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February 26th, 2014

A message from Life Enhancement Center

I am testing a new “easier” way to send out success stories. Since I am not
very techy, I would like any feedback. Here are 3 new success stories. Keep
scrolling so you see the OT III story and the Grade II win below this one.

February 15th, 2014
Overall Success Story:
Objectives, NED, State of Clear, Sunshine Rundown,
Super Power Tone Scale Consequence Rundown,
ARC Straightwire and Grade 0

Writing a success story about my most recent trip to the LEC is quite difficult.
Not because the experience was lacking in amazing wins and wonderful successes
but actually, quite the opposite. Not only did I have mind-blowing wins but I
also had something occur that really just sounds sort of “blah” to try and
describe. Les, Jim and Anita helped me in the most profound yet fundamental way
possible. They helped me find “me.” And I assure you, it’s been a long,
long time since I’ve been who I’m supposed to be. I arrived in Idaho and
planned to spend just two weeks working on and hopefully completing the
Objectives. Well, what happened was nothing short of amazing. Jim absolutely
nailed his deliverance of the Objectives and within just a short while, I was
blown right out of my mind, fired right up and unbeknownst at the time, speeding
quickly along the path to Clear. After completing the Objectives, I had time to
spare and so figured it’d be best to keep moving up the Bridge, maximizing my
time spent at the LEC. What I wasn’t prepared for was that I would move from
my Objectives completion, through NED, attest to Clear, finish my Sunshine
Rundown, power through a Super Power Tone Scale Consequence Rundown, complete
ARC Straightwire and then cap it all off with Grade 0. Huffing, puffing,
vibrating and emanating with the superb awesomeness of it all, I just had to
call-off any more processing as quite literally, I was soaring high, right off
the chart. Plus, the environment that Anita and Les put in place within their
home is so inviting, comfortable, supportive and totally positioned to help one
focus on processing that, after all my astounding progress, just being with them
in their home was like marinating in a warm Theta-bath. Actually, it’s one of
the few places I really, truly feel at home. To top-off all of this, the
amazing power of “postulating” reared it’s formidable head. When I got
into Scientology in 2006, I made a deal with myself that I’d read and listen
to “everything Ron” before making a move up the Bridge, but that outside of
this, I definitely wanted to go Clear by the time I was 33 years old. Well,
during this trip, just six hours before my 34th birthday, I attested to the
State of Clear. For me, words cannot do this accomplishment any sort of
justice. So I’ll just say, with a “wink,” that it was the best possible
“cherry on top” I could ever have. So, while I had some really amazing
accomplishments and a whole onslaught of wins, there are a few broader things
that I really took-away from my journey through the Objectives, to Clear and
beyond: The first relates to going Clear: All I can say is, boy is it nice to
really just know myself–like, REALLY know myself. A total weight has been
lifted and it’s simply a pleasure to just be situated right where I am, doing
things under my own volition and seeing life for what it is, full of joy,
adventure and opportunity. The second take-away is an urgency to propel myself
up the rest of the Bridge, to full OT. This lifetime is short. I don’t want to
waste a second of it. The third take-away is just how stupidly simple, yet
affective LRH’s Tech is. It’s unreal. Unbelievable. How this man ever
managed to sort through all the hoo-haw and bang-home the important stuff is
beyond me. How a person could ever figure out, for instance, that touching books
and bottles could change a person’s considerations about life so
fundamentally… well, there’s just nothing else to say other than “thank
you so very, very much.” Also, that along with my gratitude comes a sense of
responsibility – a realization that I need to help others experience the Tech.
So I’ve got to get moving; got to get trained as an Auditor and help others find
and help themselves. The last take-away that stuck with me since my trip to
Idaho, is the wonderful reality that Les, Anita and Jim have put in place. I’m
too young and too fresh to Scientology to know first-hand how things used to be
when the “Old Man was around,” but I’ve got a pretty big hunch that what’s
going on at the LEC is what LRH intended for his life’s work. It’s how an
Org truly should be. Full of life and laughter and pumping out success story
after success story. To me, that’s one of the biggest compliments anyone could
pay to LRH – and Les, Anita and Jim are doing it in spades. So thank you guys
for being there and doing what you do. I am appreciative in ways that words
could never describe but regardless, still want you to know that you’ve
changed my life, for the good, for forever. I can’t wait to share the next
part of my journey with you. And to LRH – a heartfelt and sincere “thank you so
very much.” MJ

