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L12 EP – Games – Not Games Conditions

Shirley is a good friend that I have known for over 40 years.

She is a highly experienced and competent C/S and auditor
who had been inactive in tech for a decade.

Last year I audited her on L11.

Shirley was so inspired by her own wins, that she decided
to start auditing again, and soon got her first pc.

When I was back East recently visiting family,
I did her L12. She wrote a great success story, then
a month later, wrote a follow up about her life wins
since finishing:

L12 is the most amazing rundown.

Not only do I have the ability to be or not be on all dynamics,
but I can be just me, a static.

I have rediscovered the joy of creating. I can look at all universes-as a
static or as a participant in games-not games conditions.

As an artist, I have unblocked my flows. As an auditor I am helping
my pcs Win Win Win, as never before.

My unending love and admiration for Trey, the finest of beings, a friend and
auditor extraordinaire, and a most amazing OT!

THANK YOU LRH for this marvelous tech!



LIfe since L12-My joy is infinite!

A friend of mine told me she could feel the auditing that I received, and that the auditing
I’m doing on my pcs has helped her resolve conditions in her life too.

I have 2 pcs now and they are having big wins!
I just get up every day and feel so happy and serene.

Games are fun, snags are easily solved.
Thank you LRH and Trey for giving me this marvelous tech.



L10 Wins-I’ve Stopped Being ‘Me’


Kate is almost at the end of her L10. She works as a secretary and has been diligently
plugging away at her Ls for a while now. Now she has nearly completed all 3 Ls!

She has been having some really fun wins in her life recently.

I wanted to share some of these with you:

Good morning Trey,

I thought you’d get a kick out of this. Jenny, remember Jenny? This week she asked ME (her nemesis) for yr name and phone number. HA! Betty is driving her nuts & she can see Betty has no effect whatsoever on me. I no longer introvert. Betty will call me “stupid” and I’ll say, “That’s MIZZZ Stupid to you!!” and she’ll laff. I’ve always had a huge button on a 1.1 and it’s gone!! I ENJOY the tone level now. HA!

This has been an amazing week. One day it was pretty quiet at work & we were all working away at our desks. I began whistling. A short time later I realized 4 other people were also whistling, including our extremely quiet file clerk. No one in our office whistles. HA! The whole group was just having a good ol’ time.

Tues morn when I woke up I was lying on my back and reached over & felt the bump on my tit. I thot, “wow, it’s really gotten small” and then I thot, “my tit has shrunk” and then I realized my hand was really small and then the finale….my whole body was about 2 inches long!

Also, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve stopped being ‘me’. It’s hard to describe. I’m just not myself anymore. I’m not anyone else either unless I want to be. Remember when I told you about the time I was just standing there looking at the garden and I had no identity? Like that. I just am. I’m aware of being aware. Kinda like a cat or a dog. No sense of self, I just exist. That kicked in after the first question on the last Rundown. What a feeling of expansion. An identity ties one down. I have reality on that now.

One other thing. Something has moved off & I have begun getting things done. Nothing major, just not putting actions off anymore.

My stop has been, if it wasn’t fun I didn’t want to do it. Surviving wasn’t fun. HAHAHAHA!! Having to take care of a body wasn’t fun. Having to exercise was just pain! HAHAHAHAAA!! Somewhere along the line I decided dying was better than continuing because there was no more fun in it. HAHAHAHA!!


Grade 1-Big Problems Now Vanish


Scott Campbell; A really good guy who spent many years in the Sea Org as the chief engineer on the Freewinds.
Like so many who joined up and wanted to help, he never really got anywhere on his own bridge.

Now, like many Ex-Sea Org veterans, he is smoothly moving up the Bridge in the Independent Field.

It is a pleasure for me to audit people like Scott.
I feel I am helping them finally get the case gain that they so richly deserve.

Trey Lotz

Here is his success story:

This grade has been Fantastic!

