to communicate with the lovely people here at the Revitalizing Ministry of Elma.  The experience was more than I could hope.  I have gained a great deal of presence in my being and comforting wins of knowing I am the author of my own story.  Eternal gratitude. 
Much Love, Roman Teabo
November 2nd, 2013

Another Clear Made

Auditor Johan Burke, C/S Pat Krenik, Nov. 1, 2013
Success Story

The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains

Is very happy to announce….

Clear Attest Number Two for October 2013

After Dianetic Clear Special Intensive

Today I attested to to the State of Clear.  It is much more than being in control of one’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, ambitions, and dreams.

It carries with it the ability to EXPERIENCE all of these things to their highest quality as yourself.  This, I cannot emphasize enough.  Moreover, I’ve realized that no matter how big of a goal or how long the road to clear may seem….it’s closer than you realize.

Just get started, and you too will see what I mean.

Doug Cook

Sunshine Rundown Success Story

I just completed the Sunshine Rundown.  I feel like I have awakened from hibernation!  I am ready to enjoy life in the sunshine and have a renewed affinity for people and things.

Doug Cook

October 16th, 2013

Advanced Organization of the Great PlainsSuccess Story

Octobe 15, 2013  Auditor Johan Burke, C/S Pat Krenik

– Clear Attest -DCSI(Four weeks after leaving the COS)Funny to find myself, writing my success story of (Going) Clear, when I was Clear all along.I realized how the Bridge is the rehabilitation of the Spirit, of the Thetan, which has nothing to do with the MEST universe.I guess I am blown away, when coming here, I had never in my mind that the state of Clear was already part of me and it has been for a while.I thank Jonathan, (my auditor) and the C/S for showing me the true and real nature of Scientology.

Abril –

October 14th, 2013

Additional Win by Mary W

October 11, 2013

I had an OT review about a week ago and I wrote a SS then for it, but like a budding flower it has been opening to full bloom and so I want to write a bit more SS. (The combination of Joe Warren as auditor and Pat Krenik as CS was a big winner for me! Thank you both!)


The trouble began on original OT6. I got the viewpoint of myself as static and I felt great elation immediately followed by great fear of loss that simply would not shake.  WTF?

Months pass and I (a pre-OT)  remain depressed and mired in grief.  Again WTF?

Fast forward to PT and the review; what was going on was a complete confusion of viewpoints between me and the GE.

When I saw myself as static the GE freaked out.  Because while static may be a return to native state for me, for the GE it is a complete unmocking.  So the GE was misowning my viewpoint.

And I misowned the GE’s freakout over its misownership of my viewpoint of static!  Got it?  Good!  Whew!  (Who’s on first?)

That got easily sorted on the OT review.  The GE is a being, it has its purposes and viewpoint and I have mine, they are not the same. We share an interest in this body, perhaps even the “1st dynamic,” but we have different hats.


Which brings me to win number two, the dynamics:

We all know what the the 8 dynamics are.  A possibly useful way of looking at or describing (or rehabbing some part of) one’s existingness or experiencingness in this mest universe game. But somehow something always seemed just slightly off about it all.  Not really “wrong” just not exactly “right.”

The tech dict defines the first dynamic as “individuality fully expressed”   “existence as one’s self.”  So per that, I always tried to look at the 8 D’s from a 1D viewpoint.

But that viewpoint is inaccurate for a thetan- as a thetan. That definition is only true for a homo sapiens.

My 1D is the valence known as Mary I have assumed for this lifetime, or probably it is the package of valence-body-GE, but what it definitely is not, is me!

The entrance point to the dynamics, to my existingness in this game at this time is the 7th or 8th dynamic.  That is a viewpoint that has some workability to it!


And finally, part three of the review wins:

In the midst of this misownership I found myself inexplicably in a situation fraught with H.E.R and PTSness, having reactions, emotions and considerations that although they were incredibly unlike me, seemed to nonetheless be mine.  Like I was no longer even clear. Another WTF?

I will say (because it’s kind of fascinating) that I swear the GE has its own NOTs case! My experience of OT3 case is that it acted as an influence upon me.  It may even have been an influence with command value, but it was something outside of me influencing me.