OT III (CSed by Frankie Freeman)

First of all, this was fun! And it was not what I expected. In fact, not even
close. Secondly, because of what I was running, I did not realize what was
happening to ME. I had a persistent F/N for two sessions and thought, “Well,
something happened, but I don’t know what,” so I went in for a session with
Mary. After Mary asked me certain questions and gave me data, it was determined
that I was done with OT III. Let me see—what did I actually gain? Well,
whenever I have an ARC break, I have been handling it out of session just
spotting that it WAS an ARC break and spotting why I was upset. No need to fly
Ruds. Pretty cool. And my “upsets” don’t last very long at all. Because
of that, I don’t stay in a lower tone level very long—minutes at the most.
Being able to spot why I was upset without flying Ruds has been very cool. I
feel like I am F/Ning all the time. Life just doesn’t interfere with my F/N.
There is a situation that has been going on for about eight months now that is
pretty enturbulative, yet I am not enturbulated by it. Just handling it. It
may take a couple more months to handle, but it is NOT an upset—it is a HANDLE
as needed. Now, this one, to me, is pretty cool—I can make a decision and
stick to it. If someone else wants me to do other than what I had decided, I
acknowledge what was said and stick to MY decision. ALW

Grade II Expanded

This is the place to be for me, it is where it starts to get interesting. I
have more peace in my life, less stress and more understanding of why things
happen the way they happen. Thank you, Jim, for getting me to this point and
beyond. Thanks to Anita and Les for being there for me and others. We all love
you guys. DA

Our websites: for ex church members for new people–no Scn’t mentioned, just a sincere way
to help people.
My blog is generic, for everyone.

Love, Anita

October 2nd, 2011

Coeur d’Alene Wins

We have had a beautiful summer here in Coeur d’Alene at the Life Enhancement Center. We think you should all move here. Then you can attend our academy, go up the training side of the bridge, become auditors and start your own practice wherever you like!

We have many success stories and testimonials to share with you.
One of our biggest successes is our “Lady from Spain” who is completing her Class 5 training this week! Having her here was a joy. She will be on her way back to Spain this weekend. We are hoping she can return soon. She has aspirations of becoming a very highly trained auditor, so watch out for Covadonga “Cova” Jimenez. You will see many of Cova’s PC’s success stories below.
We are looking for a course supervisor. If you are trained in any capacity you might quality. We are willing to train. Email me back if you would like an application, or if you have questions.
To our veterans of this subject: I have composed a “newby” version of this newsletter. I have removed all the technical jargon. I will email it to you upon request. Feel free to pass both of these newsletters on.
Here are the testimonials! First auditing wins, then training wins below.

Аuditing wins

Life Repair Auditing

Anita, you and Cova are such a blessing! I am feeling such a relief. I can’t believe that this is happening to me right now. About three weeks ago, I saw my mother for the first time in five years. Since then, unresolved issues were paralyzing my body and giving be great chest pain. Now that pain is melting away. I was very scared of the physical pain and did not realize it was emotional pain. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. I now want to send everyone to you so you can help them also. You are an ANGEL! Love, LP