I am now able to resolve problems at a whim.
Things that used to seem like big problems to me vanish at a glance.

Thanks so much Trey, you are the best!
A being such as you is a rarity to be treasured.



Scott Campbell

L12-What A Change Of Viewpoint

Trey Lotz


When Nicci and I first went independent, Les and Anita Warren were very supportive and helpful to us.
And so it has been my special pleasure to audit Les on his L12.

It feels good to be able to flow back to him for
the kindness and generosity of spirit that they flowed to us.

As is usually the case with Ls auditing, there is what blows in sessions and the immediate
wins, and then there are things that only become apparent over time.

A few days after completing, Les wrote me:

“What a change in viewpoint. Probably the most dramatic move upward in
the shortest period of time that I’ve yet experienced on the bridge.
I’m going to do a longer write up, but will wait for a week or so for
the cognitions to settle in. Still lots of new awarenesses with each
new day.”

“Thanks so much for being there and delivering. I’m having to reorient
myself to life and livingness across the dynamics. Very funny. I
have always had the habit of redoing my admin scale after a major
bridge action that resulted in a big change in my universe. This one
is very big. But I’m not changing much of anything. That must mean that I was
pretty on-purpose to begin with:)

Here is what he wrote upon finishing:

I came here with several expectations. As with most of the LRH tech I’ve used, I got that and a whole lot more.

I’ve known, from a philosophic view, for a long time, that I’m the creator of whatever beingness or identity that I’m using.
Now I am able to easily view and use that knowledge. LRH Tech blows me away again.

Trey’s application of the tech is superb. Honestly, he’s right up there with the best auditor I’ve ever had.


Les Warren

L12-Floating In An Immense Freedom


A few weeks after finishing Oracle on her L11, she wrote the following:

“This cycle of the L11 seemed to expand everything I ever did in Scientology. I feel like a NEW grade zero release, a NEW every grade release. And all of the wins I had before this level seem to be blooming like a flower suppressed by the new driven snow.

I went up the bridge having these really punchy wins. They would last for a few weeks and then I would “readjust” them. Like, I finished grade zero, then a week later I thought, “Shit this is really going to get me in trouble if I keep saying what is on my mind.” And then I would tone it down 80 percent.

Ten steps forward, then eight steps back, all the way up the bridge.

I didn’t even know I was doing this until L11.

L11 flipped me back into these punchy wins all at once. They all came back to surface even though I put them all on suppress. And I am thinking, “this is like a new grade zero, No, it is like a new grade one, no this like a new every grade I did!”

It is like a rehab on the whole bridge I have done up to this point happening in a matter of hours!

There is nothing between me and the next L now. Because damn! If I knew this was part of Scientology I would have stepped it up decades ago! Believe me, after 42 years of Scientology this has been my item.

I’ve got to do more! I’ve got to do it all. To be honest, I have been pretty nonchalant about going up the bridge. It has just kind of fallen in to place when it has been a convenience. This is the first time I’ve felt it is vital to finish something.

Oracle then arrived for L12. Here is her success:

Mainly, I had been fighting for so long, I had forgotten how to stop. It had been working out for me, I fought my way to freedom. I fought my way to L12. And as soon as I saw on some level it had been working out for me, and I was still alive, and I was still me, and I was still here, and I had survived, I came into a very good place.

I am in a very, very good place. In a very, very good frame of mind. I am in a “we can work it out” frame of mind.

When you asked me, “Who or what was not supposed to survive?” That was genius, and that cracked my case.
Trey, I think about who or what are survivors. In the end, it is the people that treat others as they themselves would want to be treated.

That is who and what is surviving.

That is who I really am. I had been been suppressing myself with cross purposes!
I am out of the condition of enemy with myself. I found out who I really am.

This is an immense freedom I am floating in.

You do find out who you really are on L12. And that is vital information for any being.

My eternal gratitude to my auditor, Trey Lotz truly an auditor of the highest caliber . Thank you for being awake and waking me up. You have the magic.

