Understanding OT and Cause

Clear OT – A Whole New Existence


A fellow Scientologist and friend of mine did her OT 8 on the ship in 1988 around the same time I did. After completing that level, she joined the Sea Org and went directly to the Int base where she became a top exec, working for several years in the Planetary Dissemination Org, Gold, Executive Strata, Rcomps and the Snr C/S Int’s Office.

After many years of working with David Miscavige, and experiencing what she called his “decent into tyranny,” she realized he was working to prevent standard Scn from being delivered, which she could no longer be part of. After deciding to leave the Sea Org,
she started a very successful Marketing and PR company, and decided to do her Ls with me.

We were talking before session about our wins on OT8, when she
said something that caught my attention. I pulled out a confidential
L10 Bulletin which described the State of Clear OT and she
realized that this is what had happened on OT 8 that had never
been acknowledged.

She was VVVGIs on realizing this, and, after attesting to Clear OT,
wrote this success story:


Trey just unlocked a missing action and NAILED IT for me
with an amazing realization and process.

I am nearly speechless I am so blown out.

This appears to me as a Whole New Existence!!

Thank you Trey!!



Certainty Processing – The Most Keyed Out In Years


Rick was in town for a week and wanted to do some auditing.
We did Certainty Processing from 8-8008.

You can tailor this Rundown to directly address things that are bothering the pc.
It can really unstick a person from self doubt and uncertainty.

Here is his success story:

This is the coolest, easiest, most fun, yet mind changing auditing
I have done!

Five years ago I did some clean up with Trey and I found him
to be among the best of the best. I had some auditing in the interim,
but the last time I was really keyed out was from the auditing I did with Trey.

Recently I found myself in trouble, and I was in L.A., so I called Trey and he
recommended that we do this rundown. What I admire about Trey is that he thinks with the
tech and can tailor the the auditing to address just what is needed for you.

My viewpoints were shifting and changing all through this rundown.

I haven’t been this keyed out in years.

I am very glad that Trey is my auditor and also my friend.


Review – A Ton Of Mass And Suppression Has Lifted


I did a session recently with a woman who had been in the church for 30 years. She had not pursued her bridge since leaving, but a persisting upset prompted her to call me.

We did a short session which I thought went very well.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to receive this comm from her a week later:

I had all but ended cycle on getting auditing again and was even toying with the idea of donating my LRH books but couldn’t quite let go.

Then a life event hit and the 3-10 day rule wasn’t working.
So after 18 days of desperation, grief and recklessness, I reached out to Trey.
I was kind of skeptical & open minded that if that doesn’t work I’ll try a psych.

That 39 minute session saved my life/marriage/family/job.

With his expert use of Comm & the E-Meter,
I was guided effortlessly to exact areas of charge that had long been buried and not-ised.

A ton of mass & suppression has lifted.

A psych may have been able (may) to get the same result after 12 hours & at a huge cost (no expert use of metering).

I now want to get more as my trust is restored in the use of the tech.

Thank goodness for this and those that know how to apply it.



Clear – A Deep Truth


In the last two weeks I have done 2 Clear checks where the person proved out as Clear.

In both cases, the state had been buried under the person’s own and others’ invalidation and evaluation.

In both cases, once the state was cleaned up and validated, there was a tremendous release of emotion and they both felt a huge feeling of relief.

This is typical of the more than 20 Clear checks that I have done in recent years.

It makes a huge difference when a person is able to fully own something which is a very deep truth about themselves.

Here is Phil’s success story:

I am astonished by how light and easy Trey’s auditing was in helping me to find out that I have been Clear from my past life and in the rehabilitation of this state 51 years after I had attained it.





L-11 A New Life in Truth

L-11 held many wonderful openings for me. One of the main things I gained is that the energy between myself and others now flows more freely, with less impediment, and that higher caliber people have begun showing up.

For days after the sessions, the outflows of energy and openings would continue. The reorganizations after the session would last for hours, sometimes days.

Two major breakthroughs happened:

First was a huge spiritual breakthrough: I saw that everything everyone is doing is out of love for each other, every effort, every Facebook post, every item created, it’s all out of such enormous love and care and caring and trying to lift us all up.

I had never seen the enormity of this love; I’d been seeing it wrong all my life. Because of this I had been misinterpreting everything, everything everyone says, their motives, their attitudes.

We all care so deeply; I saw the DEPTH of it: This deep abiding love we all have for each other. WE ALL SO DEEPLY LOVE EACH OTHER

The other huge breakthrough was when I saw that the many overts perpetrated against me in the hospital system and elsewhere: OTHERS COULD CONTINUE TO BE SO DEEPLY UNEVOLVED and that it was never as I saw it – I saw that all these overts and people and things that seem so vile and cruel are really unevolved rather than the way I saw them. All the overts committed against me in this life have been by people who are not at the level of taking full responsibility

The biggest win from L-11 is that I feel/am in a greater sense of full responsibility for my life. Thank you for this gift.