This was my first time to learn about auditing and I really did not know what it was all about. I was ready to learn and try to erase my past garbage that I had dealt with all my life since birth. I realize that I had given my power to my mother as a child to please her and to win her love. My auditor took me from the last incident all the way to my birth. I was carrying so much garbage from my past just to please my mom. It didn’t stop there. It was also carried on into two failed marriages. I did not know what was going on with myself except that I felt all empty and unfulfilled as a person. I also gave my power to my children and my grandchildren. I couldn’t do enough to try to win their love. There was no acknowledgement for all the things I was doing. This also included my mother having my power and controlling me. It was like I had no say about my life. When I allowed others to sap up my power, I lost that power. This left me handicapped and crippled all my life. My parents had imposed their will over my will. Now I see that this is one of the most devastating things parents can do to their children. I gave up my will to please my parents and a part of my soul was violated. When this happens, it’s as if my soul has been ripped from me. This causes a lifetime of scars. I was always trying to please my parents for love and acceptance but that never happened. I also gave my power away to just keep peace, usually at all costs. I ended up burying my feelings to keep peace. Deep down inside I was angry, bitter, stifled and suffocated. I was restrained and limited in what I did. I finally felt like a big empty hole. I ran away from my mother, other family, and friends, so that I could find out who I was. It has been a long journey. My special friend and love, Guy Vogel, introduced me to the Life Enhancement Center. I loved the atmosphere there. I felt peace and tranquility. I felt I was among friends who really cared about me. Those special people are Anita and Les Warren and my very special auditor, Cova. Cova helped me uncover all those things from my past through her auditing. She did a wonderful job. I will never forget what she has done for me. I feel that through a lot of hard work on her part, she got to the bottom of all the crap I had been carrying around for my whole lifetime. I will forever be thankful for having had the privilege to meet and work with Cova as my auditor. I cannot thank her enough for setting me free, through auditing, to be myself. I am finally finding out who I am. The time is coming that I will go and visit my mother soon. I feel that I can go back to see her with nothing but love for her as my mother. I hope and pray that we can repair our relationship and I can once again love her as my mother. Special thanks to Cova, Les, and Anita for their encouragement and help that they gave me to repair my life that I can start to live as my own person. Thank you, thank you. With all my love for you special people. Special thanks to LRH for making all this possible that auditors can help others to live a fulfilled life. JF

Student Rescue Auditing


During my Student Rescue auditing here at the LEC, I came to realize that I had a dreadful thought buried inside me regarding my creativity and would therefore put off any “new inspiration” that I, myself, was contemplating upon. I felt this when it was an “assigned” piece of art work–assigned to me from someone else. I now realize I should have just said, “No! Not interested!” But I could not. It was like–at that moment– any creativity would just die inside of me, even if rewarded for it monetarily. I now realize I was most happy when it was “my choice.” It was at this time when I felt that I had a special creativeness inside of me. But when it was a “forced upon” assignment, the zeal diminished and the assigned work would just sit there for weeks unfinished. During my auditing sessions I came to realize how strong this feeling was inside of me. I realized a “special assignment” request from someone seemed to have suppressed my creativity and killed the urge to draw, paint, or sculpt. It–the subject–was not what I wanted to do, yet I accepted it anyway. Now–and because of my wins in auditing I feel that I can decide for myself and not be impinged by the demand or desires of another. My auditing wins in session have helped me see this in a relatively short time.

Thanks to all. JF


It was fascinating to discover the “why” as to how I started using drugs and alcohol. AND how it affected my work life so many years later. Up until now, I only had a compulsion and a stupid postulate stopping me from success. Now I feel like my work attitude has been reborn with no stops or feeling that I am unable to do anything I choose to do. It is freedom for me to create my survival, and enjoy the freedom of having life be more of a game–a continual, joyous, free, abundant game! My auditor, Cova, was so patient and ARCful. With her help I can enjoy this new freedom to create great games to play! LN


I feel very good about the auditing I have received so far and am grateful to have completed this step. KG

Grade 0

I have completed Grade 0! I had a great time working on this grade. It was great auditing with Les and Cova. They really helped me look at, and get past, any and all things that were holding me back from being able and willing to communicate freely with anyone on any subject. I felt extremely comfortable with Cova and look forward to getting more auditing from her. Thank you both! MO

Mid Grade 2

My time here has been great. The place is paradise. The people are great. Every counselor here is ONLY interested in helping YOU improve your life and beingness. That is it. Nothing else. Keep up the good work !!! RE