Thanks to my good friend Hubbard, and of the all Scientologists who have worked to keep the porch light on.

I really can’t wait to come back and do L10!



Trey Lotz

L11-I Now Trust Myself To Be Here


Long before I met Oracle or knew who she was, I was very impressed with her posts.
She had a unique viewpoint and an original way of expressing herself. I remember
having the thought that she would be someone I would really enjoy auditing.

Then in December I had the pleasure of auditing her on her L11. There were big wins
and it was lots of fun for both of us.

With the Ls, there are wins that you have in
session, and then there are wins that result from the unraveling that occurs when
you pull the plug on a major piece of case. You can get a cascading series of wins
afterwards and that is what happened here as well.
These kind of wins signal some very deep shifts.

Trey Lotz

Here is her success story:

WOW, This has to be the best kept treasure in the universe.

I had so much validation of who I am as an immortal.

I also had a HUGE mystery blown away from my space about the universe and others in it.

Very Magical!

My deepest gratitude to Trey for being Trey!



Then a few weeks later:

I’ve found a new balance with force.

The minute I finished L11 I looked out to understand others better. I have always been fascinated with other people and strive to understand them, by understanding me. If I realize something is true for me, I look out and if it explains some truth for everyone else, my reach then expands across the universe. I can KNOW better on a planet wide scale. Whew! Well L11 caused me to bleed out all over the place, like a bucket of paint being poured over the Earth.

The first thing I noticed about social intercourse as a child is that people were unpredictable. That left me with some trust issues. Once I got into Scientology and found out about the reactive mind, my trust issues expanded. How to trust anyone with a reactive mind? Not possible. As a result I became extremely forgiving and reasonable. Not that that was a problem for me. I saw everyone else as handicapped! Except , looking back I went into a sort of apathy about control of others. They were not stable or intelligent or sane enough to run control on with reason alone. The best I could do was herd them into some circumstance beyond their command , to some event or circumstance that would get them to key out accidently. Usually through some form of entertainment. So, I became an entertainer. It was the only method of control, curiosity.

Upon finishing L11, I instantly reviewed my track where others had harmed me and I understood why. This was where I was able to let go of a real burden. Before this, for many years, I thought I had caused it all. Bought it all upon myself. At this point though, I saw it as an equal effort , and that others had some input too on me and I almost fell to my knees in relief.

I guess on some level I relieved myself from being a “total cause” case. I came into communication with the rest of society in a harmony I had not felt before. A regard for others and their ability to cause, came within my perceptions. And I found I was granting beingness to them. Wow, my ARC came up. But instead of becoming more “reasonable”, with this granting of power to others, I felt less inclined to be pushed around socially.

I can’t really analyze this in a success story, but my balance of power shifted.

I had more mercy, yet, less reasonableness, more regard, more tolerance, yet less discount points for others. But the final equation for me was, I am here on the same terms as everyone else. I do not have to make excuses for them and take the losses on myself like some holy martyr.

I trust myself now to be here on these terms. Life is really really different!

Suddenly I know I have the ability to go free.

This is a real life repair on a whole new level.


Clear-Forever Myself


Jason attested to Clear!

We started out on Life Repair, and one by one knocked out the
Grades, L11, NED, and finally Clear!

Trey Lotz

Here is his success story:

It feels great to discover that:

I am,
I always have been,
I will be forever—–MYSELF.

The nagging desire to:

Be somebody else,
Be somewhere else,
Is finally—–GONE.

I am ME.


Clear OT/L11- No More ‘No Auditing’


I completed 6 L11s 2 PTS Rundowns, an OT review and a Clear check in the
last 6 weeks.

I enjoyed having Joelle from France come here to doing her auditing.
We uncovered the fact that she had gone Clear OT at one point, and then
we went on to finish her L11.

Here are her success stories:

Thank you for your real auditing. Having met you means no more ‘No Auditing.’