Solo NOTS Review-The Best Sessions I Ever Had


Since starting auditing in the Independent Field, I have helped many stalled Clears and OTs get onto their
Solo auditing.

People are making real Bridge progress.

This gives me great satisfaction since this is a strong goal of mine. I work closely with Randy, who trains and C/Ses their Solo auditing. We work together to make sure they continue to do well.

Mary is one example, She had been on Solo NOTS for awhile, and then she hit something she could not resolve herself.

Two hours of review auditing and she was back winning on the level again.

It is really possible to do your bridge in the independent field!

Here is her success story:

I had a couple of situations that were drawing my attention in session and I had no idea how to resolve it. My wonderful C/S knew exActly what to do—See Trey Lotz for a review!

I have handled both situations in 2 hours.

The two sessions were the best I ever had!!

I blew more mass than I have ever done before.
I now understand a lot more what is going on and now
I know how to handle it.

Thanks to Trey & Randy!!


L11- A New Way Of Thinking


Eric came in town for 2 weeks to handle something that had been
bothering him for a long time and had remained unhanded even after
decades in the church. He had also started L11 at Flag and
never EPd it.

We intensively focused on the area he was concerned about and blew through it to a
full EP of L11!

Here is his success:

I had many F/Ns on this actions. One of the biggest wins came on running
“Cheating on Girlfriends.” Blowing the charge on this gave me a new way of thinking,
a new viewpoint, and could’ve blown a valence too!

I truly appreciated the understanding of my originations by Trey.
In the Church, these originations were handled “mechanically”
and not truly understood.

Trey really made an effort to understand what I was saying.
He was able to think with the data I gave him and to so direct the auditing
to address and handle it.

Never once was anything forced like it was in the church!

I would like to thank you for keeping the spirit of Scientology alive.
Not just for me, but for everyone.


L11 Life Wins-More Energy And Vitality

Steve finished his L11 about two months ago and then went back to his home in the Midwest.
I was interested to see how he was doing in life after his auditing, and he sent me this update.

Hi Trey,
I am doing really good!
My vigor has been restored.
I have new energy and vitality that surprises me.
My prostate issue has virtually disappeared.
My focus is the best it has been in 15 years.
People bother me much less as I am able to grant them beingness very freely.
I feel more genuine.
I am acutely aware of my actions and thoughts and can direct them with great certainty. My ability to as-is is remarkable.
I have not been putting out postulates to see if they are sticking, but rather I seem to be operating with intention, which seems to be working very well.
I am aware of my games and enjoy playing them and having them.
I’m sure there are more but these are really apparent to me.
I am continually amazed at what you and I did, how seemingly simple the commands, how seemingly unconnected the commands were to what has materialized! I continually wonder how LRH discovered the processes and commands that handle one’s case.
Thanks for getting me through L11. My current condition is largely due to your excellent auditing
I look forward to L10, and I am looking forward to our next session!
Thanks for asking!

ARC, Steve

After 40 Years, This Condition Is GONE!


Kathy had a health challenge recently, so she looked around for an auditor and found me on line.

After a great effort on her part to be sessionable and to get someone to drive her several hours to get here, we were able to do this session.

It is amazing what you can accomplish in 43 minutes.

Trey http://freezone-tech.info/

I recently had an auditing session with Trey Lotz.

He flew my ruds and that alone was INCREDIBLE!!!

Then he did a PTS cycle that totally handled a long, long, long time PTS situation that had been restimulated in PT and was literally destroying my health.

I was blown away by the simplicity of the application of the tech – just the way it should be!!!

Trey was “spot on” with his actions in the session and went right to the heart of the matter.

The best part of the cycle is that this one session has completely handled a problem that I’ve had my whole life – something has been making me MISERABLE for over 6 decades!

I have been unable to have any kind of an encounter with other people without coming away from it feeling like I’ve said and done all the wrong things. I would end up with my stomach in a knot of severe anxiety and worry, sometimes for hours and even days afterward. No matter how hard I tried to interact with others “correctly”, I was convinced that I had failed. I’ve never been able to be comfortable around other people as a result. And I would never dare say how I really felt about anything if it meant creating a clash of realities. On the job, I was always in the tone level of propitiation because I was convinced that someone was going to hit me and hit me HARD for the slightest mistake or error or deviation from what was “acceptable”. No matter how many things I did that were right, they lost all their value if I did one little thing wrong. I was always analytically aware that this was illogical and a product of my case, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

I’ve been in Scientology for almost 40 years and this condition has never been handled.

Since my recent session with Trey, I notice that this condition is GONE!!!

It’s been a whole week and no anxiety or worry. I am relaxed around other people and can do and say anything without agonizing over it later. I can make mistakes and it’s no big deal. I can laugh about it!


Thanks, Trey. You totally rock!!! And thanks, Ron. The correct tech correctly applied WORKS!!!