Tailor Made Confessional

It has been relieving to look at things that were burdening me from the past. Not only was I able to see what I was doing that was harmful to others, but I was able to see how I could correct them in present time. Also, being reminded that I could be forgiven for these things by others, I was able to forgive myself. All my love to my auditor, Cova, for her patient guidance, to Les and Anita for their granting of beingness to me, and to LRH for this wonderful technology of auditing. LN

Grade 3


The auditing process has set me free. I am free from the upsets of the past and have the ability to face the future. I, alone, postulate and create my future with the ability to confront change easily and comfortably. I can and do see things as they are with no upsets. Anonymous

Int Rundown Success

The Int/Ext Rundown has given me my first real certainty on the capability of a thetan using a body. I have a better understanding of aspiring to being an Operating Thetan. Sounds less than astonishing on paper, but to me, it is an aspiration of great desire. Thank you soooo much, my auditor, Cova, for your patience and ability to keep me focused, my C/S, Les, for his guidance, and to LRH for being so detailed and thorough with this technology. LN

The State of Clear

Well, this is the success I had basically given up on in the C of M(iscavige). It actually started in the very, very good interview I received from Mary on Monday. Her high ARC and perfect TRs made it easy for me to find all the BPC. Her ack of the fact that I had received auditing in my past lifetime and confirming the cognition I started having with an FN prevented me from invalidating this again. When I still had a persistent FN the next day, it was a huge validation of my perceptions. Then today the big thing happened–Frankie directed me effortlessly through all the junk of years of invalidation to finally see and accept and confirm that I went clear last lifetime! It’s like Phoenix from the Ashes! Thought totally lost and now back to full life and self-confidence. I AM CLEAR! ME

Wow, wow, wow!!! I’ve just attested to The State of CLEAR! Yahoo! I am in total exhilaration! I came to the Life Enhancement Center, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to handle a few case difficulties that have had been impinging on my life for the last ten years. I decided to come here because I knew the technical team here applied 100% standard LRH tech (no arbitraries, no uses of “revised” versions of HCOBs, and no Q&A), precisely delivered in the most upstat, aesthetic and theta environment of Hayden Lake. My goal on this six day trip was to “just get cleaned up” and get me stabilized again to live my life without any self-doubt, self-invalidation, insecurities, fears and anxiety congesting my mind, body, and spirit. Essentially, I had lost my self-determinism, certainty, and my will to live during the last ten years. The auditing I received from my local org in the Bay Area was not effective, in fact, it made my case worse and made me even more physically ill. I had no significant wins and gains that would stick long enough to say this (Scientology) really works. I became discouraged, disappointed, and doubtful of Scientology and the tech. I began to feel that it didn’t work for me. The beautiful thing is that LRH tech does work when it is in the hands of highly trained auditors who use and apply 100% pure “LRH” just as he intended it to be used. Within four short sessions with my auditor, Mary Freeman (Class VIII trained by LRH), we erased a ton of charge and I started to feel normal again. I regained my true self–my true beingness. And on my fourth session I discovered that I was a past life CLEAR. And it was acknowledged by Mary today! I never, ever imagined I would go CLEAR on this trip. I was completely blown away. What a treat, an early birthday gift to myself this year! I went exterior, and I’m still exterior. The sessions I received here allowed me to be “open” to my auditor. I originated a knowingness/perception of a particular case state during my past life. I had a knowingness that I was clear earlier this lifetime, but I had no proof that I actually was clear except for this particular incident that kept harassing me for decades. I never originated the incident to my local org because of fear of being labeled a “wanna-be clear.” I am glad I did tell Mary about my knowingness. With great technical skill she handled my origination. Voila! My clear status was once again validated and acknowledged! Yahoo!!! I totally understood why I was so f—-d up the last ten years. Being clear is an awesome state! I feel complete calmness and serenity. My mind feels “emptiness and lightness.” There is no noise, no heaviness/weight, just light and airy. I am more clear thinking. I feel so much ARC for myself and for others. I will never ever forget this day! I have so much love, admiration and gratitude for the team here at the LEC. Thank you Frankie and Mary Freeman and Les and Anita Warren for Keeping Scientology Working here at the “freezone” and most of all to LRH! Much love, Mighty Mouse