I am attesting Clear OT today, and you are the first one to understand it.

LRH is still alive and with us isn’t he?

L11 is a very smart procedure.

I did it with Trey, a very smart auditor, so I should be very smart now!

Thanks to LRH and to everybody who made it possible.


Clear OT – More Than I Ever Anticipated

November 17, 2011


Ann has had some very profound wins recently in her Solo NOTS auditing.
I’ll let her tell you about it:

I have two successes to share.

One is the recognition of the state of Clear OT.

This is the state of being Clear as an OT. Words cannot adequately describe the state. It must be experienced to be really understood. It can be explained mechanically but that is rather dry.

I was slow to come to the recognition of the state. I can’t say when this actually occurred, only what I suspect. L-10 pulled the underpinnings for this and soloing NOTs allowed me to see it. Once I suspected this I began word clearing, words I already knew, to gain a new perspective and boy did I. It was obvious something had changed. The definitions of Clear, OT, Clear OT, Track, Case, Bank etc took on new meaning as is so common when we advance upon the Bridge and re-read some LRH. How many times over the course of decades have I re-read KSW and found new meaning, certainly after significant bridge actions. This was the same. I knew there had been some change and reading the HCOB really indicated. It is a wonderful state that has changed the way my soloing runs. Running Solo NOTs is now much simpler, faster and easier.

The second win is based on location being a Lie. We are all familiar with this piece of data but today I see it clearly for what it really means and its implications concerning case, the bank the time track, NOTS case etc. It is all a lie. That statement doesn’t solve it for anyone as it has to be experienced. Never-the –less that statement is the simple truth of it. The cognition occurs when it occurs. We are not where we believe we are, our cases are not what we believe they are either. This does not mean we are not responsible for them as we certainly are, but it does mean much of what we believe to be true is smoke and mirrors designed to fool a being into being less able.

I now have a very subjecting understanding of it.

I am not really here but by consideration.

This is not my case but by consideration.

It is really the misidentified case of others superimposed upon my perceived location here in the mest universe.

Or I suppose put another way, it is my interiorization into a perceived location in the mest universe containing case I perceive to be mine.

And that is more of a package than I ever anticipated.


Clear OT – Being Myself Being Exterior


Kate had a series of blow out wins recently on her L10,
culminating in her achieving the state of Clear OT!

I am TOTALLY in present time, like never before.

NOTHING can shake this…. NOTHING!

I have spent the week getting used to myself and myself in relation to everything else in this universe.

I have had to get used to everyone all over again I deal with on a daily basis as well as my new self. One thing that puzzled me was WHY do I have to do this? What changed? I cogged that within the last couple of weeks I have grown used to being exterior and being myself and because of this I am looking at others as themselves not their valences. I can KNOW someone instantly because of this. Obviously a person needs to know the tech of tone levels to know the correct manner within which to deal with others but it is a great joy to communicate with others as themselves and not talk to a valence. I fall in love with everyone I meet.

My ability to reach has increased tremendously. I can see clearly that PTSness has caused my reach to be blunted. The PTSness has come off of me in layers. The abilities I’ve lost due to the PTSness have returned. I am taking chances now that I never would have done in the past and having tremendous wins because of it.

Because of this increased reach my intelligence has increased. I am more willing to see what is there not what I think is there. My ability to solve the little problems in life has increased beyond what I ever believed possible.

I acknowledge the opinions and concerns of others but just do whatever the hell I want to do anyway. (giggle) This his such a relief. I had to really BE myself before looking at what I can “DO”. I understand now why the Ls are laid out the way they are. Don’t stop at L-12. You will do yourself a great disservice. Really! Through L-10 the beingness I addressed on L-12 has just expanded exponentially. There’s just more ME now. I am stably exterior without an identity now. This condition is AWESOME.

Thanks to my wonderful auditor who has helped me every step of the way.

This is just an incredible condition to experience.

Thank You LRH for this Tech!