This H.E.R/PTS stuff was not like that.  It seemed like it was my viewpoint.  Which was totally baffling!  And since I was misowning the GE’s viewpoint and also entirely misowning this NOTs crap, it makes me wonder if it was the GE’s case.

(Is that possible? I ask all you upper tech terminals. Does a GE have case?)

Anyway, what matters is it was handled with NOTS techniques and completely as-ised in about a minute!  The terminals invlolved are still there, the apparent facts of the situation are still there, but completely nonexistent is any HER or PTSness or in fact any problem at all.

So to any other pre-OT I say, if there is any non-optimum condition, don’t linger there, assume it can be handled and get it handled! Insist it be handled.  Don’t be an idiot like I was!  LOL


Mary W.




October 4th, 2013

OT Review Win

10/3/2013    Freezone Elma  Auditor, Joe Warren   C/S Pat Krenik

First, kudos to my auditor Joe, not only did he give me good auditing but good theta comm!  So thanks Joe and thanks Pat my CS! And hats off to LRH; how he ever sussed this stuff out without invalidating it is amazing!  
This review did two nice things for me, it answered a question about my L10 that has been unanswered for 5 years.  So I can finally stop asking it!  Just one little piece of information and a bit of free communication, and I spotted where  in previous auditing I’d already gotten the gain that would probably normally be attributable to L10.  And yes it was a terrific one!
And I saw, for the first time, the GE as an actual real being with real existence, not just a concept, who has its own concerns and viewpoint.   An important understanding I think if one is not to get into a misidentification or misownership of viewpoints with the GE.
Mary W.


September 26th, 2013

Solo Nots Completion

Success Story.  September 25, 2013

I will do my best to convey not only the feeling physically but the theta side of completing solo NOTS “today” in this success story.

I actually went past the EP last week and was really blown out for days and days and just realized what, when and where it actually happened, lol.  So bear with me as things are occurring with/to me as I write.

One doesn’t really know themselves until OT VII, at least this is true for me.  Hell, I didn’t even like myself on my BEST day until mid VII, seriously.  I could never really get into being “ME”.  I never knew why and that made me even more unhappy with myself.  Which was a vicious cycle in spades.  One thing begat another on a moment by moment basis for me in my universe.  I was my own worst enemy, knew it, but didn’t know how to fix it.

Then I learned how on OT VI and applied it on Solo NOTS.  The game changed…….forever, for the best, in trillions of years.

I frequently frighten myself with postulates on a daily basis.  Not just mest universe postulates but equally in theta (awareness) postulates as well.  Consistently, time and time again.  It quite literally is as if something wasn’t there and immediately was from a postulate or awareness I made moments before.  It IS truly shocking how able we really are.  How able YOU really are at this very moment.

I can “see” others abilities and them, body having yet to arrive, before they are even there almost in a precognitive way.  I can see their case too, and respond in kind in such a way as to not disturb it or them but really grant them beingness for who they REALLY are and not let their case bleed over to me in any way.  I truly LOVE people for who they are and can see what they can BE.  Something that was oftentimes difficult for me before, even as an auditor.

I have gained tremendous compassion for the beings here on this beautiful place currently called Earth and for their current plight and how they have so entirely fooled themselves into the game of their own unaware creation.  I can and will turn the tide on this for every last soul who wants to help themselves, and know now what positive things I am truly capable of with just the slightest thought and postulate.  It’s now…so inexplicably easy.

Life has new meaning and so does love and compassion through helping, postulation and enacting in the physical universe all that I am now so very capable of putting into motion for others as well as me, the true me, myself, for ever more.

My thanks so humbly go out to my case supervisor Patricia Krenik and Sup Ray Krenik, you’re the real deal, both of you.  I mean that.

David Mayo and L. Ron. Hubbard for making this an amazing unbelievable and far sweeping positive level.  I cannot imagine what it took, but I will help in the same direction as much as possible.  Thank you both of you more than I can EVER articulate into something as flimsy as words.

And lastly but not least in any way, my wife Carrie Todd who truly supported me all the way, through thick and a lot of thin.  I love you very, very much!

No matter what, no matter what it takes, you not only owe these gains to your true self but tons of other people who need it too.  Get here twice as soon as possible, there truly is no time to waste what-so-ever.  You have to make it.  No kidding.


Jonathan Burke