Sunshine Rundown

This was the cream on the cake! (chocolate cake!) The cognition started igniting with doing the first command! And now I realize it actually started at breakfast, before I even knew what the Sunshine Rundown was about. This morning I had the most delicious, wonderful breakfast since I was a little boy. The coffee tasted so full and warm and pleasant and I have been drinking it since I’m here, but it never tasted so good! The same with the simple bread with just butter and a fried egg, it tasted like a royal breakfast. And I realized it was because I had eliminated all the rubbish of invalidation, evaluation, and negligence out of my universe, the moment my state of clear was rehabbed and acknowledged. And then when I noticed something big, it started sinking fully in! The physical universe is MY playground. And things are as big or as small and as close and as far as I put them. But above all, things are only as interesting, as beautiful, as tasty, and as exciting as “I” make them! I had wanted to go down to the lake since I arrived. But it always looked like it was going to rain–even this morning. But I decided to do my Sunshine Rundown walking down to the lake and I didn’t have any thought that it might rain–and it didn’t! I am the creator of my life and the things that happen! There will be lots of SUN and FUN in my life from now on, but some rain and wind for the trees and flowers, too! I thank Mary and Frankie for helping me to sweep the trash aside and come to this exciting state! And everybody else who creates this theta place, too! And Ron for giving us the tech to make it possible. ME


I have just completed the Sunshine Rundown today!!! WOW, I feel so exhilarated!!! I understand why you do this Rundown right after being CLEAR. I can best describe my experience on this Rundown by giving an analagy. Have you ever made yourself a hot fudge sundae before? The creation of this sundae goes like this: you get a bowl, scoop up a vanilla ice cream or two, pour a couple of tablespoons of hot melting fudge on top of the ice cream, add a whopping spoonful of whipping cream, sprinkle some nuts, then finally…lay a plump round red marachino cherry on top of everything else… voila a hot fudge sundae. The making of the sundae to me, was the creation and achievement of CLEAR…and the marachino cherry (Sunshine Rundown) completed this sweet, creamy, silky experience for me. This Rundown allowed me to see my future…for the first time I have certainty that “I” create my own future and I can create it how/what ever I want it to be. I am the “designer” of my life and my dynamics. My future is endlessly BEAUTIFUL AND BRIGHT!!!!! Thank you LRH..and my dear dear friends at The Life Enhancement Center for your guided support. ML,Mighty Mouse

Ethics/Integrity Program

I experienced more SIGNIFICANT change from this action than I can remember from any other I have done. By significant change, I mean improvements that will noticeably alter the way I conduct my life and relate to other people. I didn’t know that I was using low-toned valences are a cop-out and make-wrong, but I was. It is only what I have used to excuse my own failure. All of the “feeling bad,” self-inval, regrets, etc. are just an effort to be right. I have learned that I need to allow myself to be whole and strong in order to be able to do anything for anybody else. I have finally given myself permission to be great. SR
While doing the Ethics and Integrity Program I was able to look, from an analytical point of view, at decisions and postulates I have made. These were usually decisions that I knew I had made but hadn’t really brought out and examined objectively. I was able to really see the effect these postulates have had throughout my life. Some I kind of knew, but some I hadn’t even considered. I now have tools I can use when I feel the “enemy” start to come in so that I can succeed with “true self” and feel good about myself and others. ER

29 June 2011

I have to say that my life has changed drastically. I am a different person. Most days I get up and feel good and ready for the day. I love my responsibilities. Every day I take care of the house and my son and even my husband, who said he has noticed the difference as well. We are doing great. Even my husband’s business has skyrocketed, and we are on our way to affluence if not already there. Life is good! I want to thank you with all my heart for doing this program with me. You listened to me no matter what I was saying and always understood. This program has been one of the best things I have ever done. DM


Dear Mary, I am currently doing my Ethics Conditions with Sonja (recently trained by you). I am currently in Non-E and I wanted to tell you how I am doing. Wow! Let me try find the wordsJ When I first heard Sonja was looking to for someone to do conditions on, I volunteered. After all, I have done conditions plenty of times in the org. It’s such a quick and easy cycle I thought why not? It helps Sonja get through. Funny that there was absolutely no viewpoint that I had that it might actually help me, too! Well, I was proven wrong on all above accounts. Doing the conditions so far has been nothing short of amazing. I have had more wins than ever in Scientology…auditing included! For the first time I can say I feel stable, I know who I am, and I know where I am going. This is huge, huge, huge for me! The noise that I was creating in my universe is gone. The enemy valence that I was using is gone, and I know myself. Isn’t that fantastic? How many people go through life not knowing who they really are, or using an enemy valence? Way too many. I am so much more perceptive of myself and those around me. I am so much happier. And I’m only in Non-E! It’s been a battle of humongous proportions, but I am winning. Sonja has been the most amazing and stable terminal for me. Doing the conditions with her was like being with your best friend: completely safe, no evaluations–only encouragement and support. Without her guiding me I probably would have completely collapsed. But she didn’t let me and now I am here! I can BE. Thank you to YOU, Mary, for this as well. It has changed my life. I can now contribute back to the group with a pan determined viewpoint and much enthusiasm. Every frikken person I know should be doing this! LOL, Thank you. You and Sonja are the kind of beings that really do make a difference. Lots of ARC, LL

2D Handling


Mary recently did a 2-D handling on my husband and me. Before doing this, we were out-of-comm, out-ARC, and op-terming instead of supporting each other and working together as a team. Although we both care about each other deeply, we were on the fast track to divorce. As you can image, it was more like a war zone than a successful relationship. Mary helped us confront this situation and gave us tools to use to dig ourselves out of this mess and to stay out.
After working with Mary, we are in much better comm, our ARC has risen significantly, we are no longer in a games condition with each other, and we are working together as a team to achieve our goals. We could not have done it without her. Thank you, Mary, once again, for your brilliant application of the Tech, for caring, and for helping us confront and handle this situation. Love always, CL

Review Auditing

The interview I received from Mary yesterday is the most amazing thing I experienced in a very long, long time. I had BPC on all these points since my Grade 0 in 1989/90 were confirmed and acknowledged. They had been ignored, invalidated or just neglected in all my church services since then. And that had put me into a state of hopelessness to ever be able to solve them and get on up on my Bridge. The excellent interview just directed my attention to them and then acknowledged that my perception regarding those accidents was correct. This was a big validation. Thank you, Mary! ME

I came to the Life Enhancement Center with hope–hope that was sparked when Mary came to visit me earlier this year. Hope that had eluded me for years in the “church.” Hope that my perception of what I’d experienced during her visit was what it seemed. Hope. What I encountered in just my first few days here took my breath away. First, my Clear status was sorted out. I had gone Clear years earlier, but it was unacknowledged and invalidated by the “church.” After my session with Mary, I experienced a quietness in my universe that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. I felt my cause level surge. After another session, a huge black cloud that I’d been carrying around with me for years was gone–truly gone. Not just set aside to be “handled” again in another session or beefed up and left staring me in the face indefinitely like so many other things had been in the “church.” It was GONE. I experienced auditing here as I always knew it should be – with auditor and pc/pre-OT rolling up their sleeves and combining forces to handle whatever the case threw at them. Auditor + pc really are greater than the bank – when the auditing is standard and is done for the pc/pre-OT, as is the case here at the Life Enhancement Center. Here, hope materializes into reality. I’m still waiting for my feet to touch the ground . . . I came here hoping to find some relief. What I found was so much more. What I found here was Scientology-real Scientology. I’m now exercising my Solo wings in preparation for my flight to OT. My attention is focused on the future. It is mine to create and it is very bright. My sincere thanks to everyone at the Life Enhancement Center for making my stay a comfortable and memorable one. My deepest gratitude goes to Mary and Frankie Freeman for the care and compassion they showed me while I was there and for the expert guidance they are providing me on my journey to total freedom. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. ARC, CL

Dear Mary,Thank you for the couple of sessions you gave me between yesterday and today that resolved my physical condition! I can’t believe that I have been suffering so much, so long and within 2 days, it’s gone!!! LRH Tech is so powerful! Thank you so much for caring and being here. I can’t wait to do the ethics program. ML, BCH

August 2011
It is hard to put some feelings into words when it comes to talk about the services I received in Idaho! When I first arrived, there was so much theta in the whole surroundings that even if I felt far from great as a being, my trust level started to already come up! There was no lag to get me back on my feet! Just full ARC and KRC! When I arrived, I had the feeling to be on the “succumb slope” and that nothing could really stop it.
A few hours of standard review programmed by Frankie, C/S Class VIII and given by Mary, also Class VIII C/S and auditor, both trained by LRH, changed very rapidly my viewpoint and put me again at the top of my form! I got the huge chance to do the ethics program given by Mary and a lot of things I thought were related to my case just blew and brought me to a new level of fun confrontation and responsibility! Now, I’m back on my OT level and it is easier than ever!!! Thank you so much to the whole team who applies 100% standard tech and to LRH for having discovered and organized it. I’m so glad to be here!!! Much love! BCH

Training Wins

Upper Indocs

I really enjoyed doing the TRs 0-9. They were fun, plus I learned how to have intention with tone 40. I will be applying these drills to real life situations. I know this improves my ability to get my intentions across to other people. I have learned to handle situations that might come up in life, so that I can now handle them without reservation. Thanks to the LEC for having these wonderful courses available for people to improve their communication for a better life. JF

New Era Dianetics Course

Powerful NED! It really gives reality to the PC about what the track is. As an auditor, it makes you able to move up and down the track as needed by the PC. It is a walk on the wild side! Thank you Les and Anita for my wins. CJ

Academy Levels

Level 0–being able to free people about communication is without doubt the most important grade. This is the entrance to be freed of the track and the case. It is the solution for all problems and difficulties of life. If you can communicate the world is attainable. CJ

Level 1–I am willing and ready to run level 1 and make the PC discharge any bad emotions about help and betrayed help and to make him free to help others and to untangle the vision or point of view about the problems about life. Certainly Scientology makes you aware of the tricks of living and make you more able to handle life. CJ

Level II–I am so happy to be able to do “such a task” with so much ARC. It was a pleasure to deliver auditing. I have repaired my reality about scientology being an abundance of knowledge about ourselves and mankind. CJ

Level III–Everybody I found is heartbroken somehow or has been at some point of their lives. The idea of having the technology and knowing how to apply it to unburden their hearts of such grief makes me very happy. That is what Level III is about. I am lucky!! CJ

Level IV–This technique in Level IV is helping me to get my PCs out of negative conditions. I had an extremely fun time hunting for (service facs) “self-installed disabilities.” It was so good for my client to disclose them and laugh at their stupidity. Thank you, Les and Anita. CJ

Solo 1 Course

I had fun here on my training thus far. The people are nice and location is awesome to have auditing/training occurring. I like my course. It’s cool to be able to learn so much about the e-meter and feel/know that IT actually works. When you’re able to so easily and clearly see the needle reactions on the meter it gives you certainty you’re doing the drills correctly. And when you can recognize all sorts of needle phenomena and more and more be able to handle it, it’s awesome! Thanx. SW
I have had a great time in course these past seven days. We are half way through the drills. It has been fantastic to learn how the e-meter works and seeing the reads and being cause over the mechanics of it all. I cannot wait to come back to the LEC very soon to complete my course and start on Solo II. Thank you very much, to all of you. Anita, Frankie, Les, and Mary for putting this course room there. This is true. MR
That’s all, folks!

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